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    Machinima Is Shutting Down, With 81 Staffers Laid Off

    their BF3 videos used to be epic. funny stuff
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    How Well Do FreeSync Monitors Work with NVIDIA GPUs?

    well, i was hopping to use \the VRR on my 82nu8000 samsung, but since it is not supported over HDMI 2.0b that will not be the case. but on the other hand my 32" korean 4k screen should benefit.
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    XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy OC+ Video Card Review @ [H]

    can't believe how well the 390X 8GBs is still doing with i7-3770k at 4.5 GHZ on 1440p. tons of heat, but performance compared with the rx 580 and 590 is still good. but at least there is still a good offering at 275-300$ range, with all the crazy 800-1200 $cards becoming a given.
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    TechSpot Tests the Battlefield V DXR Ray Tracing Performance and Implementation

    Well, rtx 2080ti performance over 1080ti in normal games doesn't justify its price hike., it is within the traditional high end to high-end expected performance increase between generations. It was only being considered OK due to ray tracing capabilities. Will ray tracing causes a performance...
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    Model 3 Achieves the Lowest Probability of Injury of Any Vehicle Ever Tested by NHTSA

    well not having an engine or a transmission in front helps alot with frontal accidents, as usually the engine block and gear are heavy and made of strong metals. i know that most the cars nowaday are designed so the engine and the gear slide under the car in case of an accident, but still they...
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    Intel's i9-9900K Is Only 12% Faster than AMD's 2700X at Gaming, but 66% Pricier

    Systems running the 9900K will be cheaper overall that the usual i9s due to Z390 boards, so i get its "value" proposition, however what i don't get is why the 9700K is not having HT. As for CPUs in general, the top of the line are not the best bang for the bucks anyway, these are for people who...
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    Fiat Punto Makes History with First-Ever Zero-Star Crash-Test Rating

    frankly doesn't look like a zero, i thought it will be much worse
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    Those who got the 8700k

    I'm Mad, very very mad.
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    The Top 5 Best CPUs of All Time

    Yes 300A should be mentioned as top in the overclocking thread, but another missed point is its ability to run in SMP in an ABIT BP6. it really complemented win2000 launch and quake support for SMP. mine were running at 466MHZ AFAIR
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    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    No Abit BP6? fail!
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    id Software on AMD Ryzen

    unless Intel does some magic with the 8th generation, my next CPU will be the second generation RYZEN.
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    AMD Radeon RX 580 PowerColor Red Devil Golden Sample

    so they are now at the 390x levels (which is a glorified 290x) ?, really? it's been 2yrs!
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    Rad fan suggestions

    I use Scythe Ultra Kaze with a controller. no problem so far for over 3 yrs, albeit running at around 40% of their speed.
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    Finding the best high-static fans for Radiators.

    check the Scythe DFS123812H-3000 Ultra Kaze , u need a controller for them. they can run at low voltage and they push alot of air. when u want to go crazy and crack them all the way up, they will move ur case around.
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    If you had to pick one of the two CPU / mobo combos...

    comparing my experience with both 8350 and 3470, i believe that 3470 is better (with a slight overclock) from an overall experience perspective, yes highly threaded applications will find the FX better but most of the time the workloads are not optimized for 8 cores anyway.
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    Microsoft Finally Says Goodbye to Windows Vista

    i had a good run with vista, i didn't suffer from all the performance issues people were talking about. i don't recall the specs of my pc at the time, but i believe it was X58 with 6 GB of ram. it was a good 64 bit os.
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    Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.2 Drivers Released

    the horrors i faced with my 2 390X setup, forced me out from AMD (fans not working, memory low clock lock, crashes, drivers installation freezes, flickering) , and that is from someone who has been on AMD since the 4870, and had trifire 7970 setup. i am not sure what happened late last year...
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    Intel's Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X Rumored to Arrive Ahead of Schedule

    time for intel to innovate again and cut the performance per watt crap.
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    How many fans do you have?

