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    If Windows 10 Update failed to install should I manually install it or wait for a prompt for a 2nd attempt?

    I suggest that you consider delaying the monthly updates until later in the month and turn on "metered connections". Under the Advanced options found on the Update page you can delay installation for up to 35 days and turning on "metered connection" prevents automatic downloading and...
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    Possible Major Issue with Windows 11 22H2

    I don't run Win 11, but you might find this article helpful. The video linked in the article may also be helpful. Hope this helps.
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    Motherboards for consumers who aren't gamers?

    Platform Controller Hub.
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    UPS battery brand suggestion?

    American Battery is my go to ups battery replacement vendor. Fast shipping and I haven't gotten a bad battery from them. They're located in MA and build the batteries themselves.
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    windows Defender & shadow copy

    This may be what you want: Hope this helps.
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    Question about Rufus Bootable Drive Utility

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    Windows 10: Black Screen Of Death

    If you haven't already, try a different HDMI cable?
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    No way to make offline accounts to Windows?

    Yes, I've read the entire thread and that included your previous post. Did you view the video? I encourage you to view the video and you will find that Alt+4 or killing a screen is not necessary. It's necessary to be connected to the internet to begin the install of Home, but when the screen to...
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    No way to make offline accounts to Windows?

    Here's a video created by Susan Bradley on November 27, 2021 and posted November 28, 2021 explaining and walking through how to install Windows Home 11 using a Local Account without creating a Microsoft Account. Hope this helps.
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    APC UPS Hot-swap replacement batteries to hot-swap or not?

    Just my 2 cents, but if it's not a mission priority to maintain a power on status I would shut down the computer(s), peripherals, and the UPS, disconnect the UPS from the electrical socket, and then do the battery swap. I only change batteries when the alarm goes off and I usually find the...
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    diff speeds

    4 x 8 = 32. It seems that the 4th stick is either not properly seated, or the slot is defective.
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    Windows May update 21H1

    Are you referring to 21H1 or 20H2? This thread is about 21H1 which was released yesterday. I waited to install 20H1 and finally did it this February and experienced no issues with it. I know many folks did have problems.
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    Best bang for the buck iPad case ?

    It might help if you said what iPad you have,
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    Did you activate the Windows 10 installation with a Product Key different from the SSD1 Windows 10 installation, or did you just find that SSD2 installation automatically activated?
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    Upgrade to Win 10 pro

    Was the Windows 7 key a Retail key or an OEM key? I assume the Windows 10 Home was OEM. EDIT: The Windows 7 Pro Retail key worked on my Dell 3880 desk top.
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    You are creating a new User so when one logs in you should get a login screen that should allow you to select either the Microsoft User or the Local User. As for the problem you claim existed with the Windows 10 and email password credentials I've never experienced and if it isn't a problem...
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    You can create a Local Account on Windows 10 Home by opening Settings -> Accounts -> "Sign in with a local account instead" -> Next and then follow the screens.
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    Macrium Reflect Linux equivalent

    You might find something useful in this article. GParted should do what you are looking for since you can resize partitions prior to cloning should that be necessary. Hope this helps.
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    How to be sure what disk is ssd during installation Windows 10. Disk 1 or Disk 2?

    If you don't unplug the HDD before the installation of Windows 10 you run the risk of the the boot sector being placed on that drive. Just a thought.
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    Can't safely eject external HDD or USB

    When you installed Windows 10 two weeks ago did you have the external drive connected? If so, that could be why Windows Defender is using it. Just a thought.
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    If the lockdown wasn't bad enough Windows 10 continues to screw life up

    The 2004 Release update, at this time, is an Optional update on my Windows 10 Pro and Home systems. The problems folks are experiencing might be the reason it is Optional.
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    Once again I turn to my [H] family for help (Excel 2016)

    Glad you got it figured out.
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    Do you use anti virus / anti trojan with Win 10?

    Here's a link to a Microsoft Document on how to activate Windows Sandbox. According to this document Sandbox is available on Windows Pro and Enterprise. So if you are using the Home Edition it isn't available. Hope this helps. EDIT: The document is dated "3/27/2020" so it it's not terribly out...
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    Do you use anti virus / anti trojan with Win 10?

    And 6 months later and only 5 months ago rather than 11 months ago the story is different and from the same person. Hope this helps. EDIT: AVTest rated Windows Defender 6 out 6 on the categories for the June 2020 while emulating home user use.
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    How to identify and correct errors that show on log events

    You may find the information you are looking for in the Crash Dump Files by using the Download Debugging Tools for Windows. I have never used the tool, but I'm sure others here have and can assist you should you have questions. I hope this helps.
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    Updated to ver 2004 win10 and now I have to "Re-Activate" windows WTF?

    If it was me I'd click on the "Get Help" and talk to Microsoft, or create a new User Account and see if the blue popup appears when you log into that account. Hope this helps.
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    Updated to ver 2004 win10 and now I have to "Re-Activate" windows WTF?

    Check the Using the Activation troubleshooter article. Hope this helps.
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    More Audio issues on a fresh Win 10 installation- help!

    I don't think you have disabled driver updates. Read this article and follow the steps outlined there: . I hope this helps. Edit: Slow on pushing enter! :D
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    SSD life dropping fast

    In your original post you said, "my laptop is HP Omen 15 came with SSD Toshiba KXG60ZNV512G preinstalled". If this is true you should check the HP site for firmware not Dell. I you don't find are firmware updates at HP then check Toshiba for updates. Hope this helps.
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    Audio issues Window 10

    Glad to hear you found a solution. Does the audio work in Windows 7 now, as well? On your Windows 10 1903 set up did you install KB 4549951 before your issue started? If you did did you try uninstalling it to see if the issue went away? KB 4549951 is being investigated by MS as folks have...
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    Is there a way to force Linux to actually look at the network to see what's there ?

    The OP in this thread indicates he's thinking about using MATE for his DE. Sounds like he has been using it and that might be his problem.
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    Distro Confusion

    Most of the distros I've tried/used have given a person a choice of DEs. I tried Budgie, Mate, Gnome, KDE Plasma, and Cinnamon among others. I found that some weren't for me because of the way stuff was structured they didn't make "sense" to me and others, like Plasma, burned out my aging...
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    Old Guy Needs your advice

    You're welcome! Keep us posted on what you decide.
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    Old Guy Needs your advice

    I would use the Win 7 set up as the gaming machine that is NEVER connected to the internet. Install Ubuntu or a distro based on Unbuntu on the machine you would have rebuilt for Win XP and use that as your internet connected daily driver. In my case I bought a cheap (around $300)...
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    Is there an app for setting custom screen resolution on Win 10?

    Bird222 is the OP. Replying to your Post #6 Bird222 asked: Your response was, and I quoted it previously, was: Up until my Post #9 Bird22 and you were the only two posting so I pointed this out: You and Bird222 were the only two posting so your using the pronoun "He" indicates you did...
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    Have you tried "Advanced Scaling Settings": Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Scaling...

    Have you tried "Advanced Scaling Settings": Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Scaling Settings -> -> Custom Scaling . I've never used it so I have no idea if it will work for you. Hope this helps.
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    Is there an app for setting custom screen resolution on Win 10?

    ROTFLMFAO the OP asks you what vnc you're using and you telling what he's using. :):):)
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    Windows 10 BSOD after Windows 7 upgrade, please help

    Process the crash dump file with the WinDbg application. I have never had occasion to use it, but hope this helps.
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    Mouse issues with KDE Plasma in Manjaro

    Have you considered posting this in the Linux/BSD/Free Systems Forum?