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    VLC picture tears

    VLC does not have that option. But setting it in the driver panel seems to be an improvement. Thanks to both of you.
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    VLC picture tears

    I have an older system 3rd generation I5 processor. GTX 1030 graphics card. And a 4K TV being used for output. 32 bit Windows 7. If I use BeyondTV the video is great. But I lose the captions. When I use VLC 3.0.8 on VOB files or OTA HD files recorded by BeyondTV, the video has enough tearing...
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $210

    I just bought 1. The $20 off using Holiday19 made it a good deal for me.
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    Questions on how to do Smart Backups in Windows

    I use EZgig to copy our OS drive. Once a month seems to be enough. For data files I use a batch file and XCopy and PKZip each with a long string of parameters to backup our data. USB3 and 100Mbps are fast enough that internal or external is not important. I do an automatic backup to internal...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    WD 4 years old. Green.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I came home yesterday at about 3pm. Checked the site and the $130 deal was alive, but not in stores. Limit 1. Bought one on my credit card. Bought one on Paypal. They will be delivered by 12/5. I had just purchased 4 for $160 a couple days ago. As soon as I transferred my data from a 4TB drive...
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    Storage Rental?

    The cost of hard drives would only be $600. I would pay the $600. But you might have a local ISP what would do the work for you for that price.
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    most secure and lightweight form of storage

    We own a small business. We have a nice solution. We simply call our office and have someone there (our daughter) do what needs to be done with the data. If you really need access to 3-4TB of data, I would suggest there is no way to download that data from the could to your computer in a...
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    Do I need NAS drives?

    If you are smart, you will not use any type of RAID. At most one drive will spin up for each media stream. So there will be no vibration. I use WD 4TB green drives. They seem to last a long time with the light loads that media cause.
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    How to test a new HDD/SSD

    I have lost more data due to my stupidity than to HDD/SSD defects. I no longer test my drives. A quick format and I am good to go.
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    HDD warranty - new drives arrive with part of warranty already used up - What to do?

    It looks like the warranty was 1 year. And the tech let it sit about for the first half of the year. The problem is that the tech is the original purchaser. I don't know why anyone would keep a drive in stock for 6 months.
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    Why 80 PLUS® is Irrelevant to You When Buying a PSU @ [H]

    Information does not make one educated. I use a certain brand and size of power supply, because I have a history of them working. They might not be available - it has been a long time since I purchased a power supply. For most consumers the cost difference between power supplies may be...
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    Biggest single hard drive you'd feel safe buying today?

    As others have said - you need a backup more than a RAID. Cost is a complex issue. For business: labor costs dwarf parts costs. If I have a hard drive fail, I have $500/hour in lost business income until we get it fixed. We used to use 2TB hard drives before we moved to SSDs. But our backups...
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    Secondary IDE hdd now RAW and inaccessible

    I would put put it into a system with a IDE connector. Then copy the files to a SATA drive. Lacking such a system I would buy an external IDE case and try to copy the data.
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    basic home backup options - which one?

    If this is only to allow re-installing windows, Just get a 4TB hard drive, back up to it, and then re-install windows. If you want to keep a current backup, get a USB3 case and put a 4TB drive in it. --- We backup to 3 hard drives every night. 2 are internal. One is external. From time to...
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    Need more speed!

    You should be able to get 24x100MB/s from your hard drives. Maybe you should access them differently.
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    For those who buy external drives and take them apart.

    I bought 2 WD Elements 4TB USB 3.0 3.5" External Hard Drive One had problems. Our tech took them apart and tested them. I guess he put the bad hard drive in the wrong case and WD refused to honor the warranty on the drive. I can accept that. The other drive was labeled recertified. It...
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    How easy is to put in a SSD into this laptop?

    I don't know about your particular model, but ... We bought a Dell laptop a month or so ago. I used Acronis to copy the partitions to a smaller SSD and the system booted right up and ran. Ours was an Inspiron 15 also.With a 1TB hard drive. Our SSD is 500GB.
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    SSD Intermittently becomes unreadable

    As Liger88 may have indicated sometimes it is the system you put it into that is at fault. It is very difficult to determine if the problem is with the SSD or the other hardware.
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    which capacity USB flash drive offers the best bang for your buck?

