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    WTB or trade for Seasonic DPC-850 psu

    Early Day bump
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    WTB or trade for Seasonic DPC-850 psu

    Early Day bump
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    WTB or trade for Seasonic DPC-850 psu

    Morning bumpiity bunp
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    WTB or trade for Seasonic DPC-850 psu

    Looking for a new or used Seasonic DPC-850 syncro connect or possibly a DGC-750 syncro connect psu that fits their Q704 case. For reference see the link below. If you are interested in a trade I have a Seasonic DGC-650 PSU still in the shrink-wrap and an open box Seasonic comprise connect 750...
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    Seasonic syncro connect dpc-850

    Can I buy from Seasonic Europe directly for a DPC-850 to be shipped to Florida, USA, 32909?
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    Seasonic syncro connect dpc-850

    Anyone know where I can find a Seasonic syncro connect 850 (new or used) for my Seasonic q704 case. I feel like I'm hunting for hens teeth! Zip on B&H, the egg, Amazon or ebay, also even went looking in Europe. I'm wondering if Seasonic is coming out with a syncro connect 850 ATX 3.0 as they are...
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    Do use a UPS or surge suppressor?

    I've got two APC units. The SU-1000 for my computer and a Back-UPS 650 for my TV and router. Got them both around the early 90's and they still work fine although the SU-1000 has a slight buzz from the transformer. Once I source them it will be solder time!
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    Prime Day 2023 Deals?

    I saw the SN850X selling for $90 on Amazon one of the days. They also ran the Samsung 980 Pro w/heatsink for $99.99 and Best Buy was the same. Got it from Best Buy as it was order and pick up the same day. Love the USA! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
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    What is this white film in my loop?

    I think it comes from something that is breaking down from the tubing. I don't expect to have that problem anymore as I'm now using tubing that's pretty much impervious to anything that we use as coolant along with a host of other industrial chemicals. After I get done cleaning I then sterilize...
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    Asus tuf gaming x570 pro wifi II - water cool chipset?

    My version has no fan, just a humongous hunk of aluminum sitting on a piece of thermal putty. Decided to skip it as I would have to pay someone to make the Aquacomputer screen to fit the odd board holes. Guess it's time to just melt the sterling silver block.
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    Need a RX 7900 XT reference card waterblock?

    My guess is that all these watercooling companies are pulling their horns in due to worldwide economic issues. I specifically asked AC in an email when could I buy one and they just said they got bigger fish to fry. My guess is that AC does a ton of business with their Aquasuite ecosystem with...
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    Need a RX 7900 XT reference card waterblock?

    Ekwb said they weren't interested and I asked twice directly and through PPCS. Aquacomputer isn't making any new gpu blocks for Nvidia or AMD flavors. Watercool didn't seem too interested either.
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    Need a RX 7900 XT reference card waterblock?

    Alphacool is presently manufacturing one now for the RX 7900 XT reference design made by AMD and their board partners. I just bought one from ModMyMods for my XFX and expect to have it by Friday. Don't know how many they have in stock, but I expect them to sell fast. Alphacool Eisblock Aurora...
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    How to get this air bubble out? Drill? Buy a not-shitty block?

    Get an AquaComputer Leakshield and these kinds of problems go bye bye. For myself I don't use hose barbs, I use Legris push to connect fittings as they don't leak or let air in. I wouldn't worry too much about losing coolant over a year as it's probably related to insensible losses (where the...
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    Nvidia would like to correct the record on VRAM it seems lol

    If you can't beat the competitions' shit you call up engineering and marketing to baffle the consumer with technological terms, fancy graphics, and other bullshit. I was going to get an RTX 4080, but I just choke on any video card that costs more than a grand. Bought an XFX Radeon RX 7900 XT...
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    Seasonic syncro Q704 questions

    Interested in hearing from anyone who put watercooling gear in. I already have the case and a syncro connect 650 psu that I got as a freebie from Newegg a couple of years ago. I got a few Aquastream pumps and I just recently acquired an Ultitube D5 200. If I use 6mm x 8mm tubing I will use the...
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    Asus tuf gaming x570 pro wifi II - water cool chipset?

    I have a sterling silver Aquacomputer Twinplex and it looks nice. It's been sitting on my desk for a decade. Lol
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    Asus tuf gaming x570 pro wifi II - water cool chipset?

