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    TSMC Employees Experiencing Problems in Arizona

    I looked up Arizona. Income taxes go toward state government. State sales tax rate goes toward more state government. County sales tax goes toward County government which includes a small sheriff's office that won't have staffing to act anything like a municipal police force. So municipal...
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    Asrock is trying out add-in cards to upgrade your motherboard chipset and features

    I wonder if they could make a 486 add-in board with a direct mounted VESA compatible SVGA chip with 1-4mb vram with a vga header and hdmi connector on the bracket, and 64mb system dram, true sound blaster compatible and adlib chips, comm port headers, game port header, and parallel port header...
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    Asrock is trying out add-in cards to upgrade your motherboard chipset and features

    The Asus Proart B650 Creator has a TB4 header and accepts the Asus add-in card on a pcie 3.0 x16 slot (@x4 speed). Not sure why they pushed TB4 into the add-in realm on b650 when last gen b550 had it without the board price being higher.
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    Asrock is trying out add-in cards to upgrade your motherboard chipset and features

    I do think what Asrock is doing is awesome as a concept, and I hope it is designed well enough that implementation is painless to the end user. Regarding the lack of free / useable pcie expansion slots for am5 motherboards, I had the same problem when determining a parts list for my new build...
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    Intel launches AV1 Video encoder and decoder for processors with more efficiency and less power

    I see you may also be a fan of Al Sharpton's poetic artistic and completely unintentionally unintelligible teleprompter reading (or at least what he would call reading).
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $200

    I'm good with that. My previous experience with consumer based drives (since after the Maxtor Fireball series) had always been that noisy drives generally have a physical issue somewhere occurring. For instance I had an ancient 40gb WD white label drive that was always noisy similar to what...
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $200

    I was in for one 14tb drive in early December. It passed all tests (wld-diag long test)and nothing concerning in SMART data, but it is generally really noisy in my opinion and I continue to wonder if it indicates an issue. Often times the noise reminds me of the heads retracting back to clean...
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    AMD CES 2022

    That is what I have heard as well. After zen2, really the only attractor for me to a threadripper option was the extra pcie lanes. I won't mind if prosumer threadripper is gone if AMD will add a standard sku product line with either more pcie 5 lanes or include a pcie5 to 4/3 bridge chip with...
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    Amazon Acquires MGM Film Studios for $8.45 Billion

    Yes I too hope this, but only if Amazon funds it without inserting new social and political garbage into it for whatever the current hot topic is in society. In other words let the creators who made the series a success originally do their thing again without interfering.
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    Oculus will sell you a Quest 2 headset that doesn't require Facebook for an extra $500

    I would expect there is some kind of electronic fuse that bricks the device when a user attempts to flash / root The device. The same thing that Amazon did with their fire tv device where people figured out how to root it on adv early firmware and Amazon pushed a new firmware down before the...
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    Oculus will sell you a Quest 2 headset that doesn't require Facebook for an extra $500

    Speculation: The extra cost isn't related to the product being subsidized by selling your information through Facebook's network. The extra cost is the additional code layer they installed to make the hardware unit appear to no longer send all your data to Facebook network while it still...
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    Origin is selling a retro-inspired beige box PC

    I can't say i miss the beige cases of the 80s and early 90s. Although I did mod a few of them for increased airflow. I also don't care for the LED bling crap that we get today. Just give me a nice black or silver painted glossy metal case with possibly some plastic for front usb and headphone...
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    Prolonged AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet, recovery may take ‘a few hours’

    Guess management will finally understand that the cloud is just another way of saying that other guy over there is running your servers and handling your precious data. Maybe you save money by not hosting on-prem somewhere and maybe you don't, but unplanned outages do happen for both...
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    MSI Subsidiary caught selling marked up Nvidia cards on eBay

    So the scalpers in at least some cases are just subsidiaries of the AIB suppliers. Somebody at MSI got a bonus for suggesting this consumer deception plan.
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    AMD Confirms Zen 3's Performance Is Monstrous and Speculation Thread

    Oh man those were memories. K7S5A was sometimes finicky to get setup the first time, but after getting out working, the thing was bullet proof and ran for years without issue. Nothing special to write home about on that board, just a stable workhorse. My bad experience from those days was the...
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    Cramer’s lightning round: Micron Tech is the one chipmaker everyone hates

    I get most of my financial news from It's not quite as good as it once was but it's light years ahead of cnbc and Jim Kramer.
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    NAND Oversupply, Prices to Drop

    Things like this happen regularly because the profits (ROI) exceed the costs (initial losses + legal slap on wrist if/when caught). If the company increases profits by 1 billion and only incurs total costs of 500 million. And when the executives in charge have no chance of being held personally...
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    NAND Oversupply, Prices to Drop

    This man knows how things work in this world. Everybody ready? --
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    Intel Brand Tie-ins: New Avengers Packaging

    Wow So is Intel still selling processors or a happy meals now. Maybe I'll get a figurine prize in my Avengers Intel processor happy meal box. They really should have gotten together with McDonald's on this one. Could have included a small fry in there too. Then I'd be in for two instead of...
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    MSI President and CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang Has Died