    I use cell phones or my mp3 player to move data around. In the past USB flash drives served some purposes, but I no longer need them so any price is too much.
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    The median family income in New York CIty is about $50K. If half the families in New Your CIty can live there on that little, whereever you live anything over $50K in income can go toward a nice storage system. Set your priorities.
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    Custom Mini ITX NAS case

    A couple years ago there was a link to a very small case holding 8 drives. Tiny motherobard. It was impressive. Perhaps someone remembers it and can provide a link. It looks like you will have a problem running cables. Depending on what your mother board supports port multipliers might be useful
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    Power Supply with Short Cables for a Mini-ITX Setup

    Get some custom made
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    Seagate Enterprise Capacity 6TB 3.5 HDD v4

    4TB are selling for $150. So 6TB should sell for $225 or less.
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    Questionable Hard Drive Packaging - What to do?

    If you are worried about how hard drives are shipped, go to a local store. You failure rate will be the same.
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    Cheapest and Most Practical Technique for Archiving Large-ish Amounts of Data

    8TB is a couple thousand hours of video. I would get rid of most of it. Do a lot of editing. Buy 4TB hard drives for backups. Store them in a bank safe deposit box. Make a new backup every year. Cost for the box about $25/year. Cost for hard drives $1000/year.
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    Crucial MX100 SSD

    I got mine (MX100 512GB) today. Speed does not matter much. I will use it for DVD rips on trips to augment the SSD on my notebook. Just has to be fast enough to send the videos over a USB2.
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    Can I fill a storage drive to capacity?

    My media server is either Windows 7 or XP. The 4TB drives have 600+ 4GB files and nothing else. Sorting the files in Windows Explorer takes forever - (10-20 seconds or more). I don't think it has anything to do with the hard drives being full - 60% is not full. So perhaps the configuration of...
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    Is there a style of cooling that is better than water but still practical?

    If money is no object, placing the computer on the dard side of the moon is reasonable. There are huge computer systems - server farms, and multi-cpu systems that do a lot more processing than any of us do. They seem to stay cool enough. So there are lots of better cooling ideas. Most...
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    Athena snt-3051-sata mounting holes (5-in-one HD cage)

    DVD players have 2 sets of holes - one set above the other. Maybe your case has only 1 set of holes. A drill fixes everythng.
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    How much power is your server drawing?

    With 40TB of drives less than 150w. And power costs only $.10/Kwh.
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    Does the power cable matter?

    A quick search shows for power cords under 50': 18g has a 10amp (1200w) limit. 16g has a 13amp (1500w) limit. But for the usual 3' to 6' cord 20g is suitable.
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    Verify Data Integrity automatically

    If you do have those requirements, hire a guy and have him write some software.
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    Difficult time with 4TB drives

    My testing is done. THe drives work properly on the 2300. It appears the 2604 card does not properly support 4TB drives. It formats them to 4TB (3.6TB). But after 2TB of data is written the file/partition tables are corrupted. --- If I was seeking to prove the 2604 is the problem, I would...
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    Newegg finally gets it?

    You are correct. Most packaging is designed to absorb the energy and by doing that lower the "G" force.
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    Difficult time with 4TB drives

    I would have expected that. The drives showed up as 4TB (3.6TB). Currently, one drive has 1.5TB free and the other 1.75TB. I am getting close to failure or success.
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    Difficult time with 4TB drives

    My system has 2 4TB drives on a Highpoint 2300 card. They work fine. Bought 2 more 4TB drives. Put them on my Highpoint 2604 card. They show 4TB of size. Formats ok. When I copy more than 4TB of data or run windows error checking (full scan) the drives get corrupted and I need to reformat and...
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    Newegg finally gets it?

    Got my 2 greens from Newegg today. NIce box. Nice air bags. Nice internal boxes. Nice air packs around the hard drives. 1 works well. 1 DOA. Just an occasional click. I will do an RMA to Western Digital. Get a replacement this week.
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    Newegg finally gets it?

    I received several drives packed that way in the past. I have 2 more coming today or tomorrow - They do that FedEx/USPS delivery. But their old packaging was always good enough for me.