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    Have Personal Internet Archive?

    Not on my computer but I manage to keep tweaks, guides, how-to and other interesting stuff on Evernote. Still 17XX bookmarks here.
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    Post your workstations 2011
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Oh gosh!!! Just like...
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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Sure it is. It's an old IBM M Type and still works. ** And it's not steam, it's Hardmob. A local games/internet forum.
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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Nothing special. It's my new home and it need a lot of work. Funstation - P4 3ghz A download machine/webcam server/remote connection - Via C3 800mhz A real workstation - Athlon XP 3000+ And São Paulo (Brazil) by night (01/01/07)
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Smoothwall Express Via C3 Samuel II 256 RAM 40GB HD (download with wget and azureus)
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    how to add splash screen on my wifi Freespot?

    For number 2 you can set up ap-isolation on your router. I guess that it is what you looking for.
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    That's a good printer indeed... :rolleyes:
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    Favorite Networking Tools

    Mainly SSH free version from Nxserver + nxclient Samba ;)
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    The P180 - not quite living up to the hype?

    Compslckr already said, you need a project not only a good case. Instead using Coolermaster or Antec you would have to look for quality components or a larger case. I'm very happy with my Chenbro Genie. Solid, enough room for everything and quite good air flow.
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    CMS/Portal for Car Club Website

    Maybe you want to use a content manager instead develop your own site. There are some quite good content management portals for free. You can also modify it to fit on your needs. Try PHP is a good tool, if you want do develop on your own.