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  1. Kckazdude

    Steam Replay 2022

    Jesus! I play too much!
  2. Kckazdude

    The Streamline is a Lie

    After watching the old Intel/RDRam and Nvidia/3DMark consumer 'benefits' unfold. Now more recently Nvidia G-Sync technology. I can't help but be very trepidatious about anything they could come up with together.
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    Seeking help with buying a RELIABLE pre-built gaming PC I have to agree the frilly fans did nothing for me. There is a way to turn off all the lights and be done with it all. I did add a Cooler Master Hyper 212 cooler to mine as it is just a solid, effective and decently quiet cooler for me. This pre-build...
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    Ugly GPUs

    To me, ugly were the old gold/yellow colored PCB on the GeForce 2 GTX variants. It didn't blend with anything on the market back then At least ATi gave us red PCB cards just had to fight to make it work most times.
  5. Kckazdude

    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    Is interesting to see the Steam hardware survey showing that the most used graphics cards are the 10 series. If that sort of trend continues the video card industry is going to be hurting. Something will have to break. It just won't be my wallet to purchase an over-priced piece of PC equipment.
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    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    I completely forgot about that sig. The system is the same but now with a GTX 970 in it. Dying Light 2 has finally shown me the limits. Have pondered a 1080Ti from Ebay for this system but even those prices are hard to justify in an old build.
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    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    Define begging...... On a serious note, I have not been a serious gamer in a few years. These prices absolutely have me balking at doing an upgrade to play any game. This build I have now is 10 years old and needs an upgrade to play some of the later releases I am interested in but am not...
  8. Kckazdude Status Quo is No Mo

    I seem to remembr this stuff all starting its slow down back when sites like Sharkyextreme and Chicks Hardware were being bought out and 'streamlined'. I actually liked the more in depth reviews of old. I respected and even looked forward to Kyle's real world gameplay reviews over the standard...
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    46 and still gaming as strong as I can. Am buying myself a new video card for Christmas to help with that past time as well.
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    Good current arena shooters or regular (non-team) DM FPS?

    Reading this thread made me go re-install Q3A. My god what a blast that was. I had forgotten how much fun DM was! Why have games steadily drifted away from this style?
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    Lawyers may sue EA over Battlefield 4 bugs

    First off EA is not being sued as yet. There is only an investigation being launched to see if there is a basis for a lawsuit on behalf of the investor and to a much lesser degree, the gamer. This in and of itself may be enough to see investor run away from EA which would be great as far as I am...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Only if you put a high value on game crashes and not being able to play.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    What is your basis for blaming the Nvidia drivers? History leads me to believe that Nvidia has consistantly delivered more stable driver than AMD have. Although there is much improvement since AMD took over from ATI.
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    EA Halts Development Due To BF 4 Issues

    I will admit that I purchased the game over the holiday weekend while it was on sale. Seeing the enthusiasm and online benchmarks I gave EA the benefit of the doubt since I haven't played any games since 2005. I was leery being that EA had botched BF1942 and NFS:UG so badly. I purchased anyway...
  15. Kckazdude

    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    After spending 2 hours chatting with tech support from EA, I still don't have a resolution to the problem. At this point I am doing a last resort uninstall>restart>re-install to see what happens. If this doesn't work I will just ask for my money back and uninstall the game and EA from my PC.
  16. Kckazdude

    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    I am not able to play this game long enough to give a good game play evaluation. It crashes literally ever 10 minutes on my system. Not worth the money paid at all.
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    This May Be a First: A PC Game Canceled After It’s Released

    In all fairness, 505 is doing better than EA. You could actually see the glitches unlike in EA games where you just get a black screen and crash to desktop. :rolleyes:
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I just discovered that if you run the game in windowed mode, it won't crash! :rolleyes: Seriously, I took a few years out from any gaming and I come back to EA publishing the same shit? BF 1942 was just as buggy as this shit and they haven't improved anything since then.
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    FS: Battlefield 4 PC

    Purchased my BF4 copy from Origin this morning using the $10 off code for $29.99. Not to crap your thread as this will be a good deal for someone after that sale ends.
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    Your CPU progression

    Was doing some cleaning and thought this was relevant...
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    Crysis work - arounds?

    It is as bad as the old Steam roll-out and HL2 debacle from years ago. Seems EA isn't giving a solution either.
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    Crysis work - arounds?

