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  1. J

    Well fak - good job Apple QA

    I agree that you should call or else talk to one of the managers at the Apple Store. The problem you're describing is unacceptable assuming it wasn't something you did to it.
  2. J

    1st iPhone - How will I like it?

    In a similar situation as far as first iphone. I had an Ipad and purchased several apps in HD. I also had an ipod with several regular apps. Will the HD apps work on the iphone 5 since it has a high resolution? Will the regular apps look like shit on iphone 5?
  3. J

    What are your top 3 complaints/criticisms of modern non-indie PC games?

    1. Loading screens. 2. Clunky controls. 3. Overly dramatic stories.
  4. J

    Crusader Kings 2 Discussion

    It's gone on sale several times. They've made many changes to the game and I can't say that I ever paid much attention to the tutorials. You basically feel your way around it. Fun game that always manages to drain me. I tell myself it's educational, though LOL.
  5. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    How is Walmarts with preorders? I know many stores take a bunch of preorders but don't actually deliver the orders until long after release (my experience concerning video games with target and kmart).
  6. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    Weird, Amazon no longer has the 3ds XL. They have a message telling me to consider a Vita instead LOL
  7. J

    PS3 for $ it worth it?

    Do you already have a Blu ray player? It's a good deal even if you already do, but it's a great deal if you don't.
  8. J

    What games have I missed?

    Yeah, I wouldn't go into Far Cry 2 expecting Far Cry. Stick to the Crysis games, though you can probably find FC2 for dirt cheap so it might be worth a shot if you're interested. I'd also add Mass Effect series to your list. ME2 and ME3 are basically shooters with decent story, so no worries...
  9. J

    Nintendo Wii U. For children only?

    It's no worse than pretending you're a dragon slayer in Skyrim.
  10. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    Yep, this is what I'm thinking as well. Amazon is the go-to place for many people and I cant imagine Amazon holding out for sake of a grudge, forcing its loyal customers to look elsewhere for Nintendo systems. At some point this is going to go beyond a little feud between Amazon and Nintendo...
  11. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    We're clearly two pages in (edit: now 3!). You guys must have yo stuff all out of whack. The only console I was ever tempted to camp out for was the Xbox 360. There was a long lime outside the local BestBuy so I naturally walked over and stood in it, not knowing precisely what it was for. A...
  12. J

    Switching to mac

    Mac Mini + cheap monitor is the way to go on the cheap. You might also be able to find a deal for a 13" -- maybe $999. You're a student? Don't forget to check your tech/bookstore for deals. I think the biggest allure of getting a mac right now is the touchpad. You can get that obviously with...
  13. J

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    I'd like it if my origins character could return. I'd be just as happy with the side characters returning, though. All but Sten. I hated him.
  14. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    I didn't get in on the wiiu preorder. I was about to go through toysrus, but I've become rather picky about what retailers I give my CC info to these days and so decided to just hold off for now. Most of my online purchases are through Amazon, though, oddly enough, I'll often do business with...
  15. J

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    The trouble with that would be that I would have to play all the way through DA2. Hmm, yes, that could be quite interesting indeed. I think I could really dig that, but it would lack the "save the galaxy" intensity for which the Mass Effect series is known. A full fledged game like that might...
  16. J

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    Crazy. A new Mass Effect plus a new IP. I hate reading the following, though: "But the Mass Effect universe is vast, and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game." To me that says it's going to take place within the ME universe but along side the events as ME1-ME3. I'd really...
  17. J

    Bioware Founders Leave Bioware

    A little exciting to watch the mighty now fall, isn't it? I say this as a fan of many of BioWare's previous titles. They made some really nice games.
  18. J

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    MP can probably go to hell. I don't mind it in ME3 and think it's fun, actually, but it clearly affected the SP experience. ME3 had way too much auto dialogue throughout the game and was generally not as thorough as the previous two Mass Effects. This is to say nothing of the ending, of course.
  19. J

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    I apparently missed this. Where you see it?
  20. J

