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    Please don't laugh, I need a new graphics card

    It's the new drivers that make Polaris go so hot now. My 580 Red Devil ramps up the fans to top speed in any game, but with older drivers, it doesn't happen. Problem is those older drivers won't support more modern games, so one must upgrade. I find Polaris a fantastic rig. However, I grabbed a...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    RX 580 Red Devil is my fine wine, with me since 2016, it still handles fine most games at full HD and even at 1440p in medium settings. It supports 12bit pixel YCbCr over HDMI to my Sony TV, which makes it unmatched in terms of video quality for the living room. Certainly a card that I'll recall...
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    Minimum recommended video ram for a new video card ?

    Pathetic FPS? There are players and players... Many of them, if not the most part, just want to run games at steady 60 FPS with Vsynch. I'd personally ditch the expensive 8GB 3070, that cannot even play all the games at 1080p maximum textures/quality, in favor of a 12GB 3060 that could do it...
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    PC Rebooting While Playing Diablo IV - Have checked everything I know of - HELP!

    I'd test processor and mobo and ram separately. There's gotta be some issue among one of those, they're not liking each other. That 1000w PSU is not causing this, that's for sure.
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    Will we see 14th gen running in the same previous 1700 socket but, actually, a "new" one, incompatible with the two previous gens, like 6th/7th and 8th/9th?
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    Minimum recommended video ram for a new video card ?

    I went with the 12GB 6700XT and haven't regret so far. It's plenty memory for most games of today in resolutions up to 1440p and it's cheap.
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    How many of you actually use ray tracing in the games you play?

    I use RT only if it's worth it. Control, for example, is a game that shows some quite better image quality with it. However, the game itself is a pain in the neck and I have no patience fot that, so I'd say most titles I play do not offer or take any real advantage of RT as of today. I hope...
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    New 13600KF Build with Asrock Z690 Steel Legend - High Temps Issue

    I used the 1700 mouting kit with my old Noctua C12P on the 13600k and it actually worked well in most situations! I mean, it's a 10 year old heatsink, but it still does the bare minimum while power limits are kept within the 125W range. However, as soon as I unleashed power limits, the old...
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Puny if compared to its own siblings, as I said. Unless you're a CS:GO player, where the 7800x3D is king, it won't be very wise to get that chip just to have about the same performance level of other AMD chips and even Intel cheaper chips, without paying 3D premium price. If I were to upgrade...
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    I'm gonna get killed here for what I'm about to say, but it seems to me that those new 7000 x3D processors are lemons. I'd never get one. There's so much bad news about them. So much complication about dual ccd's AND core affinity issues AND the stupid overvolting from Asus frying stuff AND now...
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    Yes, they are and the upgrade frenzy is real but I know better now. I cannot stand stuttering and tearing in games without vsynch either. My brother upgraded his old and good 9900k to 13700k and he's regreted profoundly. First, he had to get a new beefy PSU and a very noisy 360mm AIO to tame the...
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    Yes, I did. It's now peaking at low 70's and yet the cooler seldom gets to max speed. I just left the mobo PWM header manage it. EDIT: it's amazing how this old processor still can rock modern games and keep 60 vsynced FPS at all times paired with the also old RX580.
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    THAT. Thanks a lot, pal! Ordered it today from Amazon, must be here tomorrow. My grandchildren are going to have a blast and I will be likely playing along with them! LOL
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    It doesn't fit in because the height of the mobo inside the case, which makes the cooler fan almost touch the lid and restricts air intake to the cooler itself.
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    It's a Silverstone Grandia GD06, 150mm of height. I guess those tall coolers won't fit in. I was wondering about a low profile, silent model. Tried to use an old Noctua CP12 that I have sitting here but it's too tall either.
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    My HTPC still rocks it for watching movies on the TV with the old and good combo i7 4790/RX580 and I've got no need to replace those so soon. Problem is that it was meant for simply watching movies, not gaming and, now, my grandchildren are installing many games and playing all day with that...
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    For me, Intel holds that crown in games. I still rock my 6 years+ skylake 6700k, which manages to give me 120+ fps with a 6700xt. I also have a 4790k as an HTPC paired with RX580, which still gives me 60+ FPS in medium to high settings in most games on the TV. Those Intel chips are, in my...
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    There's a C option: standards are overrated. It's a business and as such, all that matters is profitting for survival. They actually can cap quality to the point where ordinary people won't notice the difference as there's no standard human being, let alone human sense. Some people perceive...
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    I have 3 monitors: Asus 27' EHE, LG 22' EA53 and Acer 27' VAH. In all of them, note that they're completely different, AMD cards deliver the best colors for videos in a comparison with what Nvidia and Intel do. The latter is even worse than Nvidia in this matter actually. Image looks more...
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    I know. Fact is that, even changing it all, video quality is still poorer on Nvidia side, no matter what.
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    Agreed. I prefer AMD cards for their colors. I thought I was crazy when I used to say it, most people are kind of color blind and can't tell the difference, but man... I can. I also think Nvidia gets higher FPS because they cap image quality and they've been doing it for long years.
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    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    IMHO, enthusiasts are a crowd and regular gamers are some other folks. They don't mix. RT is great, but the fact is that if you are a normal gamer, who has strong preferences for some titles that you play online and gaming in community is your focus, then RT is disposable to this day. I don't...
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    PSU upgrade advice