    So I purchased the Crysis package on Steam last night. Launch the game and it crashes. Look around and see lots of the same problems all over. Seems it is a bit of an issue for a while now. Tough to get through all the arguing and other kiddie posts over on the Steam forums to find a real...
  23. Kckazdude

    Gaming PC - $1300

    I think I can round out Dan's list as I just built a similar machine myself. $168 Crucial M500 240GB SSD $87 Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD $100 Microsoft Windows 8.1 System Builder OEM $85 Seasonic 80+ Bronze 620W power supply $33 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Your CPU progression

    Heh...I forgot all about my short-lived Celeron 300A experiment I had gotten one and wandered onto this site where Kyle kept a log of what he was doing to his. With no regard for cooling. I spent a Saturday putting the setting to where Kyle had his to see if mine would do that. It burned up...
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    Your CPU progression

    486 turbo K6 200 K6-2 300 K6-2 450 Athlon T-Bird 1000 Athlon XP 1800+ Athlon XP 3000+ Intel i5 4670k
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    What is the Operating System you loved to use the most?

    I liked 98SE for all the customization you could do through the registry. It took me a while to achieve but I finally got a crash free system for a while. XP was good to me as well just didn't have as many tweaks available that I was familiar with.
  27. Kckazdude

    Now that we have the boot to desktop option. Are you using windows 8.1?

    While I am using Win 8.1, I can't claim to like it. Coming from a XP machine into 8.1 was a learning curve to itself. I still don't understand why my desktop PC needs to act like my smartphone or tablet PC. The Windows live logon is annoying as well.
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    COD: Ghosts

    This was my first 'return to gaming' game after 9 years out of the loop. I can honestly say this was a huge disappointment. I was expecting something as great as the first CoD was. This title is only abusing the name. Storyline was 'meh' and visuals were OK except for when they weren't. I mean...
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    Droid X2 very slow

    Excuse my ignorance on this, but would that also mean I had to have my phone re-flashed to Cricket?
  30. Kckazdude

    Droid X2 very slow

    I have a Droid X2 that has been flashed from Verizon to Cricket wireless. Over the course of the last 2 months it has become very slow to respond. Example would be at times taking up to 3 minutes to dial a number out. Or exit out of an app and have to wait up to a minute before the home screen...
  31. Kckazdude

    What you think of my build?

    Have you tried something as simple as reading the manual that came with any of your boards? Your posts so far would indicate that you have not as you weren't sure if you should have connected anything additional to the 6 pin socket earlier. It will also have a very simplified overview of the...
  32. Kckazdude

    Thinking of new gaming rig, is this a good time?

    Just do it and get it over with. Wish I hadn't waited so long on an upgrade now myself. There is a whole learning curve with Win 8.1 that I am not comfortable with yet.
  33. Kckazdude

    Blu ray burner questions

    So I just built myself a new box and am now looking to add a blu ray burner to the mix. What suggestions do you have for me? Is there any brand better or worse on the market? Any software considerations? I was using Slysoft for my authoring software on my old burner. Any reason I should not use...
  34. Kckazdude

    New PC not recognizing HDD

    Got it! Thank you! Back to learning more about this new OS. Big curve from XP.
  35. Kckazdude

    New PC not recognizing HDD

    Just got a new PC up and running mostly. Everything went fine but I cannot get Windows to recognize my Seagate Barracuda 2 TB HDD. I can see the HDD in BIOS, I can see it in device manager, but I cannot see it in Windows 'This PC'. I only see the C drive which is my SSD. Syem specs: Asus Z87-a...
  36. Kckazdude

    Critique my plans

    I purchased the Seasonic PSU, The Crucial M500, the Crucial Ballistic memory and a OEM copy of Windows 8.1. After reading the MSI R9 280X I am going to wait a few days on the GPU. I might be able to score a little better GPU for not much more money.
  37. Kckazdude

    Critique my plans

    I will have the system built, parts received and installed, by the 15th. Who knows how long this system will last. My current box was built in 03 and have been limping with it since F.E.A.R. made it stumble. Have decided to go with Intel this go around. Have already purchased the following...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    I am still using an old rig that I built back in 02. Still has the BFG 6800GT OC running strong that I got when they released in 04.
  39. Kckazdude

    Critique my plans

    The problem is I don't even know what I want to play. I am not sure of what all is out there at the moment. Although BF4 and COD Ghost look interesting. I have always enjoyed FPS and racing games in the past.Reading around a bit I see the BF4 release is causing as much stir as the old HL2...
  40. Kckazdude

    Critique my plans

    Updated first post with sticky questions. Not building towards any specific game title. Been out of the gaming loop for a while now. Steam hasn't even been launched in a year now. Would like to have the option available to just play any game with some nice visuals to it.