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    [Expired] Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS $176 Shipped BuyDig@eBay

    ugh...ive been looking to buy a GPS for a whilke. usually whoever im with on excursions that require one already has one, so no need for two. but I went on a date recently and the girl was telling me that our phone GPSs are just as good as these and even better because of extra functionality. So...
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    Nova Launcher Prime - 99 cents

    2 cents? Microsoft Launcher is superior and definitely worth checking out.
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    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    In case anyone had to come to the comments for a review or advice, this is literally the best mouse ever made. Literally. As long as you like the style, it agrees with any grip (fingertip or palm), the sensor is "outdated", but by the time sensors were upgraded to this level of precision, no one...
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    Western Digital WD BLACK 500GB SN750 NVMe $69.99 Free Ship Newegg

    I feel like there would be a very noticeable difference between 3000MB/s vs 500MB/sec. We're talking SSD vs NVMe speeds there. Right? I mean, yeah, daily computing you won't notice, but as soon as you start moving around large files or loading games from the system drive, wouldn't you notice the...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    PM me and I can send an invite.I have 3 to give. (Must have a Hardforum account older than 2019)
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    Corsair K68 Mech Keyboard with Reds (Renewed) $29.99 at Amazon

    Picked it up. I've been using the same WASD Cherry Black keyboard for 4 years. Time to start trying something new.
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    [DEAD] SMOKING HOT! Canon Powershot SX520 HS (Refurb) $90 shipped!

    i bit...always wanted a nice camera. just wish there was a viewfinder. but i guess it wont matter.
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    Remember in 2015 we will turn it around... #nopreorders

    i pre-ordered the witcher and i was not unpleased
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    Mumble Server - Free Access!

    very generous of you
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    I have SATA I, would a SSD be beneficial?

    I purchased a plextor m5 (non-pro) for use with my sata1 mobo. Was a tremendous improvement over my WD raptor 10k. Now i moved to sata3, and it is even better!
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    Anyone else love the new BIOS interface? I recently upgraded and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it!
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    Just a heads up, Nokia Lumia 920 is free at MS Store right now

    I only make phone calls and text. Is a WP8 over the top for me?
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    Too early into 2013 to decide on a phone, what are you looking forward to ?

    I want a windows phone, but I would have to switch to a major carrier. I'm with boost, and have paid $35/month for unlimited everything since 2011...
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    QuakeCon 2013 : August 1-4

    Can't wait for the streams!
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    Where's the PC Turnbased/JRPG's at?

    I just play FFTactics in emulator all the time =/
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    Half-Life 3 / Episode 3. Are you even interested anymore?

    of course i'm interested! but i still need to finish EP2 =/