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  1. pitingres

    5800X3D Upgrade Help

    I'd be tempted to do a full plugs-out, battery-out CMOS reset, then see if you are getting errors at factory defaults and slow memory speeds. Once you're sure of a baseline you can then start pushing the memory. Just because your 5800X was able to do 1900 Mhz doesn't mean your 5800X3D can. If...
  2. pitingres

    options to add motherboard slots

    If you have an open m.2 slot, you might be able to jigger something up. If you want USB, there's an m.2 to dual USB 3.0 header adapter on amazon, and I vaguely recall seeing some way to use an m.2 slot to drive a PCIe card.
  3. pitingres

    Upgrade from i7-4790 to...? (AM4 or LGA 1200/1700 i3)

    $150 is tight, especially since I assume that you'll need to replace DDR3 memory with newer as well. If you're willing to take it to $200, you can find a new AM4 mobo for under $100 (used mobo's aren't usually much cheaper and can be iffy), 16GB DDR4 for $30 or so, and you can generally find a...
  4. pitingres

    RX570 upgrade for power/temps/efficiency

    You can probably find some GTX 1660's for a bit under $100. Whether that would count as efficient / small size, depends. A 1660 might use a bit less power, the 6600 will be faster. I'd probably go with the 6600 mostly as being the newer card which may end up with a longer useful life...
  5. pitingres

    Help me think out a NAS build--do PCIe lanes matter?

    Roughly, one PCIe 2.0 lane is a maxed out SATA port (port, not a drive), and you double for each successive PCIe generation. A 10gbe link is 1 GB/s ish which is about 2 SATA ports. So, handwaving frantically, I'm going to guess that you'll be network limited before you're PCIe lane limited.
  6. pitingres

    How do you guys organize all the cables that plug into the back panel on your motherboard?

    I'm in awe. My biggest box has 5 cables in the back because it watches the UPS's. (Power, display, net, UPS USB, kbd/mouse USB.) The rest have 4. What are you guys doing that you have 10-12 USB ports in use? (Oh, and the backup USB drive, but I plug that into a front port on-demand.)
  7. pitingres

    Thermal Grizzly Kryosheets, are they worth it - if you can find them?

    If you're referring to Kryonaut, it's not my experience that you have to reapply every year. I had one CPU pasted with Kryonaut that I didn't touch for not quite 4 years, and I saw no evidence of drying out. (or pump-out, but I don't thermal cycle my CPU's like a gaming user might.)
  8. pitingres

    Do use a UPS or surge suppressor?

    We moved a couple weeks ago, and since the cluster computers are now all in the office, I bought two new BR1500MS's for everything in the office. The old BR1000 is in the room where my wife's computer is. Apparently the line power in this area, or maybe this building, is garbage. The UPS's...
  9. pitingres

    Air cooler thermal transfer issues

    I think you're experiencing just how effective a good air cooler is at getting rid of heat. You're probably dissipating 100w or so, and basically getting rid of heat as fast as the CPU chiplet mount can move it out of the silicon. The heatpipes, fins, and airflow are moving the heat away fast...
  10. pitingres


    Worth it for what purpose? If you're just going to run a CPU at stock, then no. If you want to experiment with all the BIOS bells and whistles, spending hours playing with settings and balancing performance vs stability, it might be a good buy.
  11. pitingres

    Hardware Unboxed Giant B650 Roundup

    HUB liked a few gigabyte boards; of course, their ratings have nothing to do with customer service or return difficulty. If anyhting, they dumped on some of the lower end Asus boards.
  12. pitingres

    M.2 ?

    m.2 in slot 1 and GPU in PCIe 1 is the right answer. The second part of the right answer is don't worry about it. If you have to add more m.2 drives just stick them into a slot. Even if you were to pick a slot that is bandwidth shared, it's highly unlikely that you are running anything where...
  13. pitingres

    Gigabyte Bios Update For Download Assistant Issue Reported by Eclypsium Research.

