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    Should The 'Internet Kill Switch' Power be Curbed?

    A nice rant? Stop being a troll. Luckily we have this wonderful thing called regulation. The federal government could easily mandate that all routers and edge devices put into service in the United States at the backbone and gateway provider level must simply have a deny rule created. This...
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    Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain

    No, no. It became YESWECAN...
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    Should The 'Internet Kill Switch' Power be Curbed?

    The internet as it is was a government invention and despite the internet being decentralized in nature, there are a lot of things about its design that could actually facilitate a 'kill switch' of sorts. There are ways of putting together meta-scale decentralized networks that involve single...
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    Turkey Re-Bans YouTube

    And this is why full-on government regulation or control of the internet is a bad thing.
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    Cable Subscribers Fleeing To The Internet?

    I think it would be reasonable for a cable company to charge a basic service fee of let's say $30/mo for the local channels plus a few select ones and to cover some (if not all) of their actual expenses for maintenance over-time. On top of that I would be willing to pay $1-2 per channel...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    My guess would be that because there isn't a lot of (real) turn-over in the consumer router market and the lack of updates to the OP was interpreted for the thread being stagnant. It stopped some of the repeat questions but a lot of folks still opened their own threads for that same reason; or...
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    Sony Internet TV Unboxed at Best Buy

    One of the posts on Gizmodo was priceless and worth re-posting here: WARNING: The YouTube video below is hilarious but it's definitely NSFW! On a more serious note -- I am very interested in seeing what these devices can do but if it can't do more than the PS3 or a Bluray player with...
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    VCP4 cert holders with other certs: How hard is the VCP exam?

    If you have zero experience with VMware, the VCP exam will be difficult. Lots of port numbers but also things that won't make sense to you unless you've actually used the product. If you have used VMware ESX in the field for ~6 months and are familiar with their other products as well, the exam...
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    VMworld 2010

    I will be there.
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    Alan Wake (Xbox 360) $25 @ Dell Free Shipping

    Think 'Silent Hill' with somewhat peaceful long drawn-out introduction and characters a bit closer to real-life than you'd like. :) Link is dead - item is now up to $39.
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    Netgear wndr 3700 BIOS upgrade worth it?

    I am running the latest firmware on my WNDR3700 without issue but since I don't use the traffic meter or USB sharing I can't attest to that causing crashes. The router is solid as a rock though otherwise. My advice would be the age-old adage: "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." If you are happy...
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    Mounting data wires (cat6/coax etc) on ceiling/walls

    Another vote for J hooks and cable-straps but if you ever want to finish that side/corner of the basement, you should probably consider simply using a hole-saw to put a small hole through the center of those joists.
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    John Mellencamp Likens Internet to an A-Bomb

    This. Unfortunately 'what sells' has replaced what was innovative, interesting and intellectual in almost every facet of our culture these days and sadly 'what sells' is more often than not simply drivel designed for the lowest common denominator of any given populace. This applies to the...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    You would be much better off with getting two of these or these flashed with DD-WRT. Do not waste your money on the DIR-615 for what you are trying to do, it's a bottom-of-the-barrel router. In-fact I would probably go with one of each, the more powerful Asus attached to the modem as the gateway...
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    Lag in online games. Usually lags for 1 min every 10min.

    Yes - because it doesn't have UPNP (and probably never will) but it was simply a suggestion about going with another distro to confirm that it was pfsense; you could try Smoothwall since it does have support for UPNP but not many linux distros do because of the security implications. Heck or...
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    Lag in online games. Usually lags for 1 min every 10min.

    Try a simplistic distro like m0n0wall and see if you still experience the issue, if you do then it's pretty simple to say that it's something wrong with the build of pfsense you were using. Might want to report your findings over in their forums too...
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    MSI XPower Motherboard / Metro 2033 Giveaway.

    He obviously needs one to match his macho chest thong. Besides with that much power maybe Orko would stop being such a drag. Edit: Then this could happen: --- especially at 1:54. :) "He's got more power than he can control!"
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    home filter

    ^^ OpenDNS is awesome and free for home use. If you are using DHCP from your home router, just update your router to use OpenDNS servers as its primary and secondary DNS servers. The next step would be to look at a free open-source UTM distro like Untangle, which would require a separate...
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    My cisco E3000 is hot

    Many electronic devices have heat tolerances far outside of what is 'hot' or 'warm' to us humans. If you feel that uncomfortable with it either hope it dies within the warranty period, exchange it for a new one at your local store (if you purchased it from one) or call up Linksys to complain and...
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    DGL-4100 and Steam wont open ???