    around 25-28 fans , 27 are 12 CM fans out of which around 12 fans are Scythe DFS123812H ulra kaze.
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    AMD rumoured to be creating consumer oriented 16 Core/32 Thread Ryzen CPU

    good days of abit and the celeron 300A. win2K and Quake!
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    NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Is Selling Out

    amazon uk is stating stock in 26th. my MSI card shipped 3 days ago
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    Installed 1080Ti & now comp keeps shutting down

    i have 2 PSUs in my system, 1200 W and a 900 watt. i had at some point tri 280x overcloked watercooled, a massive loop (1 480 and 3 360 radiators )with tons of fans , a 3820K at 4.7 GHZ and many many HDDs, for sure the 1200W wasn't enough. it is always good to have the psu running at 85% max...
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    try amazon UK, mine will cost around 770 USD shipped to qatar. it is backordered.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Processors Start At $169 and Launch on April 11th

    if the 6 cores ones OC to 4.5, then their gaming performance will be very close to the I7 7700s, keep in mind that these are 12threads CPUs, adn will be priced at lower price point. Ryzen clock speed + memory performance scaling is very promising. in the middle of all this i am moving to a...
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    GTX 1080 Ti Test on Ryzen and Intel Kaby Lake

    it is a matter of scalling, 2 1080ti in SLI and overclocked at 4K might behave like the single 1080ti at 1440p (compare the GPU horse power VS number of pixel) . i hope a SLI scaling test is done soon. keep in mind that the 7700K still have around 20% more headroom to go at 5 GHZ.
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    GTX 1080 Ti Test on Ryzen and Intel Kaby Lake

    so this means that most likely 4.0 GHZ Rysen will bottleneck a 1080 ti SLI more than a stock 7700.
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    Thermaltake Tower 900 Vertical Super Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    very interesting, however still smaller than my mountainmods extended ascension case. but the price point is very aggressive.
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    Replacement Samsung Note 7 Phone Emits Smoke On U.S. Plane

    i bought mine today, so far a great phone, i like it alot. i hope it doesn't explode .
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    Thermaltake Core W100 Super Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    reminds me of mountain mods cases. albeit this should have better reach to end user via the distribution channel of thermaltake.
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    Crossfire (2x) R390X vs Crossfire (2x) R9 Fury X

    the 390x is a unbalanced card from memory vs processing power perspective in a single card installation, that what makes it great in multi card configs. if u want cross fire, the 390x is relatively a better choice. u will not run out of memory while u gain the advantage of the second GPU. for...
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Graphics Features Performance @ [H]

    i am really enjoying this game with my 2 X 390X cards, however my game crashed when i put textures at very high (while every thing is maxed) i assume this is a bug in the drivers. great article.
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    Crossfire (2x) R390X vs Crossfire (2x) R9 Fury X

    i've just installed a 390X nitro and i have an another one on the way, for the latest 100hz 1440p gaming the 390X crossfire is the way to go, tons of memory that shine at dual card configs. i've ordered a 980ti poseidon that got lost in shipping before that, but now no regret. i'm coming form...
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    The Maximus VIII Formula Turns 10

    i had the abit bp6 at the time, dual celeron 400A OCed with win2K! DFI i had an another board that i don't remember, brings back memory, asus boards are not that impressive tbh, i have R4F and the bios keeps resetting every now and then.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    i've just filled a claim with paypal. i have nothing against frozencpu, once things are sorted out. i'll buy again from them.
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    Battlefield 4 Premium Edition for $30 @Amazon. Base game and DLC package.

    i played alot of BF3 since its launch (it was my first BF game), i was ranked globally, anyway when BF4 launched i preordered it, the main issue in BF4 (beyond the technical glitches, similar to BF3 at launch) is how ti was compared to BF3, from the soldier movement, netcode, weapons balance...
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    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 240 Compact PC Case Review @ [H]

    i confirm the GPU height issue, my friend has this case with an MSI 970, the termination of the heat pipes are pressing into the plexiglass, so there is a little bulge on the top cover. the cover closes none the less.