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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    New firmware released by samsung for the 840 (DXT07B0Q). This is what it says on the samsung webpage:LINK "This update addresses the following issues : 1. Improved "dirty drive" write performance." Has anyone tried it yet?
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    BTW in case anyone was still wondering, TRIM is still enabled on the non-enterprise RST. I checked it but forgot to report back.
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    Your anvil results state that your using MSAHCI? driver. I don't know what driver that is? Are you plugged into the intel chipset SATA ports or some other 3rd party chipset? If so try plugging your drive into the intel 6Gbit ports and then get the 11.6 RST driver from intel.
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    It is however still a bit lower than what i see on reviews of the 840 drive (like on this review for example) That review shows 31.1MB/s and 110MB/s for 4K and 4KQD4 reads. where i get 24.3MB/s and 89.02MB/s They also obtain 119MB/s and 235MB/s for 4K and 4KQD4 writes, where i get 58MB/s and...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    This is a standard 840, not the Pro version.
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    I did some more testing on the weekend whereby i tried different RST and RSTe drivers. I tried the last 2 releases of RSTe taken from the intel website, ( & and they both had the same issue whereby I had to disable write-cache buffer flushing in order to get...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    Curious. Can you explain why you think this? The anvil benchmark pics show the alignment as being "OK" with cluster size of 4096B Also i dont know how it would be improperly aligned given that it was a brand new blank SSD, and windows 7 pro 64bit was then installed on the blank drive from...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    This is a very interesting comment. I was not aware that an X79 system would have such strange issues. I just googled this subject and apparently others are seeing this issue too, where they have to disable write-cache buffer flushing to get advertised speeds. It is likely that this is...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    I was able to run AS SSD, and Anvil, here are my results. The AS-SSD sequential numbers were similar as advertised, however the Anvil results were similar to the low samsung magician numbers. At this point i now had two benchmarks showing poor performance on this drive (samsung...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    I will perform the AS-SSD benchmark later on tonight, i am not familiar with Anvil but i will look for it, and run it. I am still interested in seeing other peoples results when they run this samsung magician software, just to confirm that the magician software is indeed not accurate or...
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    Samsung SSD 840 Test Results, and Questions.

    Hello everyone. I have been building a PC for a client, which has a Samsung SSD 840 with 6B0Q firmware, installed as the OS drive. And i have some performance results that i would like to share, and ask if others are seeing the same performance on their Samsung SSD 840 drive. First off here...
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Posting to enter draw.
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    Patriot Gauntlet Node Review - Portable Wireless & Powered @ [H]

    I'm a little confused about the comment about having to pass your internet through this device? "The fact that the Gauntlet Node becomes an intermediary between the user and the router brings the importance of its speed as a wireless pass-through device" Can’t you just configure the...
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    Free midnight club 2 for steam from joining rockstar steam group

    I tried joining yesterday morning and it gave me an error. Tried again today, still same error. It does this when i click on join, and then login. If i login first and try to join, the join button is missing. "Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: There was an...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I hope that other manufacturers make smaller cards to take advantage of the smaller PCB. It would be nice to be able to put one of these 670 cards in a mini-itx case like the silverstone SG05.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Dual GPU Video Card Review @ [H]

    Kyle, when you guys do these card reviews, your testing on a open bench station right? (i dont see a case listed in the "test setup table", so i assume open bench) Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know if you were to compare a 680sli setup, to a 690 setup within an enclosed case...
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Just a FYI to everyone that the new Sugo SG05 cases now have USB3 ports. I buy a lot of these cases for my builds and my latest order came with a few boxes that say USB3.0 ready on them. I opened one up and saw that they now have the blue USB3 ports on the front. Nice of Silverstone to...
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    Apple screws up Appstore for older iphone/ipods

    As of yesterday i can no longer download anything from the Appstore app with an old first gen iphone or ipod. Basically any old apple phone 2g/3g or ipod with final OS 3.1.3, no longer works with the Appstore app. Seems like this is global and affects all users of Apple iphone/ipods. So...
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    Battlefield 3 DLC Trailer

    I own BF3 on PS3 since most my friends own a PS3 console. I have been playing these new "classic" maps, and I can say they are very well done. These maps are probably even better then the main BF3 maps. This maps are a nice addtion to BF3. :D
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    BF3 Dr Pepper FREE dog tags

    I would happily take any extra BF3 codes. I live in Canada, and the bottles around me don't have any BF3 codes. (also i dont normally buy dr.pepper) Thanks in advance.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    so is the BF3 PC beta over? i tried logging in the past two days and the battlelog browser link just goes to a 404 page. Would have been nice if origin would have notified me that the beta was over, or at least remove the beta from my list of games. Guess they could learn a lesson or two...
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    [Dead] Outback Steakhouse Free Steak and Potato dinner for 1st 1 million

