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    Google replacing Google pay with less functional, entirely different app with same name, old service dead on April 5 (in US)

    I used to use apple pay constantly when I had an iphone.. I tried setting up google pay once when I got my android phone and it didn't work, said I had to call the bank etc... during a pandemic where everyone was sitting on hold for hours and hours.. no thanks. I just tap my debit card now and...
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    RTX 2070S / 2080 2-slot Recommendations always has 'straight on' shots of the cards which is awesome for this.
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    Eye-strain with new monitor - how did you deal with it?

    woah, i wonder if that's what is happening with my old Asus monitor.. i can sometimes see flickering (to the eye, I don't see it with my camera or anything) - i thought maybe it was the crappy power in my old ass apartment tho.. seeing as I usually use my TV it's not a deal breaker - tho when I...
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    Footage Shows a Click Farm in Action

    so... they're using software to automate 'clicks'? I'm confused why you need actual phones at that point...
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    Western Digital Launches Budget WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD

    my z97 board only has x2 so I might consider this if one of my SATA SSD's kick it I guess...
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    Developers Install Windows 10 on an Nintendo Switch

    I agree.. my brain tells me "why not just buy a shield tablet or something which requires less effort?" but then i'm like "dat coo"
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    9900k : $500+ for the THIRD best gaming CPU?

    does the extra 100-250mhz make THAT much of a difference for the money? (he asks as he prepares to delid his cpu for an extra 100-200mhz...)
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    9900k : $500+ for the THIRD best gaming CPU? get a used 8700k
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    Google Duo Is Now Accessible from the Web

    Google Chat->Google Hangouts->Google Duo? why do they keep changing names and killing off old versions? just to confuse us?
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    Man Gets RFID Chip Implant Live at Mobile World Congress

    everyone in Vancouver uses online payment these days... either through one of the many apps (SkipTheDishes/Just Eat/Door Dash/Foodler/Uber Eats/Foodora) or the stores website... even the one store Indian Pizza place I always order from has online payment system.. tho I have paid in person I guess.
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    ASUS PRIME X299 DELUXE II Motherboard Review @ [H]

    why do the displayport connectors on the back say "IN" ? is for thunderbolt passthrough..? apologies if it's written somewhere in the review, I didn't see it
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    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    $40USD a month! I pay less than that for my internet already. I could use a better DVR for my antenna tho...
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    The Nvidia 1660 TI Will Launch on February 15 at $279

    but you can use FreeSync monitors with Nvidia now!
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    Do you use all the motherboard standoffs in your build?

    I stll feel weird not using paper washers between the screws and the motherboard
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    Is my SSD dead?, Can I recover anything?

    I remember watching a video on Bitwit where he got a 'dead' ssd and tried a trick where you power it up and off a few times... something about it being in 'recovery mode' due to power failure? extreme long shot though. this happened to me a while ago, was glad I had windows backup stuff turned...
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    Netflix Raises U.S. Prices

    it went up from $10.99 to $13.99 here in Canada. finally decided to split the account with my brother-in-law.
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    Microsoft's Direct3D Team Mounts Old GPUs on Their Office Wall

    right! lucky number 9 :) I had a lot of those cards.
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    Microsoft's Direct3D Team Mounts Old GPUs on Their Office Wall

    I had that Diamond Voodoo card... my mind is drawing a blank on the company who used to silk screen in beatles lyrics on their cards...
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    How CPU-limited am I with an i5-2500k @ 4Ghz?

    it's true. I went from i5 to i7 and after years of believing hyperthreading/more threads vs cores doesn't matter I was surprised how much less stutter there is.
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    but I just ordered a de-lid tool and some liquid metal so I can get a bit more out of mine... haha :(
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    AMD Pulls Oculus Support From Relive VR Streaming

    misleading headline.. Oculus GO streaming, you can use Rift with AMD no problem. but streaming to a mobile headset is pretty dumb, just pony up the $300 for a rift and call it a day!
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    PSU dead?

    lucky that you can test the psu properly! most people (myself included) would try everything else first before deciding it had to be the PSU..
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    White Hat Hacker Contacted a Man Through His Security Camera

    reminds me when someone from IRC hacked my ink jet printer and printed out a message letting me know which port was open
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    New movie filmed entirely on Mirrorless cams

    that isn't a DSLR it's mirror-less
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    Innodisk Launches 4K M.2 Graphics Card

    I guess this would be good for systems with no iGPU..?
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    Acer Gives StarVR Three Months to Become Profitable

    sorry for delay, it pressed hard against my face and put weight on my nose. could probably be fixed with better head strap of some sort I guess, but not necessarily that easy... see: half the people bitching about Samsung Odyssey comfort
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    VR Developers are Making a Virtual Version of Helsinki

    will they ship me a pie from jaskan grilli???
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    Acer Gives StarVR Three Months to Become Profitable $3200 I tried it at SIGGRAPH... it was ok. better than my Rift sure, but less comfortable and worse controllers.
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    Half Life is Officially 20 Years Old Today

    that Xen trailer looks good.. I was always too scared to play too much Half Life, mostly played all the mods. Maybe after 20 years I've toughened up a bit ;)
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    room mate at the time had left pile of coins on desk. I had computer on it's side under desk swapping hard drives. I reached up for screw driver and heard something fall into the case. I looked around and found a loose screw in the corner of the case, thought that must be it. turns out a nickel...
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    wow, that happened to me with my old ATI Radeon 8500 All-In-Wonder.. but that was due to a nickle coin sitting on the back of the card.
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    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    still waiting to hear if IT is upgrading us from my iPhone 7 Plus or not... sorta a downground losing force touch though
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    Motion Smoothing Feature in SteamVR Allows Lower-End GPUs to Become VR Ready

    overpriced Vive users finally get tech cheap Rift users have had for nearly 2 years... Rift's new version of this is already being implemented too hah.
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    der8auer Demonstrates How He Washes His Hardware Using a Dishwasher

    if you watched the video, or last video, you'd know that he only did this because people asked him about it..
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    NVIDIA Previews Real-Time Ray Tracing with Vulkan

    damn it nvidia, you're supposed to be all evil all the time!