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    WTB: PS4

    Hello - Looking for a PS4 - preferably a pro. Let me know what you've got - would like to stay in the ~200 range shipped to Wisconsin if possible. Thanks heat
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    WTB: Motherboard/ssd compatible w/ 1700x

    UPDATE: Buddy is backing out of building a system around the 1700, and will more than likely buy a prebuilt. I appreciate your time and offers - Adam I'm putting yet ANOTHER computer together for a friend of mine.... I have: Ryzen 7 1700x 32gb 2400 ram case, cooler, psu, etc.... I'm in...
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    WTB: 8gbx1 ddr3 12800 laptop memory

    Here's what's currently in the machine. Would be looking for 3 more. Thanks
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    WTB: 8gbx1 ddr3 12800 laptop memory

    Looking for one stick of 8gb ddr3 12800 ram to max out an Inspiron AIO computer (don't ask). Currently have one stick of Hynix installed, would prefer same, but open to options (not sure if it even matters...?) If you've got any, please let me know price shipped to 53586 (Wisconsin). Would...
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    GMMK Compact Keyboard - Complete kit - $90

    Selling my GMMK compact keyboard in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Comes 'as stock' with brown switches and black keycaps. Works great - but I don't care for the layout, and would much prefer a full size keyboard. This is the complete kit, including the original box, keycap...
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    FOUND: Raspberry Pi 4

    pm sent.
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    WTB: Oneplus 6/6T

    Hi - I'm in the market for an unlocked Oneplus 6 or 6T. If you've got one, please let me know the condition and price shipped to Wisconsin. Thanks! heat: bigolac
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    WTB: Looking for 'New' NIntendo 3d xl

    One more bump.....
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    WTB: Looking for 'New' NIntendo 3d xl

    Thanks for the idea - I appreciate it. I'll keep this open for a couple days just incase someone wants to unload one.....
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    WTB: Looking for 'New' NIntendo 3d xl

    Hey all - really like playing my 2ds.... for about 1/2 an hour. Then my old, aged eyes go nuts. I'm looking for a 'new' 3d xl, or maybe a 2d xl with a little more screen real estate. If you've got something, please let me know - I've got paypal ready. Thanks - Adam heat: bigolac
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    SOLD: HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini PC

    Bump for a great seller - this has been my office machine for a couple months - couldn't be happier.
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    WTB: Ryzen Processor, Motherboard, Ram combo

    Hello - I'm looking to build a system for my son while he's on Christmas break so he can take it back to school with him. Looking for a Ryzen processor, motherboard and ram. Motherboard could be atx or micro-atx. Would also prefer if heatsink was included. Budget is $225-ish shipped to...
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    WTB: Router for $30-40 shipped

    Thanks for all the response - I snagged one.
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    WTB: Router for $30-40 shipped

    The wifi at my office is atrocious, and now my router is on it's final dying legs. If anyone has a decent router sitting in their closet for $30-40 shipped to Wisconsin, please let me know. I would prefer ac capability if possible. Yes, I could troll the bay, but I'd rather keep it in the...
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    WTB: iPhone 4s

    PM sent
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    WTB: iPhone 4s

    I had no idea this was an option. Not up on Apple products. Thanks!
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    WTB: iPhone 4s

    I'd like to use it for offline storage of podcasts and audiobooks, although it looks like it's a pain in the ass to play mp3 audiobooks through itunes.
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    WTB: iPhone 4s

    Just picked up yet another TDI last week, this one has a 30-pin apple connector I can use for the stereo (yes it's old school). Looking for an iPhone 4s or maybe an ipad 3 with decent storage (min 32gb). Maybe an ipod mini? Can't remember if they have the 30 pin plug or not. Would consider...
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    WTB: IBM Model M 'clicky' keyboard

    I thought I had a couple of these, but only found one in a parts bin - model is 1390131 with a 'date' of 29JUL86. Missing a couple keycaps as well. It has an AT cable with a ps/2 adapter. I'll have to see if it still works.... heavy as hell. I had no idea these were worth decent money.
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    Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet w/Controller

    Bump - Reduced to $225 shipped CONUS.
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    Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet w/Controller

    This is now sold - thanks [H]! Hello peoples. I've got a Nvidia Shield K1 tablet with a controller I'd like to sell. Functionally, it's perfect with no issues. Cosmetically, there are a couple light scratches on the screen which disappear when the screen is on. Also - there is a rubber-like...
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    FS: Sony Minidisc Lot

    Bump for MD!
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    Looking for options of mic/headphones with usb dac...

    Long story short - I gave a family member a setup consisting of a grubdac and a dayton t-class amp to use with their desktop. The amp burned up (not sure how), family member gave up on desktops and went to a laptop and I inherited the dac and amp (which doesn't work). My question is can how...