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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    Very nice setup Rob, congrats! :D Would be nice to se some pics inside of your case. Keep the good job.
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    PSP Slim Daxter Pack Ice Silver w / 6 games and 2 movies

    Nice price. Do you send it to Brazil?
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    FS: PSP Daxter Pack (sealed box), Halo3 & Warhawk

    PSP money was sent, waiting for track number. :p
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    FS: Modded Xbox, Modded PS2, Vista/Office

    I am realy interested on PS2. Can you post some pics?
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    WTB: 2x PS2 Logitech wireless controller, 1x 4gb memory stick duo.

    I am looking for this itens: - 2x PS2 Logitech wireless controller - 1x 4gb memory stick pro duo (sony or sandisk brand). My heatware is under morppheu. I will pay with cc-paypal and you will send it to South America... :) Thanks!
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    [WTB] Modded PS2 system (DMS, Magic...)

    I am looking for a modded PS2 system (old model is preferable). :p I want to put one HD on it, so i need the Network Adaptor too.. You will send it to South America using USPS Global Express Mail. My heatware is under morppheu. Thanks!
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    [WTB] Pentium-D 805 B0 revision. GF7800GT, 2GB RAM, MOBO

    Hello guys! I am looking for this piece of hardware... - Penitum-D 805 (Smithfield B0 90 nm). - GF7800GT - 2GB RAM DDR2-800 (for overclock) - A good motherboard to use with P-D at least 200Mhz FSB. Thanks! :p
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    FS/T: Dell Latitude D600 Lots of Extras

    Very good seller... :) Bump.
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    WTB: Sandisk Sansa m260 4GB.

    I am interested on this MP3 player. Sansa m260 4GB. If you have one of it please PM me!! :p Thanks!
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    FS: (2) IBM Thinkpad T40 - P-M 1.5/1gb/40gb/802.11B/14"

    Hey! =) PM was sent... interested on both now!
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    FS: Nintendo Gamecube with 5 games, 2 controls and memcard.

    VERY VERY interested... :D PM sent...
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    [WTB] GameCube with Games.

    Whant a GameCube (black, platinum...) system, with 2 contollers (1 wireless wellcome..), in good+ condition. Can be modded. Games: Super Mario Sunshine Super Smash Bros. Melee The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Mario Kart Double Dash Resident Evil Zero Resident Evil 4 Metroid Prime 1 &...