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    Time to Upgrade? Bloomfield to Skylake

    I already have USB 3 on my current MOBO. That said I'm dealing with SATA II, moving to nvme would be a huge upgrade. So far my CPU has been no where near maxed is really any VR game so I don't think I'm going to get much of an improvement here.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Project Cars @ [H]

    I bought a GTX 1080 and then ordered but returned the Titan X Pascal. After reading this along with my own experience in Raw Data - I'm wishing I kept it! Hoping VR SLI support is around the corner, I think that would be the better compromise, 2xGTX 1080's > 1xTitan for roughly the same price.
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    Time to Upgrade? Bloomfield to Skylake

    Hello - Looking for some feedback here. I used to be a big gamer up until about 5 or so years ago at which point I put away my water cooled 3.8ghz Bloomfield machine and have been using a PS4 for occasional gaming. With the advent of VR I've had a renewed interest in PC gaming. I was originally...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Valve's Robot Repair @ [H]

    After reading the last several VR articles, I keep asking myself is there is any point to the Titan X for VR? I've been getting back into PC gaming after a 5 year hiatus entirely because of my interest in VR. Long story short, I picked up at GTX 1080 and the performance is excellent. I then...
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    Company Faces Huge Fine For Blocking Convention Center WiFi Hotspots

    I know someone well who used to work for a company that provided wifi/telecom to a convention center. This stuff is as much a fault of the city who owns the convention space as it is anything else because they take a HUGE percentage of the revenue. Playing devils advocate here, a few reasons why...
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    Former New Delhi Uber Driver Convicted Of Rape

    At least with Uber, if such a terrible thing happens you know who did it and that person can be brought to justice! I have a good friend that was raped in Spain by a taxi driver, the guy was never found. I can only imagine how often this happens. Glad to see some justice served!
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    Nearly Half of 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Has Leaked Online

    As my income has increased over time there have been many shows that I started watching through downloads and then switched to paid subscriptions. If you can afford it, it's much easier and convenient to just pay the $15/month - HBO gets it! I'm not condoning piracy although it's a useless...
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    $10,000 Ethernet Cable

    I struggle with these things. I'm a self proclaimed audiophile, I have expensive cables in the $1,000 range granted I got them for much less on the used market. I can hear some subtleties between the cheap and high end cables but it's not game changing. When we are talking about equipment, the...
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    2' HDMI Cable Only $934.99

    Absolutely agree with everything you said. It's my understanding that error correction is a best guess (with regards to sound anyways) so it theoretically doesn't reproduce the sound accurately. I don't really understand it at all... My gear is 100% analog so I dont know much about digital...
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    2' HDMI Cable Only $934.99

    As a so called audiophile I have some pretty pricey cables in my system and I can say they do make some (not huge) difference. With higher quality digital cables you have a lower error rate and theoretically could have better picture/sound... Yes this cable is overkill and is probably...
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    Brewer to Turn Spent Grains into Energy

    Wort is the liquid that leaves the mashtun after it has been ran through the crushed malt... That left over malt is called spent grain, which is what you are referring to. Just an FYI if you are interesting in the brewing process.
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    BF3 beta now live

    Running the rig in my post on ultra - but msaa bumped down to 2x and its running just fine. Not sure what my FPS is but I'm wondering if ultra settings are actually enabled. Anyone know?
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    Martin Logans on the Egg $200 - $300 off

    OK - Yes they are "Real" but they aren't electrostatics which is what Martin Logan is known for. They are cheap spearkers designed by Martin Logan and then made in China and don't come close to comparing with a traditional pair of Logans. My point while not properly delivered is that these...
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    Martin Logans on the Egg $200 - $300 off

    I purchased my first set of Logans when I was 18 (12 years ago) since then I've upgraded several times and have always loved them. It's sad to see martin logan sell out. While these are the brand martin logan they aren't real logans. The real ones are made in the US these are made in china...
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    The "Unlimited Detail" Guys Are Back

    The lighting seemed like it was pre-rendered given the light map that was shown... maybe that was just an example... another reason why this might not exactly work in a game. Not to mention calculating collisions etc. Could be some cool tech for other applications... I'm interested.
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    Battlefield 3 'Thunder Run' Trailer

    I still enjoy BC2... this is just more of the same goodness. The best part about this game is it will give me an excuse to upgrade my rig - thats the real treat here (for me anyways). Thank you to DICE for developing a proper PC game and then (likely) dumbing it down for the consoles. So ofter...
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    Crysis 2 now $29.99 at Bestbuy!

