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    How many 4080/4090 owners plan to upgrade to a respective 50 series when available?

    Went from a 1080ti to a 4090. Will see whats around in 3-5 years.
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    More Pictures of NVIDIA's Cinder Block-sized RTX 4090 Ti

    A daughter board for the 12VHPR hmm, almost like nvidia knows there is and issue and wants to ease the process of RMAs
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    I had comcast 1g/40m for along time but they put in caps and keept trying to charge me extra, switched to century link 1g/1g fiber in 2020. I pay $65 a month and have had maybe 1hr down time since then.
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    Z790-E Ram Issue

    Hello all, Just built a new system for the first time in 6+ years. I am having a really hard time getting the memory to run at XMP 1, 2, or Tweaked. The sticks are installed in A2/B2 slots. If I turn XMP on an turn the speed down to 7000 they run memtest86 fine and do not error for hours. If...
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DWF 34″ QD-OLED 165Hz FreeSync Premium Pro (3440 x 1440)

    Mine arrived today, had to replace a lg 34gk950f that died in less than 3 years. So far loving it, no stuck/dead pixels. I know nothing about HDR but maybe its time to look into that. It went on sale on the dell site between my order and delivery. Waiting on a support ticket to see of they...
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    What's a good quality soft tubing that doesn't cloud up?

    Mayhems Ultra Clear
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    Windows 11 beta thread

    Installed it lastnight, had a few blue/green screens due to "irq not less or equal than" figure its either a driver or unstable OC issue. Downclocked it 100mhz and installed new nic driver. Seems ok since then. Not sure how I feel about the rounded corners.
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    Memory pricing expected to increase

    Except every year, they push the flu vaccine, and then a few months later say its only 30% effective. COVID is just something we will need to learn to deal with IMO.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    anyone happen to know what type of switch the forward/back thumb buttons use? those also double click on mine. Have not pulled it apart but looks like a smaller switch from videos I have watched.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    Thanks for the reply, will have one here on tues. Was able to get a good discount on it so if I hate it I will pass it to the wife =P
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    Nissan source code leaked online after Git repo misconfiguration

    We had a 2013? Altima for about 6 months. The CVT was a nightmare. Constant noise and vibration that 3 dealers told me was normal and nothing was wrong. Twice lost drive power on the highway until it cooled down. I will never buy another CVT for any maker.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    also super sick of the double click issue, on my 4th G903. I have looked into swapping switches but after buying a desolder tool, new switches, new skates.... seem like a waste. How is the razor with optical switch? I really love the full time wireless charging on the logitech but I can live...
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    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    really who cares? this is hardforums. power usage and node should not matter. whoever provides the best performance does. maybe im just old school
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    LTT: Which Mechanical Keyboard Switches are BEST? Blind Test!

    NovelKeys/Kailh Thick Clicks - NAVY. Run these in all my keybords, love em.
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    Intel Looks Ahead to Stacked Nano-Ribbon Transistors, Anti-Ferroelectric E-DRAM

    if the performance is there who cares? this is not newest tech forums, this is hard forums. Heat and power draw are par for the course.
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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    Comcast has been like that here in Denver for along time now. We switched to CL/Lumen 940/940 fiber a few months ago. $65. A CL rep I talk to on reddit said they plan on cracking down with a 1tb cap here soon unless you switch to business at the same price.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Is there a time set these sales go live? or do we need to check from midnight on.
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    WTB/borrow: Star wars galaxies

    ebay, and make offer is your best bet. got a few sets under $20 shipped. Might take a few weeks though.
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    So do people plan on buying FE model or waiting for board partners?
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    Bad time to buy ram?

