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    Yes it is blinding and guady

    . True. If they had just read instead of opening their yaps to critique that which is obviously beyond their abilities... But to get back to what I was originally going to say: I have watched Rich travel a road from n00b pc-buyer to X-treme Mod-God and marvelled at his growing skills...
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    Crysis: very VERY Steep System Requirements

    According to those crazy Canadians over at Futureshop...Crysis has some pretty unforgiving system requirements And in case they take it down.... Here's a pic...
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    Alienware Aurora 5500 Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    First off, an abject apology. My impressions of the relationship between AW and [H] is of one that is to a degree adverserial. Remarks, articles, little zingers and dings led me to believe that if an AW system was ever would not be one delivered in an impartial manner. Now...
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    How to get a 300-point increase in 3DMark06

    Well All I used to do was open the side of the case and generally use a can of compressed air over the board, and using a brush to get into hard to reach places and then clean the cpu heatsink. I never did any more than this and certainly never removed the cards from their slots, let alone...
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    How to get a 300-point increase in 3DMark06

    Step1: Remove from their slots and remove the covers of your graphics-cards; get rid of these and clean out the fans and heatsinksof your 6800gt's. Then re-run 3DMark06 and marvel at the difference cleaning your dirty cards can make. I learnt that just cleaning your insides with...
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    Smooth Painted rig

    DB Good to see you again, really good. Did you get the mail I sent? the ALX up and running yet? Catch ya soon...
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    Intel VIIV

    How far out on a limb am here with this piece of conjecture? VI =====> ROMAN NUMERALS = 6 IV =====> ROMAN NUMERALS = 4 Intel 64? 64bit processing? Ok, ok, I hear the limb breaking and I'm falling down down !!!SPLAT!!! Any other conjectures?
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    Post your desktop

    Been using this for about a year now....maybe I should change? lolol
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    N00b help request

    Thanks to all you guys, I knew I would get some ideas and help. Thanks and keep on posting here if you have any more ideas Red
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    More money than sense

    Hi I'm buying a pc for all the wrong I just like the way it looks. It's an Alienware Aurora and it'll cost me just under $2000. I just like the case and the whole look. I mean I I could get a nicer-looking case and better specs for less money and save a bundle buying and...
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    N00b help request

    Hi I'm the guy lying on the floor in anyone of the HL2 Deathmatches you have just played, or the stain on the wall, or the crumpled piece of flesh wearing a radiator, or...nevermind, you know me now. I'm new to this whole online deathmatch thingy and tend to spend my life spawning and...
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    Lycos Spam Screensaver Link Neale
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    Newbie query regarding pci-express

    Hi all I have a few questions, and I know the [H]ard readership can answer them for me so here goes: 1. Are there any AMD motherboards that feature PCI-Express? 2. Is PCI-Express only on Intel boards? 3. Will AMD boards ever have PCI-Express? 4. If AMD boards won't have it, do they...