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    Zacate build for zfs freenas

    I’m running FreeNAS [0.7.2 Sabanda (revision 7S-6983)] on a media server using an ASUS E35M1-M PRO mobo - no raid. I am using just two hard drives right now (waiting for black Friday sales), an old Hitachi 250g and a newer SAMSUNG F4EG HD155UI 1.5TB. I get roughly the same amount of...
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    TV Tuner Recommendation

    The Hauppauge card you have now does hardware ENCODING when it records. Decoding is done by your video card. So, can play games now with no issue while recording? If so, that should remain the same. If you want to record SD and then later record HD, you should look into the Hauppauge...
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    Judge Rules No New Customers For Vonage

    Verizon also has a VOIP service called iOBi. It works ok, but the pricing sucks. Agreed! Verizon will fuck you with your own dick, if you let them! They have horrible customer service plus fees for this and fees for that. Oh, and just try to cancel a service. It‘ll be cancelled, but...
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    Questions regarding a CCNA home lab...

    It’s up to you and it depends on how big a network you want to set up. Just note that the models you listed have different interfaces - Check Cisco’s site for info. You can start with just one router to tinker with and go from there. To play with routing protocols you need at least two routers...
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    Cisco Information

    A 2501 is a basic model with one Ethernet port and two serial ports.. You would need to purchase a transceiver (around 10$) though, to use it with RJ45 Ethernet cable. Look at this Cisco list for all your 25xx series options. The 26xx series are modular. This means you buy a base unit and must...
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    Cisco Information

    I agree with this person. Save your money and get some cheap 2500 series routers from EBay. Yeah they’re only 10megs and they’re slow, but they will be all you need for the CCNA this year and you will save lots of money. However, if you plan to progress to the CCNP, you might as well buy a...
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    Circuit City Fires 3,400

    I don’t think Best Buy would do your town any favors. See: Best Buy Confirms It Has “Secret” Website. Worst Buy, at least around where I live, sucks as consumer friendly place and they won’t be getting any money from me. I guess cheaper online sales at sites like etc., has hurt...
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    Cisco Lab Setup Suggestions

    In networking, you work with many different types of interfaces that have a specific purpose. The patch cables are used for Ethernet access (LAN), while the WIC cards (and associated cables) are used for WAN access (WAN) like for T1’s etc. Since you're trying to pass the CCNA exam don’t get...
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    "Budget" CCNA Lab

    If you’re really serious, then you need some “hands on” experience. You can gain LOTS of experience building your own lab. The equipment is NOT that expensive if you shop carefully at EBay. Also, if you haven’t taken the current CCNA exam you will likely find it a little difficult...
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    Making Outlook leave my mail server alone...

    Alrighty then! I guess I misunderstood his requirements. But just so it’s clear, if his email is sent to a POP3 server, it can be read and left on that server using outlook.
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    Making Outlook leave my mail server alone...

    No. If you’re using a POP3 server, just go to your Outlook email account settings ( from []btools[/b] and then E-mail accounts). Next choose: “view or change existing email settings.” Now pick your account and click “ more settings,” then click tab that says “advanced.” Finally tick...
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    Cable Modems ( & Comcast )

    Comcast is now using DOCSIS 1.1. You could rent a modem from Comcast to be certain you get a compatible model (with the latest DOCSIS) for their systems. Or like YeOldeStonecat said, you could buy a Motorola 5120. The 5120 is approved by Comcast. Your old 3com, depending on the model...
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    FCC unties cable boxes from cable companies

    Ding Ding! We have a winner! This is exactly the point. Also, the consumer will now have the power to choose. If you want to rent the cable company’s box you still can. If you want more options, you now have that as well. I heard about many people who just wanted a lousy DVR and they were...
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    What mechanism to send display to LCD on the front of a case?

    In addition to the USB or mobo connecters that the poster above mentioned, most LCD displays also need software to communicate with certain parts of the HTPC. Yes, you can turn them off. For example, the HTPC cases that come with the LCD or VFD built-in will sometimes only work with Windows...
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    ATIs Digital Cable tuner?

    If I were you, I would hold off on purchasing that unit. It looks good and sounds like it should work fine, but you should wait until some reviews come out. Many people have had huge issues with cable card compatibility in their HDTV sets. Also, working with the cable companies to fix any...
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    Thinkpad 600's errors

    Those are good sites that ditzilla listed. A lot of used ThinkPad-600/600e’s have cmos batteries that need replacing. It’s a 1 minute job to replace them and you can even buy the batteries cheaply on Flea-Bay. Also, another site for other ThinkPad issues is The thinkpad forums.
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    IR Blasters

    An IR blaster doesn’t actually work with any remote whether Harmony or another brand. It works with (is controlled by) PVR software. For example, you point your remote to an IR receiver and press channel 122. The IR receiver then sends a code to the PVR app and the PVR app sends a code to...
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    HD movie downloads?