    I know. That's why I asked for advice. What happens is that, by keeping the current PSU, I am able to upgrade now and, next year, get a better one with some extra upgrades. My goal is grabbing a 13900k/4090 as soon as their astonishing prices drop, so 13600k/6600XT will be here for roughly one...
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    PSU upgrade advice

    Thanks guys. I was worried about this already costly rig upgrade. The eventual need for a new PSU would be a deal breaker for me. Good thing that I won't need overclocking the 13600k for a while as it's plenty of processment power, so the little room that such PSU would leave me for this doesn't...
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    PSU upgrade advice

    I need advice. The 6700k of my signature uses a 650W 80+ Corsair PSU and it's been sufficient for 5 years. Now I plan on upgrading to 13600k and Radeon RX 6600 XT. Will that PSU bare it all? If not, what would be the right one to grab?
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    Musk to cut half of Twitter jobs and end remote work for the rest, report says

    That's happening right now in my country (Brazil). Many famous people stated, before the official results were given, that they would leave the country if the leftist presidency candidate won, which actually happened. Needless to say that nobody went anywhere, but they keep on barking loud on...
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    Intel Arc... Firmware requires Intel/Intel

    That. Gamers without a budget, like myself, may keep cards for years. I never needed to do a firmware update on mine. However... Intel lauched an entirely new product that already had some public disbelief before even reaching the shelves. It'd be very dumb from them to require coupling with...
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    AMD 7900 xtx

    So, from now on, all AMD cards will have two temperature sensors: one for the GPU and the other one for the VRM's. Indeed, there are situations where the GPU itself isn't too hot because it's handling light to mild load, but when it happens for a long time, the VRM's may get pretty hot and...
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    Is Windows 22H2 officially released already?

    There is that option indeed, PCIE is selected as primary, as it's always been, what changed was Windows 11 behavior after 22H2. No sucess so far, I'll have to enable/disable everytime I need to use the iGPU or play.
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    Is Windows 22H2 officially released already?

    I do not have any option on the AMD Adrenaline driver where to change the default VGA. I guess I am gonna have to get accostumied with this new version of Windows 11. Thanks anyway.
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    Is Windows 22H2 officially released already?

    Well, my 6700 machine has updated to 11 22H2 and guess what: now, if I have the iGPU enabled, games would never go beyond 20-30fps on the PCIE Rx 480 card. Same thing with the 6700k/Rx580 after that update. I couldn't find a solution online though. Disabling Intel 530 brings stuff back to the...
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    I use firmware tpm, no issues.
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    I'll be watching carefully what AMD is bringing in terms of cost/benefit in this new 7xxx. There's no point in buying those cards without an attractive price tag. Adrenaline drivers are better and more stable than Nvidia's, that I find too. You get a glitch every now and then but that happens...
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    Plasma sparkplugs increase engine efficiency by 6% - 20%

    For new cars, not suvs, cars, three and four cylinder with turbos are the last word in fuel efficiency where I live. They sip little indeed, but don't last 200.000 miles like their older non turbo siblings. There's no gain gain in this scenario, I guess. New cheap cars are almost entirely...
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    11 is great.
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    Mounting Water Cooled GPUs sideways?

    Mine is mounted just like your R9, in front of the case with the fans blowing air out. Never had any issue. New card can be mounted same way, as said before, just make sure the tubes on the radiator are higher than the card itself.
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    6600 vs 2060 vs rx 580

    Nah, I found out that the real problem is my monitor. After a sudden power outtage two days ago, it stopped reporting EDID information to the card. DVI wasn't working because of that and as soon as I disconnected the screen, both video outputs on the Radeon went back to working normally. Yeah...
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    6600 vs 2060 vs rx 580

    My Rx 480 has just lost health. After 6 years, it started to get a greenish, pixelized image in games and video playback and the DVI stopped working, I just have HDMI now. My realistic options are the 6600 8gb or 2060 6gb or rx 580 8gb. I'll be keeping my current i7 6700 for a while still...
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    Arc A770 Beats RTX 4090 In Early 8K AV1 Decoding Benchmarks

    Yeah, playback is fine, but at a lousy color quality compared to AMD cards, specially on big screen TV's. I hope Arc does better than old Intel iGPUs in this matter.
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    Looking Back At ATI Technologies

    I had a (noisy) fan on mine too. There was no point for getting that expensive mobo without overclocking, so I kept the Athlon running at FSB 400 MHz, 1:1 with the DDR400 memory and a fan blowing sideways into the open case. The 9800 Pro was one of the best cards I've ever had, I miss ATi a lot...