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  1. KG-Prime90

    Calibration Horrors: Win10-->nVidia-->TN based Dell S2417DG

    I just use the individual gamma channels in NVCP after trying to make some gamma profiles for it. It's something i would avoid, but that was like 20 years ago and i never had used it before actually. But with this thing it's just easiest if you are doing it by eye, which i was, and it sticks in...
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    I use AVG free right now, Bit Defender before, and Avira before as well as pretty much tried every other one in the last few decades. But those three are light enough, no performance impact worth mentioning, basically because it's set to not not really actively scan every exe or file that i...
  3. KG-Prime90

    27" vs 24" and EIZO vs BenQ Vs Dell Vs Nec for color proofing - Adobe RGB

    Benq Sw2700pt, ive seen it as low as 599 us. Non grainy coating. Nice. Every monitor is a gamble, even 2k dollar monitors. Spend as little as possible to get the job done.
  4. KG-Prime90

    Mozilla: Google Has Made YouTube Slower on Edge and Firefox

    Hmn, i'm on firefox esr, no problems with youtube being slow, it loads instantly as always, new youtube tabs load instantly. I have 100 tabs or more open 24/7 in my browser, currently have 16 youtube tabs open.
  5. KG-Prime90

    240hz gaming monitors

    These are fps shooter monitors. Quake CS ect, and those games are not hard to get 240fps in with high end hardware. Not that other games don't benefit, but they are not the market for this display per se. Regardless as fast as we can get sample hold displays the better. Texture blurring ( normal...
  6. KG-Prime90

    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    Might be a little spendy, but you could always try one of these. Ah Xorbe beat me to it by seconds :P
  7. KG-Prime90

    George Lucas Reveals His Original Plan for the “Star Wars” Sequel Trilogy

    I've loved all the movies, even 1-3. The acting was really bad in them, but in truth it was bad in all SW movies really.
  8. KG-Prime90

    Acer Predator X27 4K G-Sync Display is Loud and Cheap

    27" has no bearing on the price whatsoever to me, other than i would be glad about it. If it were 32" 16:9 i'd be much less interested. If it were 21:9 34" i'd be more interested, and if it were 24" 1440p i'd still be interested. But 21:9 34" is as big as i would ever go. Tvs and what they cost...
  9. KG-Prime90

    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    SDR Variable Backlight. So Fald works on Desktop? What's that like? Interested in of course glow and blooming on Desktop mode, pretty much in low light, like at night or dark room. But ehh i also don't want to ask you to look for things wrong when you just got it and are trying to enjoy it :p
  10. KG-Prime90

    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    As i recall he said you needed the newest Win 10 Update to use HDR, plus 1080ti with firmware update, but i don't think he specifically said that you needed it for 144Hz.
  11. KG-Prime90

    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    13 years on the front page of [H] Display Sub Forum. Legend. I finally dumped mine. They both died but one was surely fixable, but the hassle was not worth it. I let them sit in my room for over a year, and finally with a deep sadness wheelbarrowed the damn things to the truck. :/
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    Gsync 4k 144hz HDR monitor prices 'released'

    I actually have very little interest in this thing any more. I expect nothing but disappointment, as par for the course last 16 years of Lcd tech. I gave up and bought the Dell 144Hz TN, and actually am pretty happy with it for the money. Be pretty damn hard to justify 2k dollars, ( or even 800...
  13. KG-Prime90

    Quake Champions Official Thread

    Agree. Some good ideas. When i come across newbs usually i relax and let them kill me here and there, or actually try to give tips ect. I'd rather let them kill me than drive them away. Game has felt like it's on life support, i know a lot of people left, but also some of them pop back in from...
  14. KG-Prime90

    Quake Champions Official Thread

    I do wish for more maps, but i'm a map whore, they have a decent enough amount of them now for DM TDM. But we mostly play Sacrifice, so i want more Sacrifice maps. The gore system is fine and all and should make for some extra lulz as long as it's not frame wrecking or you can turn it off or...
  15. KG-Prime90

    Dim Light May Make Us Dumber

    Dimwits or dimwatts? Can't think, it's dark in here.
  16. KG-Prime90

    Are you guys still buying Intel CPU's inspite of Meltdown/Spectre ?

    If it's been around for 20 years and they now have fixs forthcoming in silicon then the reveal itself and future plans accordingly was all in lock step. Which is not even suprising or leaving any logical person agahst. Big companies like that aren't piles of money on r & d and marketting and...
  17. KG-Prime90

    Do I really need G-sync?

    20 years of playing shooters without gsync to having gsync , it's better to me no contest. Mind blowingly what the fuck this is insane what have i been missing all my life better. I experience none of what you said with my mouse in the slightest, other than natural frame drops in a game. I...
  18. KG-Prime90

    Do I really need G-sync?