    If you have a newsgroup service from your ISP, you can check out alt.binaries.HDTV and other groups for a modest selection of HD content. But, as the posters above said, you really need to have a fast connection or you will be downloading forever to get these massive files.
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    please help with router

    Need more info. :eek: Go to her computer and type in: ipconfig /all at the cmd prompt (asumming she’s using XP). What do you see? What’s the default gateway you are using? What is the ip address assigned to her computer and what the ip address is assigned to yours? Can you ping her...
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    Plain looking media sever matches freezer on the right, in storage room. That’s 65 degrees F or 18c…Brrrrr. It contains: an AMD Sempron 3000+ Two - Hitachi 250 gig SATA One - Seagate 400 gig PATA Click thumnail:
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    IT Resume Thread

    That’s a good question because having the key words "Cisco networking" may be nice words that HR databases likes to flag. However, you leave yourself open for the inevitable interview question of: “So, do you have a CCNA or not?” It’s up to you, of course, but you might want to say something...
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    Is it possible....

    Agreed. Like the other posters said, you have to pay for that second IP address. If you need to share PCs, why not use a router? :eek:
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    Why don’t you try Win 2000 on that P3 of yours? It will be much more responsive that that “system resource hog” (also know as Win XP). Plus you can still file share with your other XP clients on your LAN.
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    Cisco 2500 & Trancievers

    That’s absolutely correct. That’s your problem. You need a cross-over cat-5/5e cable to connect a DTE to DTE. Both routers and PCs are considered DTE devices. You can buy one or make one yourself. Just connect (pins 1 to pin 3) and (pin 2 to pin 6).
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    "Budget" CCNA Lab

    Wow nice rack! Umm, I normally say that to girls. :p In any case, you really got some good prices on your gear. Many people use Ciscokits, but if you know what you are doing, you can save quite a lot with some careful shopping at FleaBay. Actually, since he’s using that setup as a lab...
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    2 Cisco 2503s & 1 1912

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    2 Cisco 2503s & 1 1912

    That 2924 XL (Xl-EN model) will work, but it sure costs a lot at. You may want to check out some Sims to go along with your live routers (check your PM). Save the cash for when you are ready for your CCNP or other pro cert. The routers plus the Sim will put you way ahead of the CCNA...
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    2 Cisco 2503s & 1 1912

    It’s no good for the CCNA because it uses CATos. :( You’ll be learning commands you can’t use and you will get confused when taking the exam. The 1912 is an older model switch that is still used by a few companies so you may see it in the real world, but it’s not much help if you are...
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    home setup

    You just need a router. Cable access won’t help. You don’t want to buy 2 ip addresses from your service provider. Look at the diagrams posted by spacekeeter and Sieravor. The coax cable you have will not work; it’s only used to connect your cable modem to your internet service provider...
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    Need some help with subnets

    You're right of course, but I guess the key is that he said he was in a general class. I noticed ∞Velocitymaster∞ ask what kind of class he was in. I figured posters would be thinking about advanced stuff, but I think it is just generic subnetting. Any way you slice it, you...
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    Need some help with subnets

    It sure does! But the question tells him to show his work. Is he going to hand in an online subnet calculator in class? :D
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    Need some help with subnets

    I don’t think that’s correct. You were given and a subnet of, which looks like the (old-skool) class-A with a default subnet mask. The question asks you to make 4 subnets. Isn’t a subnet just the amount of 1 bits borrowed from the HOST bits of a particular class? If so...
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    cisco networking academy program vs books

    Yes, like the posters above said, it’s just a different way to reach the same point. Some people are good with just self-study, and other people are better with the academy classroom setting. Sometimes those self-study books are quite dry and sleep inducing. With the ccna academy, you get to...
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    What wireless router would you pick for a HTPC use?

    Yes, I agree with this. Stick with cat 5 (or 5e). You'll be glad you did. When you are playing a movie from your server it will play fine, but it may be unreliable when you try fast fowarding, and doing other things it may freeze up on you. There are a lot of wireless products coming out...
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    CCNA Lab Kit

    Most people don’t use HyperTerminal (Cntrl+Break) for this because HyperTerminal acts a little flakey Also, if you’re using a laptop, you may not even have a break key on your computer. You just need to turn the router off, then on again and then enter the break sequence really quick. By the...
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    CCNA Lab Kit

    That’s sucky that CiscoKits gave you something that it looks like they didn’t test beforehand. Oh well, it happens. Your settings (9600-N-8-1- no flow control) are correct. How much Dram and Flash memory were you told are on these routers? Lots of things could cause this problem. For...
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    IR receiver in NSK2400 5.25" bay

    Here’s one from VL System that you can check out. Here is a write up on it : VFD + IR receiver.
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    CCNA Lab Kit

    Yeah, I agree with that. Don’t buy any 1900 switches, even the 1924. Some books like the Todd Lamble’s CCNA book will show both 1900 and 2950 commands just so you can see the difference. After all, many companies still have old 1900’s in use out there. But in order to pass your CCNA exam you...