    Obsidian to announce new title

    Pretty impressive they've already surpassed their goal. The people who back the 5k+ stuff always amaze me. I guess if they have the money...
  21. J

    I might be a moron but... (Black Mesa)

    I read that you're supposed to restart steam. Not tried it myself, though.
  22. J

    WiiU Preorder up now

    Been wondering the exact same thing. They haven't been selling the 3ds for a long time.
  23. J

    Obsidian to announce new title

    Wow, up to $300,000+ already. They were at $100,000 when I looked a couple of hours ago. Edit:^LOL beat me to it.
  24. J

    iPhone 5 & You: What Are You Doing?

    I'm probably going to get one. I'm thinking about getting one in white. I've been using the same flip phone for the last 3 or 4 years. I think it's a LG.
  25. J

    Obsidian to announce new title

    ^man, when I read it again I thought it was similar to the code of sith in KOTOR.
  26. J

    Obsidian to announce new title

    I would cry tears of joy.
  27. J

    Do I need an Amp?

    I think you're right about the psychological aspect of it. Also, I loved the K501s. They needed an amp, though.
  28. J

    Black Mesa Releasing Sept. 14th

    That's why you get married. I had a history professor from Kenya tell me that. Pretty excited about the mod.
  29. J

    EA offers to buy Valve for 1 billion.

    FIFY. Also, still no fat jokes?
  30. J

    Do I need an Amp?

    I don't think you do if those are as Porter_ says. If you decide you want one/need one, I'd take a look at an O2/ODAC.
  31. J

    Recommend me a chair

    I went to a used furniture store and got one for $35. Nice quality, made in USA, clean, and comfortable. I was willing to spend quite a bit more than what I spent, but I found the $35 chair met my needs. Many of the chairs at Office Depot/Staples failed to meet by needs, and also seemed a bit...
  32. J

    Assassin's Creed III -- World Gameplay Premiere [UK]

    I'd go for that flag. LOL I'm sure it's made in China, though. Weak that the limited edition is only available for console.
  33. J

    Why do you buy Apple products?

    This was my experience up until last month. The logic board in my early 2011 MBP decided to randomly die. I'd never had a problem with anything before this. Anyhow, it annoyed me because this occurred three weeks after my 1 year warranty was up. Thank goodness I decided to get Apple Care...
  34. J

    Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

    Do those textures work with the multiplayer (guns, mainly) without causing problems? I also saw the voice command mod which looks pretty cool; I might try it out, too. Eh, fdiaz, the ending isn't so bad now. I so wanted it to be an indoctrination, but they've somewhat made do with the Extended...
  35. J

    Mass Effect 3 SPOILERS THREAD

    I suck at trying to get IRL friends into this stuff. They always tell me that they're not gamers and refuse to buy. I'm stuck playing with randoms on MP, though I still enjoy my friends I've never actually met but who still talk Russian and seem like nice people. I meet lots of friendly randoms...
  36. J

    Best games played offline during a natural disaster.

    Mass Effect for sure. I've never tried to play ME3 in offline mode and I don't even know if Origin has offlien mode, so there's that qualifier for you. I've also wasted hundreds of hours in games like Total War. I like Mass Effect, though, because it has a "level" with snow and I can dig...
  37. J

    Sleeping Dogs

    These patches almost make you wonder if they care about their game and want to see it be successful. It's a shame every game doesn't get support like this.
  38. J

    Mass Effect 3 SPOILERS THREAD

    Yes, the review I read said the DLC wasn't as good as it could have been considering the ending. I'm hoping this and all the future DLC somehow work to make the ending quite good. This might be a stretch. I'm super tempted to replay from ME1 up through 3. Also been playing the MP some since...
  39. J

    Mass Effect 3 SPOILERS THREAD

    Anyone play Leviathan? Reviews seem decent. Does this in fact make the ending better?
  40. J

    Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim announced.

    ACtually the build-a-house thing seems pretty okay. This is low-level content, though. Adopting kids and fighting skeeters, swamp rats, and giants is mega lame.