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    Tapes still widely used for backups?

    They found the tapes, the problem was they were all erased and recorded over in the 80's. Tape was so widely used and expensive in the 70's and 80's that its supply couldn't meet all the demands or buyers budgets, so people like NASA and a lot of music recording studios had to resort to erasing...
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    New ZFS NAS Build, would like some input.

    The new Core i3's ECC support is still clear as mud, apparently you have to use specific boards which offer true ECC support (server chipset) and even then there's little evidence I've seen so far that ECC actually works. Intel stripped ECC support from desktop CPU's long ago reserving it for...
  3. T Sold For $1.6B

    I use it quite a bit and pay the $20 month to do so. I've learned more about my own ancestry from the site than my family even knew themselves. Plus you learn quickly just how large your extended family is, I've talked with people who are distantly related to me that I'd never have known about...
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    Newegg Warning, learn from my experience

    I'd honestly avoid using a CC for Newegg. About 7 or 8 years ago I got a fraudulent charge on my CC to the tune of just over $1,000 from a camera shop in Bakersfield, CA, which happens to be a short distance from City of Industry, Newegg's headquarters. It also happened to be about 2 weeks after...
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    Using Open Source Software = Rookies Mistake

    I don't think this is "according to Disney" as much as TV show writers using buzzwords to try and connect a non technical audience to something that they don't understand. Disney uses, and I believe contributes to, quite a few open source projects.
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    Just preorder Corsair Force GS 480GB for cheap

    It's clearly a mistake, and since they have the correctly listed item in stock and the item you ordered isn't, it's just an bogus listing that hasn't been deleted yet. Either way, all inventory shipped and new stock received will be allocated to the correct listing, and your order will sit...
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    Microsoft Surface Prices Revealed?

    If the Pro is priced at $799, I imagine it could be a wild success. However the basic Surface with RT better be priced more like $399 to compete against the current and future iPad.
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    36TB File server build log

    While ECC memory is preferred, the i3 CPU won't support it. You either have to move up to a Xeon to get ECC support or to AMD. Intel removed ECC support from everything but the Xeon a long time ago.
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    Worst chipset of all time?

    VIA was the worst by far, anyone saying nVidia probably wasn't using computers in the Socket 7/Slot 1 era when VIA was the only real chipset maker besides Intel. AGP issues, memory compatibility issues, horrid drivers that were never fixed, features that VIA claimed were supported that really...
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    I can't even remember the last NewEgg order I had. Mwave and Amazon are my two go-to places now, they offer great pricing and shipping and I've not once been let down with either. NewEgg shed their focus on enthusiasts a long time ago opting to rake in real profits by catering to general...
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    Resistor for 12v to 10v at 1.5A/18w?

    Resistors aren't the proper components to use for a voltage drop, because the voltage drop of a given resistance is proportional to the current passing through it. The simplest thing to use will be a diode as mentioned above, the one's I've used for projects give pretty much an exact 0.7 volt...
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    weird activation issue

    It hasn't since early 2008 with Vista SP1, the WGA system just had/has too many false positive reports for pirated software, so they pulled the reduced functionality mode because many legit keys/programs were being incorrectly flagged.
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    Deleted file recovery

    Have you tried DiskInternals Uneraser or Active@ Undelete? If either of these fail, most likely data has been written to the sectors where those files used to reside, or your particular RAID setup is inhibiting recovery.
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    Have hard drive prices gone back to pre-flooding pricing?

    A month before the flood I bought a bunch of Samsung F4 2TB's for $75, which was the pretty standard price, now it's at $129 and probably not going lower. Can't complain too much, my first hard drive I could afford new was a 4GB that was $399.
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    RIM Guarantees $10k To BlackBerry 10 App Devs In First Year

    Boy RIM is desperate to keep and add new developers. Problem is I see RIM being gone sometime next year, at least from the US. Their market share has gotten to the 5% mark, the point where any more losses will make it pointless to continue on for them. After seeing the BB 10 software screenshots...
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    Data integrity: the risks of not using ECC with ZFS (a study)

    In the 12 years of being in IT in large installations I've seen countless memory modules go bad in service, in fact we sell it by the pound to a chip recycler. It's not just generic stuff either, I've seen Crucial/Micron, Hynix, Samsung, Infineon, etc. you name it, I've seen it go bad. However...
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    Asus RMA=Unacceptable and Appalling

    I quit buying Asus boards years ago when I started noticing a decline in quality on the boards I was buying, and haven't had a bit of trouble since. They may be great boards if you get a trouble free one, but if you're unlucky and get a bunk board it's going to be nothing but a long nightmare...
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    92-Year-Old Pirates DVDs To Send To Troops

    Yeah, damn them for getting a bit of time for R&R and enjoying a movie, even of pirated varieties. And 45,000 movies, with all due respect to the charity that does this, doesn't go too far considering there are 1.5 million active duty soldiers, spread around the world at around 700 bases, and...
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    add another 4gb ram?

