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    What If The Internet Breaks?

    That's like saying "What if every vehicle in the world simultaneously broke down?" Stupid question:o
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    Crush the castle......

    wow really fun game. Try the Players pack. Way more levels and a few extra things.
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    Most realistic racing game?

    Live For Speed hands down. You will need a wheel and pedals if you want to play properly, but you can get an idea of it just using the mouse.
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    tf2 halloween update

    Maybe you were playing on a server with cheats enabled?
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    Half Life 3 ladies and Germs

    I thought this too before I bought The Orange Box. I originally got TOB just for Portal and EP2. But now TF2 is my number 1 game.
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    Logitech G500?

    Why on earth didn't you just RMA it?
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    Pulling my hair out over a Vista install

    Same thing happened to me with windows 7. I cleaned my laptop optical drive lens and it fixed it. So I would say its probably a bad burn.
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    Must Have Accessory?

    Some nice headphones
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    Windows 7 Release To Manufacturing On July 13th
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    how do you deal with mouse cord snagging?

    A blob of blu-tac does the trick
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    The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey

    This made me laugh
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    mini itx in a cardboard box

    Good idea, and I could also fit it in a smaller box, but the problem is that I live in New Zealand, and getting a pico PSU shipped over here would be more expensive than a Corsair HX520 :( I also tried flipping the fan around, so it was an intake fan instead of exhust: Old Idle temps...
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    Most Replayability?

    TF2 or CS
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    mini itx in a cardboard box

    It does run a bit too hot for my liking. The bottom of the box gets warm sitting on the carpet. I have put some blocks under it so there is a bit of ventilation. The Celeron is a very hot running chip. Ideally I would have an Atom based mini-itx board, but I got this one for cheap.
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    mini itx in a cardboard box

    I recently got my hands on some mini itx stuff. My plan was to make a small seedbox, file server and teamspeak server. One of the requirements was for it to be very quiet. I couldn't be bothered getting a proper case, so I used a corsair PSU cardboard box. Motherboard: Intel D201GLY2...
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    post pics of ur p180/p182/190s

    Here is the original thread specs are in there.
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    Best PC games out

    I can't believe no one has mentioned TF2 yet!
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    3 Cases which one should i pick?

    4. Antec P182 This is pretty much the quietest case you can get, and the cooling is excellent. Personally I think it looks great too review
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    HD4670 equal with 8800GS IMO you should wait for the HD4750
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    best games of all time (PC)

    Half-Life Half-Life 2 and episodes Counter-Strike (not source) Team Fortress 2 Live For Speed
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    Favorite Passwords: "1234" and "Password"

    1 or 2 digit passwords are really easy to obtain by shoulder surfing. Hell, I even got someones 4 digit password once (even when he typed it in really fast). He was like WTF! how did you know :confused:
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    F.E.A.R. 2 demo coming tomorrow

    turn off soft shadows? IIRC soft shadows was a new thing back then and the performance hit was massive.
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    TF2 and the cheapest upgrade path

    As everyone else has said, you need the most powerful CPU you can get. TF2 is severely CPU limited because multicore support is disabled. I have a E8400 and a HD4850 and my fps goes down to 50 on 32 player servers even at 1280x1024 get the most powerful intel dual core you can afford...
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    Is 8x antialiasing overkill?

    I can easily see the difference at 1280x1024. Man I need a bigger monitor :(
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    Steering Wheel With clutch?

    G25 You get what you pay for...
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    Can the Corsair 620HX handle a 4870x2?

    even 520HX could handle that with ease
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    Hows the Audio on the ASUS P5Q?

    I have the P5Q Pro (same audio chips as P5Q) and the onboard sound is very nice. Its very clear, no noise at all. Sound quality is very good for games and music. The drivers are good, no bloat like the X-fi drivers. No stupid 'modes', just great sound. I connected the front audio ports to my...
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    Whos still gaming with old cards?

    I play TF2 with my 6600GT 1024x768 :(
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    Best game you ever played?

    CS 1.6 Live For Speed TF2 Half-Life Age of Empires II: Conquerors (on LAN) oh yeah: and Grand Tourismo (1) on PlayStation (1)
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    Its most likely a FSB wall on the E4300. They don't like high FSB. Try a different CPU before you blame the board.
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    Team Fortress 2: Weird mic problem

    Try playing with the volume? (try lowering it)
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    9600 SLI setup straight up rocks!

    Here is a 9600GT SLI review
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    How many people actually *use* Xfire?

    I use to for counter-strike, but now we have steam friends, there is no need for xfire
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    So I'm a Razer fanboy

    My razer died, my friends skipped when he moved fast. Both using MS IE 3.0 now.. best mouse ever.
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    Most Dissapointing game of 2007-08

    ET: Quake Wars UT3
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    Blue Shift ftg

    Blue shift is very short. only took me ~2 hours
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    8800GTS w/ 1GB of memory!!!

    I'm calling BS on the X-bit labs test. I don't trust any sites other than HardOCP anymore. edit: I found out why the X-bit labs test shows a difference - the 1GB 8800GT they tested is factory overclocked. The only difference you are seeing there is from overclocking. HardOCP's test confirms...
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    8800GTS w/ 1GB of memory!!!

    1GB 8800GT = pointless (no performance increase over 512) I bet that a 1GB 8800GTS yields no gain over 512MB. edit: don't make misleading thread titles like that please