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    WARM D-Link DIR-655 Router $55 FS (newegg)

    I have wake on lan setup with this router. I can wake my media pc from my cell phone for audio streaming.
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    Android Sketcher - Post Your Doodles!

    Cool app. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Thanks
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    Best War RTS

    Men of War, very good WW2 RTS. I found it at half price books for 6 bucks.
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    I thought this turned out kinda cool.
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    Game Gripper for Droid

    That is really cool. I never really enjoyed gaming on my droid. Hopefully this will change that. Thanks for posting.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    In FTW.. ;)
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    Looking for ELITE style space shoot'em up/trading

    X3 Terran Conflict for sure.
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    The Republic of Rome

    Wow great timing, I was looking for a good board game to play with some friends. How is the game with 2-3 people? How about the rules? It looks very deep and I can see spending some time playing. One last question, where did you order it from?
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    warm/hot? Starcraft+Broodwar= 3.55

    Thanks, got a copy.
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    Battlefield BC2 keys

    Thanks got one.
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    Has anyone played Stalker:Call of Pripyat. Please post !!!

    Good review, I really enjoyed the first one. I am defiantly going to pick this up.
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    For The Truly [H] - Motorola Droid @ 1GHz

    I also got my Droid to 800mhz. It is running great no noticeable battery drain or heat issues. I use SetCpu to under-clock the phone while it sleeps or charges so I assume it offsets the overclock.
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    I had the Zagg shield on my Droid and I hated it. I spent at least an hour putting it on perfectly only to have it orange peel when it eventually all dried. It also seemed very tacky, nothing like the bare glass. I gave it a week before I removed it hoping it would get better. Right now I...
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    Men of War

    For anyone interested Steam has Men Of War and the expansion Men of War: Red Tide for $11.89. It is a World War 2 RTS with the ability to directly control any of your units on the battlefield. Each unit also has an inventory that can be adjusted and exchanged. One thing I thought was cool was...
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    CF 3870s, 4890s or 1x5870?

    Just so you know the BestBuy XFX 4890 is a non reference card. It does not have the digital PWMs and I believe is under-clocked slightly.
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    DIR-655 wont upgrade

    I'm not sure if your having problems with 1.21, but I would not upgrade to 1.32. I unfortunately did and have had nothing but issues. I'm no longer able to reliably stream any video content, my wireless has become very unstable and I need to restart the router every 2-3 days to maintain any...
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    Crayon Physics, pay what you want to pay sale

    Got a copy for my girlfriend and me. We spent 3 hours playing. =)
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    MWLL: Mech Warrior Living Legends Crysis mod out Dec 26th!

    Thanks man, I did not even know Crysis was on sale. I was waiting to get it cheap for this mod.
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    Android / HTC Hero E-Book Reader, Suggestions?

    Well I found a solution that works for me. It does require you to convert your books to .epub though. Aldiko is a full featured e book reader that has a large collection of books online and the ability to import the converted ones. You can find it in the market place for free. To convert the...
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    Android / HTC Hero E-Book Reader, Suggestions?

    I'm also looking for one. Same formats if anyone has any ideas.
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    Just got my new Droid. I was able to get my local Best Buy to price match the Sears Wireless price of 119.99. Hopefully you guys will be able to take advantage of this also...
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    as far as I know there is no place to store items.
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    Borderlands: Just got bitten by game stopping bug

    That really sucks. Thanks for the heads up. Is there any way to tell if someone is cheating? Maybe kicking them from the game before it saves would prevent this.
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    Location of registry hive?

    I am trying to reinstall Office 07. I do not have my CD key, but do have my old non working Vista install. Does anyone know if I can extract my key from the non-working install? I have tried using Magic Jelly Bean key find from a working install but I cant seem to find the location of the...
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    FS: Q6600, E7200, KVM, various other items.

    Hi guys, just trying to get rid of some stuff that I have sitting around. If you have any questions about the items or prices just ask. You can contact me via PM or post. At this time I am not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking. SOLD Intel Q6600 - $120 - Pulled from a system no...
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    Acer Aspire One netbook $230 shipped (sellout woot)

    Have this exact one and I love it. The mouse buttons are a bit stiff though. Also more than fast enough to run Windows 7 or Ubuntu.
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    Hopefully I will be able to upgrade my ageing Treo 700p to this.
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    calling all astrophotographers...

    Cool shot dr.stevil. Did anyone else manage to get any shots during the actual impact time?
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    this can't be real...

    Very unique thats for sure, I actually like it. It seems like they are trying to infuse a little creativity and fun into the user with the color scheme. As far as the specs go we all know its not really the equipment its how you use it right ;) Just looked at the link, whats the deal with the...
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    So, who's thinking about Borderlands?

    I was watching the live feed for a bit. Cant wait to play. Does anyone know what the mod support will be like?
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    Got the Cooler Master Sentinel Gaming mouse

    I would like to hear your thoughts on it. From what info I saw it looks interesting.
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    Whatever happened to STALKER Call Of Pripyat?

    HAHA, I love how everyone seems to take him so seriously.
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    This is epic

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    My 5850 vs My 4890 benchmarks / review

    That is a nice bump, I also like the fact that it is quite. Did you notice any other jumps in any other games you are playing? Also is the jump actually noticeable while playing, does the game run any smoother?
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2009 **

    Managed to capture this with my manual focus Vivitar 135, on my 50d. No post other than crop. Same setup unfortunately I missed the focus. I really need to get a new focusing screen.