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  1. 5narkY

    Best Desktop Email Client?

    Yup, that and Gmail. Works great, no issues!
  2. 5narkY

    [H] Flickr Group! and post your Flickr link here Thread

    Here is mine -
  3. 5narkY

    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    I have a Sony a6000 and a Sony Nex 7 which are my main cameras. I also have a Canon T2i and a Canon T5. I love the versatility of the Sony's and they are much more convenient to carry than the Canon.
  4. 5narkY

    Battlefield 1?

    I play almost nightly.
  5. 5narkY

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here is my modest setup right now. ASUS VH236H 23" and Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP 20"
  6. 5narkY

    Your Most Anticipated Game of 2018?

    Borderlands 3 IF it is actually any good. Mainly the new Battlefield, whatever it is....
  7. 5narkY

    Battlefield 1?

    Is anyone still playing BF1? I am looking for a group of organized BF1 players to join up with. Playing solo is frustrating.