    Maybe if the DX11 support was sorted out I'd bite... more so just to have something to fiddle with... I'm not that interested in the game.
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    [Gamersgate] Just Cause 2 (PC) for $5

    I'm retarded and paid with a paypal e-check and now my purchase is pending until my $5 e-check clears in 3-6 business days...
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    [Gamersgate] Just Cause 2 (PC) for $5

    Can anyone comment on weather this game can be downloaded through steam?
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    Portal 2 Adoption News "Controversy"

    LOL! The Onion cracks me up.... oh wait?!?
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    Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone / iPad

    I just spit my gum out when I read that.... very funny sir!
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    AT&T has the iPad2 - $200-$300 off. (64gb 3G for $529)

    A netbook isn't nearly smug enough for me to carry around. Honestly - I just got an iPad2 and love the thing. If it had some sort of primitive file system or document folder perhaps I could eliminate the need for my laptop for 75% of what I do. Either way... it's just an expensive toy.
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    Farewell to DirectX?

    I always thought that xbox was programmed using dx... one of the reasons it's so easy for devs to port games between the 2 platforms. My only experience here is some XNA programming so I may not have a clue what I'm talking about. I think one of the reasons that PC games these days are poorly...
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    Newegg Orange Tag

    Thanks for posting - I got some stuff for the kitchen, not exactly tech related but I need it ;)
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair kicks so much ass because they got me into water cooling on the cheap which started a very expensive but fun hobby ;)
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    [Hot?] Sony KDL40HX800 -$999 + shipping. Expires 12/4.

    Your right... apparently it went up $200 from the initial deal :(
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    [Hot?] Sony KDL40HX800 -$999 + shipping. Expires 12/4.

    Actually it was 1499 for that deal.... I got the nx800 because I liked the look of the tv and I honestly (while cool) don't see myself actually watching 3Dtv. The 1499 deal wasn't advertised BTW although it was in the system, my room mate is a sales manager for BB. Either way it was below their...
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    planning a upgrade... help me route my tubing

    WOW! that's a lot of rad area for what your cooling... of course it depends what your going for ;) I'd get creative and make some kind of rad box on top of the case and just cut a whole on top like you said.
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    Not stable at BCLK 200.

    I've noticed that hl2 engine games are picky about having a very stable proc.... that being said. How are your temps? You could easily give that chip another bump or 2 of vcore.
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    moev from 1333 to 1600 ram for oc?

    What he said... very small gain to be had
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    Water Cooling Deals!

    The price on those compression fittings are [H]OT!!! I wish they were black but I'm going to pick up a few packs for future builds. I think all of my BP fitting were around $7 each!
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    New Ambitious Watercooling Build Help a WC Virgin

    My current system is in my sig... that's what I'd recommend ;) Fitting are really up to you, you can go cheap with barbs and zip ties or get elaborate with compression fittings, really just aesthetics. If you do need to get some angled fittings I recommend the swivel fittings, this is a must...
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    New Ambitious Watercooling Build Help a WC Virgin

    1. Push/Pull refers to fan configuration - Either pushing air through the rad or pulling air through, different rads respond differently although it usually very minor. The best performance is being able to do both (fan on both sides of the radiator) 2. I think your better off including the CPU...
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    Single loop, GPUs only

    I have the same res for the D5 and it works fine... I don't know much about that pump but I dont think the fact that its a res pump combo would impact performance.
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    Sanity check this build really fast

    I believe that Exos uses an aluminum radiator... this is bad news when you mix it with copper blocks like the 360. I forget what it's called but basically things will start to corrode and eventually you'll have leaks.
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    First WC setup

    looks great! I agree that you could think about reducing your bends... that most have been a small fortune in fittings alone!
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    3x120 Radiator enough for i7 and two gpu's?

    Seems like you might have a decent amount of restriction in that setup... Make sure the all in one pump/res/rad can handle it.
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    Distilled water question

    Once you break the seal it may no longer be sterile and some life my find it's way into your jug... If your concerned just buy another jug of water =p
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    Android iPad Killer? $159 shipped for Android Tablet PC

    A friend of mine sells these things on Ebay - They are complete crap. While the iPad may be overpriced by and large you get what you pay for.
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    Palit 470 GTX - 4 VID, 2 FAN water block?

    A Swiftech MCW80 would likely work (They have a GTX4XX bracket). It's a really good block - I have one that I used before I ghetto modded some full cover blocks for my gtx460's - Full blocks are a wate of money but ofcourse they don't have the bling of a full cover block ;) It's unlikely...