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  1. iCrimson

    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    I can kinda see why Elon fought back against journalists, literally ANY incident with one of his cars is published to hell
  2. iCrimson

    Sony Drops Out of E3 2019

    Playstation has been releasing phenomenal single player experience games, I think I'll just have to trust them here. Hopefully that means ps5 in the next few years?
  3. iCrimson

    Few Are Pleased at EA’s Latest Take on Command & Conquer

    Mobile games? Has no one learned their lesson? This ain't it, Chief.
  4. iCrimson

    PUBG is Coming to the PS4

    As we now have blackout and soon Battlefield BR, is this still even relevant?
  5. iCrimson

    Bungie Bundles Older Expansion Pass Content with Forsaken DLC

    Ya'll are just crazy, if you don't think forsaken totally revitalized the game and brought most the community back, It's okay to be salty but you know nothing about this expansion.
  6. iCrimson

    Razer Launches Their Second Phone

    I don't know, I've been looking for an upgrade from my iphone 8, I might make the change. This phone does look pretty sexy.
  7. iCrimson

    PlayStation Network May Allow Name Changes According to Developers

    Finally I can get rid of my xx_420_dankscope_xx account. :)