    Remove the static IP and port forwards - you don't need those for Steam to run properly; it's only on some routers and the DGL-4100 is not one of them. isn't opening because it looks like the directory has been removed. A 404 error is being returned by the HTTPd...
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    Changing VLAN names on production network

    Sorry - missed this part of the question. Updating the VLAN information (including name) on the switch designated as VTP server should replicate the changes to its clients within the same VTP domain. Any switch with VTP configured in transparent mode, within a different VTP domain or with the...
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    Changing VLAN names on production network

    Changing the name or description on a switchport or VLAN has no impact on the network.
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    DARPA Developing ExtremeScale Supercomputer System

    As someone who has worked for various government entities; the last thing they need is 'greater processing performance'. A workforce who actually knows how to use a computer would be a great place to start. :) HPC is used on the research and development side of the house, rarely on the battlefront.
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    Verizon FIOS and their "free" wireless router

    If you have Verizon FiOS TV you need to have their router somewhere in-line simply because their STBs default mode of operation is MOCA and the router serves as an Ethernet bridge for that. You do NOT have to use their router first however and can place it behind another (presumably better)...
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    Every time I turn on one of my Win7 64 bit pc's my router goes down

    IP or MAC address? Note that I meant the MAC(physical address) on each machine from ipconfig /all, not the IP address. :) Next step: Priest and holy water...
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    Should I opt for a 5GHz router?

    Get a router that can do both - enable 5GHz for everything and test it out. If it doesn't work well or is limited because of materials in your house, switch back to 2.4GHz. IF it does work well, enable 2.4GHz as a protected 'guest' network for when your buddies come over. Most decent routers...
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    The lady's got me Assignment

    Forget client-based solutions - the administrative effort in trying to maintain that will be a nightmare. Solutions could range from something like a relatively low-end but still decent box with Untangle's mail filtering option for EDU (inexpensive/year) or something like an IronPort or...
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    Every time I turn on one of my Win7 64 bit pc's my router goes down

    I am thinking that the MAC address of your x64 machine may be the same as the router or that the router may have 'learned' its MAC address at some point or another and that is why whenever you turn that specific machine on, everything dies at varying lengths of time. So yes, manually confirming...
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    Every time I turn on one of my Win7 64 bit pc's my router goes down

    I run almost exclusively 64bit Windows 7 / Server 2008 in my home with the only exceptions (right now) being a Linux laptop and a Windows 7 Home Basic (32Bit) Netbook. I wouldn't blame the OS edition - but I have to admit your issue is puzzling. I know you doled out static IP addresses but...
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    Can someone please tell me what "UDP timeout:-1 'Teredo" means?

    Do you have torrent or some other program installed that is making use of uPNP? It looks as if a device is trying to establish a uPNP connection but is failing - which could be tying up resources on the router or flooding it with requests. First identify any programs that might be using uPNP --...
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    computer suddenly not visible on my network

    I have to ask... did you check your firewall and advanced sharing properties to make sure everything is still allowed?
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    Is my bandwidth being stolen?

    1. Get a router. Any decent middle-of-the-road one from the sticky list should work fine for your setup. 2. If you live in a single family residence and your PC was off during this time, you are most likely simply seeing 'broadcast' traffic on your ISP's network. Our IP addresses are constantly...
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    Free quad NIC? BSD/Unix-like support?

    Little known industry truth: NetApp Filers are simply linux servers. If the quad NIC shows up in your Ubuntu distribution than there's a good chance it's supported by many distros out there, including pfsense. Just check which driver it is using, it's most likely e1000 (intel).
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    Reccomend me a Gigabit Router/Switch/802.11n with DD-WRT firmware

    This. If you must have DD-WRT anyhow.
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    Where do you store documentation?

    Sharepoint. It's Microsoft's official answer for public folders now that they have gone away in newer versions of Exchange. Nothing beats it for office collaboration and it's quite expandable with plugins for wiki-like functionality and such.
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    Good wired router?

    DGL-4100 but it's a few years old now - still good mind you, probably the best wired-only router out there in the consumer space. But realistically - you're much better off just getting a high-end wireless router (like the WNDR3700) and turning the wireless portion off until you need it.
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    Wireless N Router Needed. + 1 DD-WRT Question.

    Be forewarned - no matter which wireless router you choose, streaming HD - especially "Full HD" (1080P) video is likely to produce less than stellar results over wireless. That said, I'd recommend the WNDR3700 because the built-in firmware allows you to setup a separate wireless network...
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    Every time I turn on one of my Win7 64 bit pc's my router goes down

    1. Compare the MAC hardware address of your machines and router and make sure they are all unique. 2. Ensure that your router's IP address is outside of the scope of your DHCP range. 3. Forget DHCP and try assigning static IP addresses to all of your machines. Other than that, it's a toughie...
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    Why is my download speed slow?

    Wow, you're right - didn't even look at the date. :o