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    Poor Apple TV App Sales Letting Down Developers

    They really priced it too high vs. the competition. What does this thing do that Roku/FireTV/Etc or game consoles can't do? In fact, I believe the new Roku & FireTV have some 4k capabilities, and the new AppleTV doesn't. That's a blown opportunity there.
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    Problem setting up RAID in Windows 10

    If neither is your boot disk/system drive, then you could also use the 'Storage Spaces' feature in your control panel instead.
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    No More WoW Numbers

    The basics are still the same. There are pretty major shifts between xpacs in terms of new features, but I wouldn't exactly call an xpac a sequel.
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    Playboy To Drop Nudity As Internet Fills Demand

    This is akin to [H] dropping anything to do with desktop pc's. It just doesn't make sense.
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    YouTube Star Buys $4.5M Home

    I still don't recognize the name.... As far as "via trust" goes, probably not a trust fund in the sense you are thinking. He established a trust and that entity actually bought the house instead of him personally. That's not a terribly uncommon practice. If you've any form of personal...
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    ASUS Reinvigorates PC Gaming At ROG Unleashed

    I have to agree. Seeing a plain jane green pcb with all the added features would be fantastic.
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    Netflix Raises Price Of Most Popular Plan By $1 Per Month

    Still much cheaper than cable. Sling/Prime/Netflix/Hulu(no commercials) runs me under $50 per month. I'm only keeping Sling for football season, so it drops to under $30 most of the year. To drop those and go to cable would mean $85/month all year and I'd have to deal with commercials. No thanks!
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    7 Things I Still Hate About Windows 10

    You all know you can turn that shit off, right?
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    Amazon Rolls Out $50 'Mass Market' Tablet

    I need to get a new remote for my Fire TV anyways. The 20 dollar difference will make itself up over time vs. the cost of battery replacements for the voice remote. That thing chews through some AAA's.
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    Razer Wants To Sell You A $150 Controller For Xbox One

    Perhaps for the Sabertooth it was, but I had the predecessor to that one and it was great. It breaking was totally my fault, not the quality of the build. I'm also typing this on a Blackwidow keyboard that is very well built. No issues with the build quality on it whatsoever.
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    any IT guys here? Are you upgrading to Win 10?

    For business use, nope. Its too new to know how things will act with it. I have upgraded one of my home PC's (months ago) and did a fresh install of it on a new build I did Friday night. I don't see any issues with home use or even light business use - if you don't rely on anything but...
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    Competition? 99% Still Rent Cable Box

    I haven't had cable in years, but just reading the thread made me wonder if I could 'add tv' and get a discounted price on it and my internet vs just the internet I have now. Well, I tried to look at the package offers, but it wants me to turn off the pop-up blocker. OK, no problem. Turn that...
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    The Evolution Of Modern Game Controllers

    Using a standard 360 style wired controller, but would like to find something newer. The Dpad is on its last legs. I used to use a Razer 360 controller, which was brilliant. There was, however, an accident with it that may or may not have involved copious amounts of whiskeys. They apparently...
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    Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts

    So, this is a non-issue for hardwired systems with no wifi?
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    Jeremy Clarkson And The Top Gear Gang Are Coming To Amazon Video

    Prime/Netflix - makes no difference to me. Should be fun to watch.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch In August

    As broken as it sounds, it may be for the best that they're not pegging down an exact date.
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    Apple Ads Claim 99% iPhone Satisfaction Rate

    I'm not sure 99% is accurate, but I don't think its too far off, either. I've tried a couple android devices and have gone back to the iPhone as well. The closed nature of the iPhone is probably ultimately what takes me back to it. In may experiences, I just encountered way to many bugs in apps...
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Build 10166

    I'm currently on 10130, but the Desktop window manager service has a memory leak. Could anyone on the new build confirm this is resolved? How much memory is your dwm process using?
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    Survey Respondents Say 'Yes' To Windows 10

    Provided they fix the Desktop Windows Manager memory leak in build 10130, I'll be in day one. I've been using it a few months now, and have to say, its pretty damn good.
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    Windows 10 Upgrades Cannot Be Stopped

    People forget that most things like this are just the 'default' If you honestly believe there is no way around things like thing, well, you probably just need to sit down with it and figure it out.
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    H170 vs Z170 Motherboards

    Screwed either way then. Its either pony up for an expensive proc/board or pony up for expensive DIMMs
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    Skylake -k confirmed for August/September

    Depends on what you mean by Citrix. If just server hosted apps, then sure. Offline apps and XenDesktop will need more.
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    I just had to move to 32GB because of work stuff. I could probably use more, but my board is maxxed out. Next step is skylake or x99
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    Skylake -k confirmed for August/September

    I'm more than likely on board to move to Skylake from an i5 4670k / Z87 Its not that I need more processing power or better pci express - I need more memory capacity.
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    H170 vs Z170 Motherboards

    I can't seem to find the max memory configuration for the new Skylake boards. I just maxxed out my z87 today at 32GB, and it may not end up being enough :eek: Hoping that Skylake will be at least capable of 64GB. May have to pony up for X99 otherwise :(
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    Oculus VR E3 Livestream

    Auto play is bad, mmmmkay?
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    Microsoft Surface Hub Available For Businesses To Order On July 1st

    Didn't even realize this was a thing. Thanks for the link, this might finally replace our horrid Cisco video conference system that never seems to work well.
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    Facebook Offers Businesses Free Place Tips Beacon Devices

    Just wait, someone is going to hack one of these to pull crap from people's phones.
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    Not bad looking, just not for me. I'd honestly love to see an outstanding enthusiast class board, with all the bells and whistles, but no 'bling'. Just a plain old green pcb. The Asus deluxe boards are pretty close to that, I suppose.
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    Robot Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer Every Time

    So... its some sort of Mass-Spec or chromatography for beer. Really not exciting new tech
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    More Stupid Selfie Stuff

    I would get up and walk out.
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    People Want Parental Controls In Cars

    Spot on. I dislike the idea for another reason, though. There are instances when to avoid an accident you need to accelerate rather than to brake. If you do not allow this, it is possible your preventative measure just becomes the cause instead. A motor vehicle is a significant...
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    Internet Customers Surpass Cable Subscribers At Comcast

    I've had the same issue for years. They come to troubleshoot an issue with the cable modem and ask to see it. I take them down to the basement and point at the rack and tell them its connected to the red patch cable. Most common response: "Ummmmmmm"
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    I replaced my snap on case and my traditional wallet recently with a wallet style case. One less thing to carry is quite nice.
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    Patch Tuesday Update Causing Infinite Reboot Loop on Windows 7

    Yep, just observed this in a test lab. Avoid this one
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    Apartment Complex Fines You $10k For Bad Review

    You are insinuating that the lawyers died of said gunshot, when they all survived. My client just assaulted them with a deadly weapon, your honor. The claims that he is a murderer amounts to gross defamation of his character.:D
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    Courts: Cops Need Warrants For Phone Location Data

    That seems like a reasonable time frame to me.
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    ‘HBO Now’ Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

    I have to wonder a few things about this whole mess. How much did apple pay hbo in this deal? How long until it becomes available on other devices? - these exclusivity deals typically expire after a while. How much are they going to gut HBO GO in order to get people to buy an Apple product...
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    Courts: Cops Need Warrants For Phone Location Data

    Easy law to write. Allow me: You want to investigate something that isn't a tangible object on public property = get a warrant.