    USA only. :( Sucks that they dont care about including their Canadian locations in this promo.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    In my opinion the best thing about AMD processors over the years has been their price.
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    FREE - NecroVisioN: Lost Company (PC) @

    So can you confirm if you can use this activated key obtained from within the game, in steam? Or is that key the one you tried, that did not work? From your post it sounded like you received a code which does not activate in steam, however after you activated the game you then get another...
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    XP Finally Loses the OS Crown

    One thing that i wonder is how many of those win 7 installations are really windows xp downgrades? When you buy a corporate laptop or pc you usually have the option of getting a xp downgrade, and with that you are still buying win7 and you get a win7 key, so i guess it would be counted as...
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    Free copy of Angry Birds for PC

    Worked fine, thanks OP.
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    A Half-Gigabyte Picture of the Moon

    no problems at all loading the .tiff image in irfanview. opend up almost instantly with no lag or issues at all on this simple PC. (64bit win7, core2duo, 4GB ram) Possibly the biggest (storage size wise) image i ever opened. Then again its an uncompressed tiff, which is probably why it...
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    Western Digital to Pay $4.3B for Hitachi Drive Unit

    You carry around a 10TB hard drive storage system with you, on your phone, tablet, netbook, laptop, etc..?? It is a well established fact that just about all portable devices have started transitioning to SSD. This transition has directly cut into the sales of mechanical hard drives in this...
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    Western Digital to Pay $4.3B for Hitachi Drive Unit

    I think it would have been smarter for WD to invest in buying SSD manufacturers, not another Hard drive manufacturer. The reason Hitachi sold off their Hard drive division was because they see it as a dying market, primarily due to the current transition to solid state drives, which has been...
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    Portal 2 pre-order starts now!

    The reason i visited this thread was to determine the pre-order pricing and offers available to those willing to pre-purchase Portal 2. Upon learning that this game will cost $45 to $50, i decided to comment that i would wait until the premium price drops before i decide to purchase this...
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    Steam & New Games: Buying Digitally vs Hard Copy

    Right now I have unlimited internet and thus I prefer to buy from Steam. If usage based billing "UBB" internet comes to Canada i will have to go back to buying in store instead of online. If i have to pay $2/GB, then it will be cheaper to buy a physical copy of a game and have it Fedex...
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    Portal 2 pre-order starts now!

    I guess my post was not very clear. The reason i don't think this game is worth $40, is due to the eventual rapid devaluation. I base this on the price history of Portal1, and as is the trend with most other Valve games. Thus someone like me who has a large back log of games to play on...
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    Portal 2 pre-order starts now!

    I played Portal at my home on my computer. Based on the eventual quick devaluation, as stipulated in my post.
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    Portal 2 pre-order starts now!

    In my opinion $50,, even $40 is too much for this game. You just know this game will be $10 after a year.. and then free another year after that. Just like the first portal. (yes valve was giving portal away for free not to long ago) And it will probably be bundled for free with every cheap...
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    Tripp Lite TLP810NET $24.95 @ Amazon

    I just bought one of these Belkin 12 outlet surge bars with $300K protection warrenty On sale for $17 CAD or regular price $24 USD. I could not find any bigger model, seems 12 outlet is the biggest around. oh and shipping was free for me. Not sure if free shipping is still available...
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    Free Apps

    1) Appstore, you can find it on your phone, in there click on categories, then click on top free. or use its built in search to find the app you want. 2) Appminer, or Appshopper, are apps that keep track of free apps found in the appstore. 3), its a website you can use to...
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    Hot? RE4 2TB Recertified $119 + ship

    Hard drives are like light bulbs... All drives fail even RE drives. I have had RE2, and RE3 drives fail on me before. As others said, lack of warrenty is what spoils this deal, otherwise that is a good price.
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    2TB Fat32 External OEM Drive, WD or Seagate?

    Unfortunately i am stuck having to format this external drive to FAT32, since that is the only way for various media players and consoles to read its contents, since most will not read NTFS partitions. I too have no idea what will happen when i format these drives to FAT32, but im willing to...
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    2TB Fat32 External OEM Drive, WD or Seagate?

    I did a little reading on this new Seagate 4K Advanced format drive. Supposidly unlike the WD it does not require use of a utility or jumpering in order to make use of the drive, which does peak my interest, as to how they managed to do this Might be a reason to give it a try, although i am...
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    2TB Fat32 External OEM Drive, WD or Seagate?

    Ok need opinions on what i should get, between these two drives 1) Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green 2TB SATA2 3GBPS 64MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM 2) Seagate ST2000DL003 Barracuda Green 2TB SATA3 6GB/S 64MB Cache 3.5IN 5900RPM 12MS Hard Drive OEM I plan on putting this drive into...