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    Apple Newbie Need help

    Alternatively, you can select start-up disk in the windows control panel and tell your Mac Pro to fire up from an OSX disk.
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    Apple Refurb Store ROCKS

    Same thing happened to me as well. I ordered a refurb Mac Pro last month and I thought I was getting 2GB of RAM But I got 4GB of RAM and I thought I was getting a 250 GB HDD but I got a 500 GB HDD. Thanks Apple for the extra grand of upgrades! :) For the record I always buy refurb or open box Macs.
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    Anyone tried Bootcamp with Vista?

    I don't know about Vista but the Catalyst drivers work great on a Mac Pro with XP playing Oblivion at 1920x1200 with every thing set at ultimate detail.
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    thinking about renewing my apple status

    Not I. My first Mac was a SE FDHD and it was cool! Then a Quadra 900, followed by an 840AV, then an 8100 and a Umax, then a G4 and a G5 and now a Mac Pro. Somewhere in threre I had a couple of Apple laptops as well.
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    What Mac News Sites do You Use?

    They have a thriving forum community.
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    What Mac News Sites do You Use?

    I have a Mac so I don't need Mac sites. I tried to get help on but it turns out that I must know more than others because I sorted out my problems on my own and sorted out some weird crashing issues as well.
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    New Displays ?!!?

    Apple investors fail to be unerved by rumor site misdating adventure. The existing rumor from rumor control is that Apple releases updates at a special event on the 20th of Feb, not Tuesday without a party (although the Shuffle is now available in purdy colors).
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    anything similar to Flip4mac?

    Not helpful but if you pay for F4M, the logo goes away.
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    Blu-ray has arrived on the MAC

    The command to open up the lower drawer is option-command.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    As it turns out I didn't get the chance to giggle or jump out my first floor window because the market went flat and I want things to base before I start scaling in.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    The photo on the left is of the not yet completed screen porch my family built on our family lake home.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    But I use it for work and it is a write-off. Right now it's got stock charts streaming all over and I'm waiting for the market to go down a little bit before I start buying in and either begin giggling or frantically selling and jumping out a window.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    My new Mac Pro. What is it? 3.0 GHz, 6GB RAM, 2x 500 GB HDD, 1 250 GB HDD, 2x Superdrives, 1900XT, 7300GT with 2 Gateway 2275 (22") LCDs and one Gateway 2485 (24" LCD).
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    Mac Pro users...sell me on it

    I'm ripping a DVD image thanks to a beta copy of Drive-In, Windows XP running on Parallels virtual machine is playing a HD video trailer for The Elder Scrools: Oblivion (I may have to get that game). And I'm printing a big document on my color laser printer. Oh and surfing the web typing...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Macs have supported multiple video cards since the Mac II came out back in '88. Two of the displays are driven by an ATI 1900XT 512, and one with a Nvidia 7300GT. It all works great on the OSX side (true plug and play). On the windows side when running Windows XP native on Apple's Boot Camp...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    I experienced the blurries too until I set the video out to 60 Hz and the blurries went away.
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    After I got my new Mac Pro and set up just one 24" Gateway, I realized running two of these heat registers would not be cool in the summer. So I returned one and then started a "sifting process" trying to find the perfect pair of 22" displays. Overall the 24" display is way too bright. It is...
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    Some random mac questions

    Command-Option-Escape is the force quit command in OSX
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    Macworld 2007 discussion thread

    What I've heard is that Apple's phone is a moble version of OSX and that we can expect a tight integration between the dockable phone and Apple branded applications. If so, I imagine that I could dump my email contact list to the phone and when I return from being out and about sync up my phone...
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    Macworld 2007 discussion thread

    As a stock holder I want to see an iMoble phone, the streaming iTV box, OSX 10.5 made available (I cannot wait for spaces gimme, gimme, gimme!) and new Mac Pros come out. Mac Pro sales will pick up as we approach the CS3 release date and faster Mac Pros will slide the current crop of Mac...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    I'm not a gamer but I found this forum while gathering up info on Gateway's 24" LCD. I've got a pair the displays sitting over at my local Best Buy waiting for me to swing by and pick them up. Best Buy matched Curcuit City's price of $624.99 so I am pleased about the pricing. I plan to run both...