    Sounds like he reprised the standard banker exec falls out the window / off a building story. Those are always "accidental" too.
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    Power outage at Samsung chip factory halts production

    Guess the original "accidental power loss" was insufficient to have a positive market price impact. Good thing is this type of "power loss" event has been demonstrated to be reproducible.
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    Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 Live Now, Adding Tons of Content and Features

    Wasn't Duke Nukem Forever mothballed for a number of years in a legal wrangling over ownership of the Duke Nukem franchise ip? I thought that was most of the reason they didn't get a product our for so long? Shooting from the hip here based on memory so I could be totally off.
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    Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 Live Now, Adding Tons of Content and Features

    Every time this perpetually in alpha development "game" comes up in a news story I can't help but wonder who in their right mind would still be sending money to these "developers". Even if you invested some money in the beginning why send more good money after bad investments. If they haven't...
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    Barrett, Rogers consider declassifying secretive space programs

    Erek, I have to say I enjoy you as a news aggregator here. The articles and news items are varied and interesting. Often I don't see them appear elsewhere from other sources I check which clearly have a different angle of interest to what you have brought here. I was cautiously hopeful...
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    China-Based Zhaoxin Targets 2021 for 7nm CPUs With PCIe 4.0, DDR5 Support

    I wonder if one's Social Credit score would take a hit from a statement like this in Mainland China. Of course people with a low Social Credit Score don't get access to the internet, don't get to travel by train / plane or outside of hometown, and in some cases are arrested if they just leave...
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    Intel still struggling with security

    I would imagine researchers who take Intel's Bounty Program money and dis-regard any obligation to disclose directly to the public could easily obtain alternate income streams from the dark web surreptitiously. After all, the exploit is there, the world knows many white and black hats would be...
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    GlobalFoundries Files Patent Claims Against TSMC

    Maybe this is how GloFlo gets 7nm IP licencing at a bargain bin discount so they can somewhat compete again. Kinda underhanded if it turns out to be this way.
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    Warm: Microcenter (ISO) 05/05/19 -$1499.99 (PowerSpec 15.6" Laptop -- 8750H + RTX2070 + 144hz IPS)

    So I just picked up a nice laptop on sale at Microcenter today and thought I would share. It looks like this is an In Store Only (ISO) deal til 05/05/2019. Dallas store was reporting 10 units yesterday. PowerSpec 1520 (MicroCenter Store Brand is a re-badged CLEVO on the PB50EF-G system board...
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    Overpowered i7 Laptops, gtx 1060 6GB (Insane DEALS). 15inch (16gb, $799) and 17inch (32GB, $999)

    Just FYI, I believe this slickdeal was a Black Friday 2018 deal and not an active current deal. I see 3 of these laptops supposedly available at Walmart locations in my area, but a quick call over to the Electronics counter and the employee advised it was a Black Friday deal where 3 units were...
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    "Human Error" Allowed an Alexa User to Hear a Neighbor's History

    Nope try again
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    Flash drive Slow Down

    Write cache fills up either on the os allocation side or what is available directly on the flash drive. The transfer then becomes limitted to how fast the solid state storage chips are able to be written to. If the flash drive has been filled substantially in the past, and the sectors being...
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    Well AdoredTV, I suspect you are right over a target. Always get the most flack when you are right over the target.
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    Microsoft Wants to Put Ads in Windows Email

    YAY!!!! Another way for Microsoft to re-purpose the OS as an advertising platform and consequently yet another reliable stream of income for the Microsoft Bottom Line.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    Perhaps this is a new licensing methodology similar to how Windows Update may depricate certain standard windows applications that have been around forever and may not provide replacement functionality, or similar to how windows may deprecate certain functionality in Group Policy so that the...
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    Did I miss the Linux developer code contributor form requiring every would be kernal code developer to declare their race, gender, sexual orientation, and personal gender orientation? Oh that's right, no such declarative form has existed for Linux developers to complete. I wonder, will...
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    Best AM4 motherboard for whitebox server?

    Why not dive into threadripper with the 1900x (~300-350) / 1920x (~400-450) first and later upgrade to the Zen2 threadripper model (summer /fall 2019) . Everything I have read suggests Threadripper should stay with the same socket until DDR5 and that Zen2 will be DDR4 still. You may want to...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Spec Leaks

    Since AMD is fitting the top tier in Threadripper2 with 32 cores on 4 dies (where only 2 dies handle accessing the RAM), does anyone know if the 16 and less core varients are dropping down to only 2 dies for 16 cores? I am hopeful that AMD will make the 16 core variant to use only 2 dies with 8...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Shows Up in 3DMark Time Spy, Beats the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

    Nope, not a different universe. Not expecting Intel to lower prices at all really. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if the I9 badge requires a price north of $500~ for the Intel market segmentation team. Just making a point really about how much better overall value can be had for slightly...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Shows Up in 3DMark Time Spy, Beats the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

    Glad Intel managed to get a higher 3dMark score. Hopefully that also shows up as a 15% increase over the 8700K in real world tasks too. So will Intel be pricing the I9-9900K at or around $300 like the 2700x currently is selling for? Currently I'm seeing I7-7820X priced at or around $400.00...