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    The [H] SpiderOak Referral Thread (Think DropBox, but BETTER)

    Used. Here's mine... edit: I got the WORLDBACKUPDAY bonus, but not the referral link bonus.
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    Alcohol testers

    or make them...
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    Desktop Calendar is nice. Skinable.
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    blackra1n released
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    Thanks Hank

    I believe I have been misunderstood. Of the dozen things I have to say in reply to your "help and feedback", I fear only one will not be misunderstood. Go Fuck Yourselves. You can believe that there are many others who would like to say the same thing, but don't for fear of the consequences...
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    Thanks Hank

    The sticky was made after the date the pages were reverting to. That's why the sticky couldn't be seen. No I am not kidding you. Ketchup.
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    Thanks Hank

    I was using the back button and page refresh. That was the way I discovered my threads locked with no response. Your response here is neither helpful nor feedback that could be considered useful. You are just being mean to people.
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    Thanks Hank

    What you are trying to do is a much better way to provide "Help and Feedback". They should change the name of this subforum to "We Lock Your Threads With No Responses". Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate the people who make this forum work. But locking someones thread without a...
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    Catch 22

    Thanks for working on it. We cant see the new sticky when we can't see any posts newer than 3 days old. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    What is it?

    Am I banned or something? IE and firefox show no posts newer that the 7th in the help and feedback. Why was that last post closed with no response?
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    It's doing it again.

    They were there this morning. Now they are gone again. Nothing newer than the 9th. Even the post in this forum that was locked for no apparent reason, with no reasonable response, is gone. Firefox 2 or 3, both the same.
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    Need a new OS

    Yes, I have a habit of not reading posts all of the way through. My bad. So I'll throw in a second vote for ntlite. It's fun to play with. I've even heard a "rumor" that you can use it to make XP run smoothly on an eeepc.
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    We just lost 24 hrs.

    I just lost 24 hours. Is it me? Was it all a crazy dream and this is the reality? Oh snap. Even this post dosen't exist in real time.
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    Problems installing XP on newly built computer!!!

    Yes, what he said. NTLDR is missing means the NT LoaDeR. Thats your Windows boot loader that you deleted when you formatted your drive. Exactly as it should be. No problems.
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    Need a new OS

    Since you already are comfortable with Linux, try xubuntu. I am no Linux guru for sure. But 8.04 is the first one that I feel I can use for real as an average user.
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    looking for a program to partition external hd

    This is probably like driving a thumbtack with a sledgehammer, but Google gparted (gnome partition editor). There is a nice live cd version that is easy to use. Edit:
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    Brothers Computer is infested

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    good, free webcam program?

    Windows Live Messenger
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    I need a portable Wifi Internet device?

    A PSP and you can also use it as a media player. EDIT: ...and a Skype phone.
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    Accessing gmail with 2 separate Thunderbirds

    Ok, I've got the Web settings and the Linux client setup. I'll try to swap the Windows client tomorrow. Two things I noticed. I guess I cant use local folders with IMAP? And this probably isnt the best setup for a slow connection because it updates to the server after EVERY activity. What...
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    Accessing gmail with 2 separate Thunderbirds

    I'm trying. The Linux Thunderbird client will not allow me to change from POP to IMAP without deleting the account and making a new one. I haven't tried in the windows client. Is it possible to have the Linux client use the Windows client profile? Make the Linux client use the profile in...
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    Accessing gmail with 2 separate Thunderbirds

    I finally have a dual boot I can live with. My Windows Thunderbird install is backed up and all OK. I configured my other Thunderbird install this morning ( POP settings already set) and it downloaded the last 3 messages that my Windows Thunderbird had not yet accessed. So I go back...
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    Legality of ripped DVD ISOs

    Also look at LC ISO Creator.
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    Coverflow Wheel scrolling adjustments?

    Ooops. My bad. I adjusted the mouse properties in windows.
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    Coverflow Wheel scrolling adjustments?

    When I scroll through album covers in Coverflow, one "click" of my wheel will skip over two album covers. I can't find an adjustment in itunes. Has anybody ever been concerned about this enough to fix it so that one click brings up the next album?
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    PICLENS for Firefox

    I'm curious about web page history and router logs when you start it on one page and it gets images from another.
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    Why the 'i'?

    First "i" desktop = imac 1998 Advertised as the quickest way to the internet. Out of the box and onto the internet in 2 steps. First "i" laptop = ibook 1999 One of the first mainstream notebooks with integrated wireless i = internet After that, it was just too damned cool to stop.
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    Sound Software

    I don't think that there is a program that will create music. Not music that anyone will want to listen to for long anyway. That is the realm of the artist. But you can use "public domain" music and a free audio editor...
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    Portable app pc tech toolkit suggestions

    I looked at the portable apps site and couldn't find out how to add non paf.exe's to the menu. Where can I find this?
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    Portable app pc tech toolkit suggestions and are both on the USB tab of my igoogle homepage. Portableapps isn't really a "tech toolbox" solution, but it is great to have. I have portable firefox on my portable drive AND on my hard drives. I agree about clamwin. It is so slow...
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    Keeping Windows fresh.

    Every time I reinstall, I tell myself that I'm going to make a good image. Then I get in a hurry and do something stupid that ruins a pristine install and it's too late. Every two weeks? I say go for it if you have the time and patience. The only bad thing is the MTBF on your HDD.
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    Shared drive and portable hard drive.

    LOL, See what I did there?
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    Shared drive and portable hard drive.

    Yes it is at work. Portable hard drives are allowed. Thumb drives are given as safety awards. There are no security issues at play here. It's not a networked portable drive. I don't want to share the drive with the whole network. There is a networked physical drive. Everyone can store data on...
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    Shared drive and portable hard drive.

    At work everyone has a piece of a network drive. It is H:, no matter what workstation you log into. Everyone has their own H:. My H: is "username$ on networkname (networkidsuchandsuch). The data on everyones H: drive is separate form everyone elses. We are not allowed to have an excessive...
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    Remote media/music controller?

    If you're interested in getting a palm as a remote control...
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    1920 x 1200 Wallpapers only

    Thats nice. Can you link the original image and not a screenshot?
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    Creative Goes After Driver Modder

    I didn't read it that way. I read... It's OK to make better drivers for Creative products. It's not OK to make drivers for other products using Creative's code. It's not OK to ask for donations for Creative's (altered by you) code. Did I misunderstand? Seems perfectly fair to me.
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    Windows Vista: Pink Edition?

    You can bet that box was designed by a team of overpaid marketing people with loads of surveys and historical data about a particular demographic that is attracted to that design.