    I guess they are rolling out the fix. I see an update for 2 of the 3 Gigabyte boards I have. No update yet for the B450 Aorus Elite that I could see.
  14. pitingres

    Fan Spins At 100% All The Time

    My experience with BIOS fan settings is that they are header specific. If you change one header to DC it ought to affect only that header. An Asus Z690 ought to be sophisticated enough to have per-header settings. :-) Easy enough to check if you want to, choose another fan in the BIOS and...
  15. pitingres

    Fan Spins At 100% All The Time

    If the A14 is a DC, non-PWM fan, I wonder if your chassis fan header is mistaking it for PWM somehow. You ought to be able to set the fan header control type explicitly (to DC), in the BIOS.
  16. pitingres

    Samsung 860 Evo 2.5" SSD suddenly died. Can I retrieve the data from it?

    Data recovery is an extremely manual process; you have to basically disassemble the drive and try to pull working pieces out of it, while guessing at what is working and what isn't. I'm a little surprised that you got a quote as low as $500. Don't expect anything significantly better.
  17. pitingres

    Fan Spins At 100% All The Time

    You have the exhaust connected to CPU OPT? That should work and you should have BIOS control. You could also connect it to any of the chassis fan headers and have full control via the BIOS. What sort of fan is that exhaust, exactly?
  18. pitingres

    5600x Upgrade Woes

    Strange. Do you still have the 2600? Maybe drop it back in to confirm that it is or isn't stable? If the 2600 works, either you got 2 dud CPU's or I'd try the BIOS reset again (AC unplugged and battery out, first). I have cured a couple errant Pro4's with a full zero-power reset.
  19. pitingres

    5600x Upgrade Woes

    I've had bad CPU's, although they are not common. If this one is returnable, just return it, no need to keep banging your head against the wall. The 5600X is not intrinsically unstable.
  20. pitingres

    Seeking help with weird slowness issue, Ryzen 7 3700X

    Which is why anything I/O related is suspect, such as SATA cabling, networks, USB devices, etc. BIOS coding isn't usually too sophisticated as far as I/O is concerned, and if you're seeing an I/O related hang, it's quite likely to show up at the BIOS level. Have you tried swapping in a...
  21. pitingres

    Do use a UPS or surge suppressor?

    APC BR1000MS for the two primary computers, has been 100% reliable. The cluster computers are on a couple of surge suppressors, as they don't retain any important data.
  22. pitingres

    Worst CPU's of all time?

    I guess you got the bad ones and I got all the good ones. I ran a 1400, 4 1600's, a 2300X, a 2600X, and a 2700X all very hard with zero issues (running linux). Right now it's a 3100, 5 3500X's, a 3700X and a 5800X. Still zero problems. The 2700X and 5800X didn't quite run 24/7 but they came...
  23. pitingres

    Cpu Temp?

    A 4% load is about 3/4 of a single core when you have 16 of them, so it's keeping one core quite busy and not moving the heat source around. Sounds normal to me. You may or may not have a cooling issue, from a distance I'd guess probably not. Which cooler?
  24. pitingres

    Which AM5 motherboards have 40Gbps USB 4?

    The X670 Aorus Elite AX has the TB4 header. I imagine some other AMD boards do as well. Maybe the Maple Ridge board itself is intel-only, or maybe because it's an Intel derived board, Gigabyte aren't allowed to use the A-word in their website copy. I dunno.
  25. pitingres

    Ryzen 1700x to 5600x no POST due to RAM

    Did you do a BIOS reset after the upgrade? Pull the AC power cord and the CMOS battery, and short the cmos reset jumpers. Then try it again. > I verified this by using a friend's ddr4 kit. What exactly did you verify? that your CPU works by putting his RAM in your machine, or that your RAM...
  26. pitingres

    Will IDE hard drives be detected on the motherboard which cannot recognizes SATA hard drives?

    The best I can do without the board in hand is "probably". If that mobo is in fact an ECS G45T, there's an ICH10 for a lot of the I/O including SATA and USB, but it doesn't say anything about IDE on the ECS website for that board. If there is IDE, it might be on a separate chip; unfortunately...
  27. pitingres

    What is more reliable for long term rare used storage HDD or SSD?