    No, you don't need it. But going back from using it would be pretty intolerable. It's better ON 100% of the time, in any game, Quake included. There is a more connected feeling between your mouse and your eyes that without it is just not possible. It's less noticeable at higher fps, but still...
  19. KG-Prime90

    Ajit Pai Openly Mocks Net Neutrality Protesters with Dumb New Video

    It is apparent that that guy chugs a ton of cock.
  20. KG-Prime90

    Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams Are Making an R-Rated “Star Trek”

    I wish they do something with the Klingons they introduced in Into Darkness. Best vision of Klingons yet. Too awesome to just leave on the table like that., and that movie was kick ass all around.
  21. KG-Prime90

    I Windows 95'd, Windows 10 for my IBM Aptiva. Long rambling vid as well.

    Nice job! Looks great. Much better than Win 10's stock Ui lol. For me Win 98 was the last best "Stock" Windows UI. This is my current iteration Win 10. From a base skin from like a port of a port of a port Linux Ui skin or something. Kind of retro modern. I despised 10 stock, but the "metro"...
  22. KG-Prime90

    Nvidia Taskbar bring it back

    The NVCp is located C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client\nvcplui.exe You can pin it to your task bar, or if you use Windows 7, or have modded your Win 10 to bring back quick launch and a classic task bar, which i did, you can add it to quick launch, or just pin it to your...
  23. KG-Prime90

    NVIDIA Star Wars GPUs: Embrace the Light or Dark Side

    Collectors Edition. Any true "collector" wouldn't even open the box. Not sure if at the price it is sure to cost it is going to appreciate to any worthwhile amount, unless there is like only 50-100 made or something. Hard Core collectors only i guess.
  24. KG-Prime90

    America Is Running Out of Cassette Tape

    I still have tons of cassettes, home recording, radio recording, purchased cassettes ect dating back to the 80's. They have been packed away in sealed boxes for many years. Wonder if they still work :p
  25. KG-Prime90

    Lamborghini and MIT Shows Off Terzo Millenio EV Concept

    Hmn, almost looks reversed, like the front should be the back. It has no nose.
  26. KG-Prime90

    Pixel Density and Your Delusions

    It's decent. Text is readable even with my 47 year old eyes. I don't need/use glasses yet , but for someone who does it could be an issue if you don't feel like wearing them all the time at your monitor or just wanted to use it without them. I use Win 7 and no scaling. On the web i tend to zoom...
  27. KG-Prime90

    Low glow 28-32" IPS monitor?

    Been playing games in the dark exclusively for like 20 years and i'm near 50 and still don't need reading glasses. In fact i'm reading 24"1440p unscaled no problem. Ips glow is very real and annoying. So much so that i chose TN over IPS, any day, and i hate TN too.. My desktop is black, i hate...
  28. KG-Prime90

    Big news I just got my new Samsung monitor but having problems setting the colors.

    You can check your gamma with that, but if you want to change it you need quick gamma v.4, which uses those same images. But really, if you are getting the look you want with digital vibrancy i say just use that. There's no demerit for using it in nvidia control panel in as much that your goal...
  29. KG-Prime90

    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    Oh i fully agree. I have extremely low expectations for it, in fact i just ordered a Dell Tn panel and really only have a passing interest in this thing any more. Tn, Ips, Va, all crap, figure i will spend as little as i can get away with on crap and be able to do what i need to do until 120Hz+...
  30. KG-Prime90

    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    Figured that a long time ago. Seems about right actually if it's top quality.
  31. KG-Prime90

    What's up with TFT Central?

    Depends who is doing the review. For the most part each itteration of monitors aren't that different but considering they need to constantly push content, the fact that casual gamers for the most part are fine with any average display and within the confines of this is whats on the market, and...
  32. KG-Prime90

    Suggest Gloss/Near-gloss monitors

    I believe the new Dell Slim line are low haze "semi gloss", the S2718D. As close as your going to get i think.
  33. KG-Prime90

    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    haters gonna hate. hes only doing what 90% of people in these kind of forums do. complaining about something he doesnt like in the medium or enthusiest realm. some even find the time to bitch about the guy himself, let alone the content. i've watched his videos on occassion for nearly 10...
  34. KG-Prime90

    n00bs Learn how to Rocket Jump

    Wait, you were still on dial up in 2004? "Back in the days of dial up" was like 1997 for us, damn.
  35. KG-Prime90

    Best Pinball game ??

    Not on pc but i have Zen pinball on android, worth getting imo.
  36. KG-Prime90

    PcGamer Prey Review

    An 80% for pc gamer traditionaly is pretty good.
  37. KG-Prime90

    Why are Android phones so unreliable?

    My G3 has been going strong for years now no issues. Compared to the plastic Samsung s5 at the time i felt like i could crush in my hand there didn't seem to be anything else worth buying, however my sister got a droid turbo around the same time, pretty rugged. i think she still has it. Happy...
  38. KG-Prime90

    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    Btw you can set tabs to not load until you click them. That along with hotkeys and just scrolling the tab bar which is super speedy. and also having them somewhat ordered makes it basicallly like having visual bookmarks. It's fast for me. I rareley use my bookmarks.
  39. KG-Prime90

    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    It's really not. In fact i find it quicker just to Google some stuff, even though i know i have it bookmarked somwhere. Guess it also depends on how many bookmarks you have :D