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    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    I've had the G403 Prodigy wireless mouse for about a year now. Zero problems with it thus far, I've been very happy with it. I think I got it for about $80, BestBuy has it for $40. Might need to get another one for my "Home Theater"/guest PC...
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17

    I picked up Sennheiser IE80 for $180, usually see them at around $205. Probably overkill for me because I literally only use head/earphones at the gym or when riding my motorcycle both of which put some heavy wear-n-tear on them.
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    $25 off with VisaCheckout at (+Free Shipping or In-Store Pickup)

    I might get the PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle for $250. I really only want a PS4 for the Naughty Dog games, seems like now is a good time. I'll pick up the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us remastered. I already have played through The Las of Us when I borrowed a friend's PS3 a...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Nice setup. What monitors are these?