    I think it might depend on "rarely" vs "never". The zero-power failure mode for a hard drive is bearing or head seizure, for an SSD it's tunneling off the storage gate transistors. For up to maybe 6+ months, zero power, I'd take the SSD, just because it's faster and isn't subject to mechanical...
  28. pitingres

    Will IDE hard drives be detected on the motherboard which cannot recognizes SATA hard drives?

    I don't think there's any way to know the answer at a distance. It depends too much on exactly what got fried.
  29. pitingres

    My experiences upgrading an OC 6700K to a Ryzen 7700X. Pics, benchmarks, boot times

    I suggest that it was X370 to X470 that was a stabilizing change. My suspicion, unproven, is that X370 and B350 were shaky partly because Ryzen was new and unproven, and partly because Zen was initially positioned as a budget line so the mobo people didn't want to spend too much on it. Once it...
  30. pitingres

    How much RAM you got?

    Fair point. Unfortunately, I couldn't really evaluate the need for all the extra stuff he went on about. I don't do X forwarding myself; one of the big reasons I have my own metal for development is so that I don't have to offer sacrifices to the corporate cluster gods, I just walk downstairs...
  31. pitingres

    How much RAM you got? might help. Is your remote client a linux box, or windows? and you'll notice that you can't do it without a bit of prep on the server side, as it has to be set up to allow X forwarding.
  32. pitingres

    Worst CPU's of all time?

    Yes, there were a whole pile of wannabee architectures in the late 70s / early 80s. Off the top of my head I can think of Pyramid, Data General, MIPS, and of course SPARC which was very successful for a long time. Harris had some sort of goofy 24-bit architecture at one point. None were...
  33. pitingres

    Thermal Risk

    Is this for real? Trust me, if there was any H2S around, you'd know it. It's just about impossible to miss the stink, and there's nothing in a UPS battery that can make enough of it to get anywhere near nose deadening concentrations.
  34. pitingres

    12700k or 13700k vs 13900k for 4090

    There's no direct dependency between CPU and GPU in the sense that a faster CPU implies a faster GPU, or the reverse. That's not how it works. The more correctly phrased question is "If I have a 4090, am I being CPU limited, or GPU limited?" and the answer is "it depends on what you're...
  35. pitingres

    Question about quality

    I don't think it's wise to generalize like that. I don't see any real evidence that Gigabyte is sub-par or going downhill across the board, at least the hardware, and I don't care about their bloatware (or anyone else's). Every board maker has had some hits and misses over the last few years...
  36. pitingres

    5600X Overclocking advice

    EXPO is only for DDR5, isn't it? As for the Corsair kits, they ought to work, but who knows. I've never attempted corsair sticks and complaints about them seem moderately common. Either they have a somewhat higher than normal fall-short rate, or maybe corsair buyers just have a higher than...
  37. pitingres

    Ideal 32GB RAM kit?

    I've been looking to Kingston partly because they specify which kits are dual rank and which ones aren't.
  38. pitingres

    My 1st time un- and re-mounting of a CPU cooler heatsink - how to do it properly...?

    1) Yes. As mentioned above, warm up the CPU a bit first. If it simply won't release and you can't get something thin like a credit card in there to help wedge it, last resort is to pull straight up with a steady pull. The CPU will likely come out, the idea is to not bend pins. 2) Yes...
  39. pitingres

    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Some weird arguments going on here. Clock speed doesn't matter, nor does the amount of cache. Bottom line, system throughput / speed is all that matters.. Sometimes the way to the best speed overall is to max the clocks. Sometimes it's to max the cache. It's going to depend on what is...
  40. pitingres

    Worst CPU's of all time?

    Didn't we have one of these threads? Anyway, my vote is easy: the Western Electric WE32000, in its 3B2-300 incarnation. Horrible git of a thing, dog slow, full of errata (compilers had to sprinkle NOPs around liberally because interrupts wouldn't get the PC right), and other faults that I've...