    My plan is to upgrade from my intel build (z390/8700k) once the new AMD stuff comes out. That being said my current ram is giving me issues and needs replaced. I have been looking at a new set of gskill 32GB 3600mhz 16-16-16-36. I would just hate to purchase these and then find out they are...
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    Edge Router X Replacement

    Yeah it will be sold, Is there a performance diff between them? Yes. Do I notice? No. Only really diff I seeing is the extra ports atm. The 12 should have more thruput and a quad core CPU vs a duel but I can not tell.
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    Edge Router X Replacement

    Just wanted to update this thread, the ER-X worked fine for 940/940. I did end up buying a ER-12 though. We added another desktop, second AP, and PiHole. The extra rj45 ports are what made up my mind.
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    Edge Router X Replacement

    The upload speed will be used but not fully atm, kinda just figured if i'm paying for it I should be able to access it all. I think your right though with the wait and see approach.
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    Edge Router X Replacement

    I am a noob when it comes to networking. I have been running a ERX with a nanoHD AP. This has served me well with Comcast 1g/35mb. Due to the 1TB data cap I decided to order 1g/1g fiber with no cap. I really do not want to use the provided router and I "think" the ERX will choke on the 1g/1g...
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    AMD "Matisse Refresh" Processor SKUs Include 3900XT, 3800XT, and 3600XT

    Holy crap the AMD fanboys are on a roll. Any slight sarcasm aimed at AMD and you guys grab your pitchforks.
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    Tesla's New Tabless Electrode Battery Cell Patent Is 'Way More Important Than It Sounds' says crazy-person Elon Musk

    I thought tesla bought their battery's from Panasonic? Bunch of 18650s to make a single battery pack.
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    Zen 3 CPUs - 500 Series or Newer Chipsets Only

    have had the itch to swap my z390/8700k out and try AMD again for the first time in 10+ years, but being this is the last AM4 socket chip they will make. Might just wait a little longer.
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    Windows 10 Issues (maybe?)

    Well after alot of testing, seems like issue 1 was due to my router. 2 and 3 stopped without discord installed. Not sure why im getting issues and all my buddys run if fine but w/e.
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    Windows 10 Issues (maybe?)

    1) One game I play SWGEMU, you can run multi copy's of the game doing AFK stuff while you work/sleep etc. If running multi copy's of the game I will randomly DC from one of them esp while alt tabbing (running border less window). Nobody else seems to have this issue. 2) Chrome and Discord...
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    One game I play SWGEMU, you can run multi copy's of the game doing AFK stuff while you work/sleep etc. If running multi copy's of the game I will randomly DC from one of them. Nobody else seems to have this issue. Chrome and Discord randomly use 100% of my Gig network and pretty much lock PC...
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    I've looked into it. For the few games I play ATM, PUBG, RDR2, GTA5 they wont work on linux
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    If linux supported games proper I would be all over it. I have been getting some issues in windows for the last 6 months I just cant nail down that have me at wits end.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Can the FW be downgraded? I keep getting random lockups and after trying everything I can think of it hit me, they started about the time I updated to 12.3
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    Intel is losing against AMD

    Have you not learned, if your not an AMD fanboy and HATE intel you are shunned on these forums.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I claimed sonic about 10 min ago. Was just finishing up an email and was going to post, and someone sent steam a Query about my account??? Really? Dear Steam user, This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration. It is being sent in response to a query made by a Steam...
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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    I have not paid for cable TV for 12ish year, I do pay comcast $90 a month for 1gig/100 internet. Own my own router and modem. For TV we have a flat paper style antenna that pics up 40+ channels. All the basic local news channels and a few other randoms worth watching. The other 25 are all in...
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    Ran ESET one time scan and came up with nothing. That being said.... over 24 hours since format and not a single lockup. Going to give it a few days and then start looking at the wife's PC.
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    So far since reboot have not had the issue. Hopefully you are correct it might have been some malware.
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    That is what i'm trying to figure out, when its lagging really bad I sometimes am able to open task manager and can see system interrupts pulling 90%+ CPU.
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    Was not running a game at the time, Did have chrome and discord open with HW accel on. The laptop might but both desktops have it shut off in the bios and are running wireless Steel Series Arctis 7 headsets. The only thing sucking resources is System Interrupts. All that being said I...