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    Screen Capture - What do you use?

    There are so many tools and software available by which we can capture our screen easily. But I think If we have the windows then we can easily take any type of screenshot without downloading any other tool. I have learned how do I take a screenshot on windows and in the maximum ways, I don't...
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    can someone recommend a software to split FLAC as well as WAV files

    I think flacon and CUE Splitter is good. I have used flacon but I also read bout CUE Splitter, it is also the best choice. You can go with any of them.
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    If you had $1500 to spend on a monitor set up what would it be?

    Well, If I have that much money to buy a monitor then I will choose Asus ProArt PA329C 32” 4K (3840 X 2160) HDR10 Displayhdr600 Monitor 100% Adobe RGB IPS Eye Care DisplayPort USB Type-C HDMI, Black. It also comes in my dream desk setup. I am the biggest fan of Asus so i choose it and it is also...
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    Control Case Fans via GPU temps

    Well, I think the option you choose is correct, one of my friends using this for the last 5 months and He is happy with Argus Monitor. So you can also use this without any doubt.
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    Desktop icons do you use them gaming shortcuts?

    In nowadays, there are few peoples use desktop icons. In fact, I have only 9 icons on my desktop because I don't want to add some of them to my taskbar. In windows, 10 search bar is in the taskbar and Cortana is also available. So it is just a process of few seconds to open any application...
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    Windows' automatic recovery of unsaved Paint windows - can you shut down a freezed laptop to make them reopen?

    The autosave feature is only available in word processors and office applications. In the paint, our content can be saved if you have saved it before but in very rare cases. For this type of situation, pressing ctrl+s repeatedly while editing the content. If we talk about the window freezing...
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    Ryzen gaming laptop with 2080?

    I think when it comes to gaming pc then ryzen processor is best but when you want a pc for work then you can go with intel. It is my experience. If you want to buy a gaming pc then Asus Tuf gaming is best for you. You don't need a desktop, you can buy extra accessories for the laptops like a...
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    Budget Gaming Laptop Suggestions ($500-$800?)

    I think you just need to go with Asus. Because the Asus rog is the best laptop for gaming and in it is also in your budget. I also have the same question in my mind and at that time I have this answer. I have checked the other answer but I am not satisfied. If you find any other best option then...