    It won't help unless much of your existing 4GB is being used by the system and background processes. The game itself can't address more than 4GB of RAM being 32bit, but in reality they won't ever approach that anyway, most modern games I have hover in the 2GB of memory usage range. Most likely...
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    What's a good memory amount for gaming?

    Skyrim introduced a update a few months ago that allowed it to use 4GB RAM itself, so you could bump the system ram up to 6 or 8 GB so that Skyrim can have a whole 4GB to itself, however the performance gain is probably very marginal. I still find 4GB total RAM the sweet spot with little if...
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    Cable Bills Could Reach $200 A Month By 2020

    $200 sounds about right for the average cable package by 2020. I've had cable since the 80's when it was $15 a month, now I'm paying $60 so the rate increases are well above normal inflation. Streaming will continue to grow, but it probably won't alleviate the costs much because ISP's will just...
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    Where do you buy your UPS batteries from?

    You can find them at any good local battery store, the 12 volt 7 amp hour is the most common battery used in UPS's. My local battery store sells them for about $25 each including tax for the basic Chinese battery like Yuasa/UPG/Power Sonic/etc. You might find them a few bucks cheaper online, but...
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    ZFS Data Storage Question

    If you're going to use Ubuntu I would read up on the native ZFS kernel available for some Linux distro's, otherwise you'll have to run ZFS on FUSE which offers slow performance. A 6x 2TB RAIDZ2 pool is a good setup, I'd add one as a hot spare and leave the other ready to replace a drive in case...
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    Your favorite MP3 software?

    WinAMP for me. Main reason is it's just been my favored player for the last 14 years, never had a reason to switch to anything else. Second favorite would be Foobar.
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    [DEAD] 9 hours of Bach for $ .99 at Amazon

    Incredible deal, thanks!
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    ZFS, OpenIndiana and 4K Issue: Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB

    Do the manual alignment, it's simply and once you align and tell ZFS to use 4k sectors you never have to do it again since the pool will retain that information. Or you can leave it not aligned and only loose a small amount of performance. I bench marked my 5x 2TB Samsung's both before and after...
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    Compressing massive storage question

    Compressing a drive is generally a bad idea, it makes interoperability difficult and if anything were to happen to the file structure it makes recovery nearly impossible. Also because RAW files are binary, they won't really compress much anyway. Try zipping a RAW file and watch it's size, it...
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    Best Argument Ever That Console Are Dying?

    I've been gaming since the early 80's, and people have been proclaiming "consoles are dying" pretty much since PC's became affordable in homes. Alas decades later console are still with us, and still sell hundreds of millions of units each generation. Perhaps tablets will eat into consoles...
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    How often should interneal RAID battery be replaced?

    The controller should give you a warning if it detects the battery is going bad, however if you want to be on the safe side you should replace it every few years as they will lose capacity with age whether used or not. Most cards just check the voltage from the battery pack, they can't tell of...
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    NAS - ZFS Build

    If the safety of your data is a top priority you may want to think about using a CPU/mobo that supports ECC, which means either moving up to a Xeon or to AMD. Running ZFS without ECC leaves you vulnerable to silent corruption during writes from bad memory.
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    I haven't ordered from NewEgg for years. They lost their focus a long time ago, they had a niche as a one stop shop for everything you could want as a computer enthusiast but now they want to be a WalMart of electronics and carry everything. Last time I checked prices nothing they had was a...
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    Free registry cleaner, defrag software?

    I use CCleaner and Defraggler, both from
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    Your favorite monitor of all time

    My favorite was and always will be my venerable Sony Trinitron 21" CRT. Even though I've since replaced it with a 22" IBM LCD, no modern monitor will ever match the CRT's colors and accuracy.
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    Verizon To Charge $2 To Pay Your Bill

    What a bonehead move. I can understand most of their motivation is probably moving people to automatic bank payments which are cheaper to process and help reduce late payments, but still charging customers to pay you via their payment of choice is asinine.
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    WinXP or Win7 with SSD?

    This might be helpful to those that think XP can be resuscitated enough to perform well with modern hardware. It isn't just DX11 that isn't available in XP, its a host of other software packages and mostly vastly improved integration with hardware devices and lots of improved reliability...
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    FS/T Cheap laptop, broken iPhone 3g

    An FYI bump, the D610 screen is 14.1" :)
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    WinXP or Win7 with SSD?

    I would suggest moving to Win7. Windows XP was a great OS with a solid run but it's now long in the tooth in regards to modern hardware like SSD's, plus Win7's reliability and compatibility is every bit as good as XP is.
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    WTB- Laptop HDD & Ram

    I've got both parts, sent you a PM.
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    How not to ship a hard drive

    Thats exactly why even though I've sold and shipped 40-50 hard drives over the years, I've never bought a used one that had to be shipped to get it. That hard drive didn't have a chance of arriving safely. Had the seller shipped it properly (I ship inside a sealed antistatic bag) and used 2-3"...
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    Hard Drive Prices Falling Already?

    They're inching back down, probably the market overreacted at first and prices went artificially high. As the manufacturing plants come back up they'll continue to come back down. Still pretty high considering over the summer I bought a box of 2TB Samsung's for $75 ea.