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    FS Intel CPUs.

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    FS: 4K Monitor, Emotiva XPA 5 Amp, etc

    I was thinking the same thing about the 250? I just picked up a 1680 v2 for less.
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    WTS: PNY XLR8 Geforce GTX 1060 OC2 6GB GPUs

    I would buy that if I had the cash!
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    WTB SLI HB bridge

    Want to buy an sli hb bridge. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    WTB 1080 300 to 350

    sorry all purchased for now
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    WTB looking for old pentium2/3 slot 1 Alpha heatsink!!

    Still looking, I have several places to look and I have a lack of time to look.
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    WTB 1080 300 to 350

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    i7 4820k Socket 2011

    bump it up
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    WTB 1080 300 to 350

    I'm back sorry got busy
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    WTB 1080 300 to 350

    it was already gone
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    FS: Random Computer Parts

    pm'ed you on the 970
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    WTB 1080 300 to 350

    Want to buy 1080 for 300 to 350. Faster the better and warranty if possible. Just trying to get this done.
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    FS: Gigabyte GTX 1080 WINDFORCE OC 8G

    paypaled you
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    WTB looking for old pentium2/3 slot 1 Alpha heatsink!!

    I'll take a quick look. I moved and pared down everything I had so I may not have anymore left. As for the guy looking for a 1.13 tulation I know I had at least two on a dual board I'll look and see if I have any.
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    FS: MSI 1080 SeaHawk X

    pm sent
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    WTT SR2

    to the top
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    WTB socket 1155 itx board

    Want to buy an itx socket 1155 board. Would love for it to have wifi but not needed and support for msata. It must have hdmi out.
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    Help choosing new card.

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    WTT SR2

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    WTT SR2

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    WTT SR2

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    WTT SR2

    Sorry ssnyder28 mine all work but there are bad ones on ebay and somehow they are worth 200$, oh just checked ad there is one for 120 plus 40 shipping. They are trending for 505(?) on ebay and that's my only reference so I would think 400-450 trade value would be reasonable. My ultimate goal...
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    WTT SR2

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    WTT SR2

    I may have to consider just selling them. They have full retail boxes with most of the accessories.
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    WTT SR2

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    WTT SR2

    I have several evga SR-2's I am looking to trade for gpu's. I am mainly looking for nvidia but open to amd as well.
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    Help choosing new card.

    Yeah I love the triple monitor setup,I've been running it since I had tri gtx470 then to 680 sli and titan sli. I don't feel the need to replace the monitors and they are 60hz. I'm ok with the 60hz as long as it's pushing 60 plus frames a second as long as there is no stuttering, which was real...
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    Help choosing new card.

    So I run 7680x1440 with sli titan's. They are starting to show there age and I figure I could upgrade to something faster that uses less power.I play rpg's and the borderlands franchise and need for speed stuff. I have another machine with sli 680's running 5760x1080 and I picked up a 1060 for...
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    FS Canon 75-300mm lens

    bump for a good lens
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    WTB: iphone SE

    apple just brought them back for sale and putting them on clearance at the same time as of sunday
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    FS: 2 Asus 980gtx Strix video cards

    pics work for me
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    DONE Todays Want to buy :> Socket 2011 board

    Good luck I'm always looking for them as well.
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    I want to make my photography a full time job

    I am going to say I am familiar with the industry and here is my advice. Don't just do it yourself , make a portfolio then find an actual wedding photographer who will take you on as a apprentice or as a second photographer.
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    FS: 2500K and P8P67 Pro and DDR3 RAM

    paypal sent bump