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    WTB-The Last of Us PC game code

    $60? For a 10 year old game? I don't blame you. I wouldn't even pay $40 for it. Good luck though.
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    FS: PC Hardware & Sony Vita - NVIDIA GPUs, CPU HSF, PSU, WiFi6E card, PC case, Vita 1000 (modded), Laptop, DDR4 RAM

    Hey, can you give me a little more information on that PS Vita hard mod? Why is that better then doing the soft mod with the SD2Vita? What's the benefit of having both storage options? If it's too much or there's an article I can read, that would be cool. Thx.
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    FS: EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming [SOLD]

    Man, I'm in DFW and soooooo tempted. But I do not need this.
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    SOLD - 32GB Retroid Pocket 2+ and extras

    Ooooooooooh the temptation...
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    GONE: Nearly Unused Valve Index

    I paid $1k for this. This..., is a steal at this price. glws
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad E595

    Do these have removeable batteries?
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    wts: Asus 3060ti KO 8gb, EVGA 1080ti FTW hybrid

    You get a Valve Index? I've had mine for over a year and still love it.
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    SOLD: Slightly used LG C1 48" OLED - $950 shipped - $900 local, Columbus OH

    Sorry to derail, but what chair is that?
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    WTB: Xbox 360

    Bro, I literally just gave away my Jasper to my cousin for her son. If you posted this just one week sooner...
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    WTB: original Xbox!

    Pretty sure you can get the original Xbox for less than the $80 you're looking to spend on ebay. But as everyone said, you'll have to change out that capacitor if it wasn't already changed. It's not a matter of if it will leak. It's a matter of when.
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    FS:LG V20 (h918) and a bunch of Mice

    Sup everyone... So AT&T has decided to turn off their 3G network. So my good ole' LG V20 (that there is literally nothing wrong with!!!) had to be replaced. This is the T-mobile version of the V20 (h918). AT&T will only allow their version of the V20 (h910). So even though it's unlocked, it...
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    SchlitzBull - All Sold

    I have literally 1 nunchuck in a box somewhere. I'm sure I can find it. I know you need 4, but if this 1 can help you, let me know.
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    WTB: "Fat" PS3s... non-functional or functional

    I have a CECHB01 that I don't think I would mind getting rid of. It really is fully functional other then it overheats after a while. Probably an fix. I'm at 75044. Dunno what it's worth though.
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    WTB Knuckles controllers, 2x lighthouses/usb dongles, maybe complete vive setup

    Not sure if you're looking to get them cheaper than the MSRP or if you can't find them, but Valve does have the controllers for sale with only a 2 week wait. A few months ago it was a 10 weeks wait. Looks like they are still sold out of the base stations though.
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    WTB: GTX 1660

    $189.95 after the promo code and the rebate.
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    FS: Steam Index full kit (sold)

    Oh man. Where were you 6 weeks ago? I waited 3 months to get my Index. Had to wait 12 weeks and I paid full price for it. This is a steal of a deal. It should will sell quickly at this price.
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    FS: Dallas/Fort Worth Silverstone case and Altec Lansing 621 speakers

    This is actually a Silverstone case. Those push buttons were recognizable to me since I have another Silverstone case here. I am in Garland, so I'm close and I will need a case in the future for my mom when the pandemic is over. So...
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    CLOSED WTB Full Size ATX case $125.00 shipped.

    Oh I wasn't aware that needing to put an AIO in it was a requirement. I'll have to dig it out of the closet for pics. Which I can do, but if you know it's not going to work for your needs...
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    CLOSED WTB Full Size ATX case $125.00 shipped.

    I have a Thermaltake Overseer RX-I collecting dust. I'll let it go for less that for sure. I'd be happy to just free up the room. It's white and red. Has everything. Even the fans IIRC. Let me know if interested. Would love to free up the closet space.
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    HP Reverb G2

    Not any Sims. Playing Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Super Hot... you know. The normal stuff. Tranpose is pretty dope as well. HL:A will be free with the Index. That's why I haven't purchased it yet. What about you?
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    HP Reverb G2

    I dunno man. I'm rocking the Samsung Odyssey+ right now and I always feel like if I had just a little more FOV, the experience would be even better. I have an order in for the Index. Placed the order on 4/9. Still waiting. I would def be interested in saving the money if this had a wider FOV. I...
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    HP Reverb G2

    I'm very interested in this but I'd really like a wider FOV. Only ones with a wider FOV is the Pimax which has a ton of issues and the Value Index which has a huge back log right now.
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    WTB Oculus Quest

    Just to help a little. This guy seems to be selling one.
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    Just started playing this game. Man it is something else. The combination of the music of the game and you watching yourself in VR is like something else I've never seen or felt before in a video game.
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    WTB: ATX power supply (CLOSED)

    Oh man. You're in Dallas too? I have two cases. A full tower ATX tower and MicroATX case. Would love to part with at least one of them and clear up some space. The full ATX case is a Thermaltake Overseer RX-I. Just image, all the blue parts are red. Very used, but good condition and I have all...
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    FS: Glorious Model D

    Not smooth.You can feel each step pretty clearly, but he doesn't make a loud clicky sound either. Also the wheel has very deep groves in it. Very each to control.
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    WTB: Playstation 3 slim

    Hey, just a little help. I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. Original ps3 fat with the 4 usb ports died and I needed a new one. I would get the PS3 slim and NOT the super slim. The super slim is LOUD af. Stay away from it if you like quiet lol.
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    FS : X570 Aorus mobo, k70 lux red lit, LL120 White fan, Mice, Headphones

    X570 Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard- Received this straight from Gigabyte to complete an RMA. Didn't want to wait for it to get back to me so I bought something else. Tested it to make sure it works, but that's it. Was not used other than that. $210 shipped Photos Corsair K70 Keyboard. Cherry MX...
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    Not seeing anywhere listing your location unless RTP refers to a location that I'm not familiar with.
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    FS: Nvidia Shield TV (2017)

    I said to myself if this is still available when I get home from work, I will take it. PM'ed.
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    WTB : Outer Worlds Epic key for $25

    Willing to do $30? I actually may be buying a 2700x today so you would be able to redeem the code yourself. I think that's worth $5 lol Let me know.
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    WTB: PS5 | FS: FormD T1, Thinkpad X1C, M1 MacBook Air, Corsair K70, Keychron K2

    Do you have all the boxes and etc that originally came with those Razer products?
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    FS: Nvidia Shield (2017) w/controller.

    Hit me with shipping to 75044
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    FS : Team T-Force RGB ram (white), Samson Meteor, Mionix Naos, Corsair LL fan

    Got a few items lying around that I'm not using. Maybe you guys would put better use to them: Intel 660p M.2 512GB SSD - Brand New, unopened - SOLD - I have two these Team T-Force Delta II RGB DDR4 3000 (2x8gb) white - Barely used - $90 shipped - I have two sets of these Samson Meteor...
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    WTB: PS5 | FS: FormD T1, Thinkpad X1C, M1 MacBook Air, Corsair K70, Keychron K2

    I have the a Division 2 code from buying an 2400g. But I have no idea how to redeem it lol. Would sell for trade for a RE2 code.
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    WTB Ryzen cpu

    Micro Center is walking distance for me and the 1600 has 6 cores iirc. But again, your choice. If you don't find another option by Monday, let me know. Edit: 1600 confirmed 6 cores.