    Anyone popped the x570 chipset heatsink and water cooled it on Asus x570 tuf gaming wifi II motherboard?
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    APC SMART UPS SU1000 questions

    Have any idea what a new transformer runs? I can install it myself. Can I use larger amp batteries for extended runtime than the ones in the UPS? I only get about 15 minutes when the power goes out. On a side note are the newer ups any better as they seem much smaller?
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    APC SMART UPS SU1000 questions

    I got an APC Smart Ups SU1000. Not sure which version, but if I recall correctly it came out of an IBM facility. It's making a slightly annoying buzz. Any suggestions as where I can get it fixed? Also what are these units selling for with a new set of batteries as I found its recommend...
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    Any way to power one 4 pin (molex) device from TWO PSU's?

    Did you already ask Aquacomputer support as well as the online forums? If no answer in the English forum post in the appropriate German forum. If I recall correctly the Aquaero 6 will power up both D5 pumps. You use the fan headers if you are using PWM. Using the active splittty board should...
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    How long do motherboards generally last?

    I bought an Asus Crosshair III Formula in 2009 and it still works great. As long as you don't get crazy on the overclocking they last a long time. This board's LED turns red to let you know when you are crazy. I've been running in the yellow since day one.
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    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB $139.99 @Amazon @NewEgg @Best Buy

    I like WD, but just bought the 2TB from BB. I'm thinking of buying another when I go pick it up today. 2TB boot + 2TB data drive would be sweet!
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    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB $139.99 @Amazon @NewEgg @Best Buy

    I've been looking for the good Samsung 980 Pro deal and today I noticed that Best Buy, Newegg, and Amazon are all selling the 2 TB, 1 TB, 500 GB and 250 GB on sale. The 2 TB has dropped a few more dollars to $139.99 and the others have dropped as well...
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    Deciding between 2 drives.

    Over on BB there selling now for $159 and they were going for $149 about 10 days ago. I think I will pick up a pair of 990 pro 2 TB for $179 each. 😁
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    Recommended upgrade from Seasonic Gold 850w PSU?

    Always get the most watts that seems reasonable to you considering the cost and the modern technology. If your build requires 850w it doesn't matter whether you get an 850w or a 2 Kw PSU. Except that the 2 Kw future proofs you for X amount of time.
  27. T going out of business sale 50% off

    Last time I looked PCP&C was making the Turbo Cool line again. I bought a Turbo Cool 850 SLI and ran it for about 14 years with zero problems except it was noisy as it had a boat type prop for a fan in it Lol As far as PerformancePCs goes I've been buying stuff from them for almost 2 decades...
  28. T going out of business sale 50% off

    It's been running for about 14 years. Never changed the coolant except for topping off for insensible losses. Ran all kinds of metals including anodized aluminum in the loop with no problems. AC Fluid really works. Finally had to take it apart as the tubing ate itself up. Now I'm revamping...
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    VR gun stock recommendation?

    I recently bought a reference design RX 7900 XT and one of the reasons I got it was in a pre release review it suggested that the USB C port on my video card would be making those who engage in VR very happy. Are there any stocks that have the feel of an M4 carbine?
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    Is this a freebie? If so how much for shipping?
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    How to check if a "New" hard drive is refurb using CrystalDiskInfo

    I buy lots of stuff from Amazon, but only if they are the seller and shipper. The reason is I typically want it now and free 2 day shipping. If it seems like an out of this world deal then it isn't.
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    A quarter of a year after Asus motherboard purchase, I'm still without a usable one - my disaster Asus RMA experience

    The last time I used Asus drivers was when I had an Asus Crosshair III Formula board. Since then I just let Windows institute the proper drivers on Windows 10. Of course you have to do your part in setting up the BIOS/UEFI correctly before installing Windows which is difficult because Asus...
  33. T going out of business sale 50% off

    Another Frozen CPU going out for business sale?
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    Samsung reportedly working on optimizing the AMD GPU for the next Exynos flagship chipset

    I have an AMD RX 7900 XT (RDNA 3) card and I think I'll get a used phone to tide me over till I can get a RDNA 3 based smartphone!
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    How to repair a scratch

    In that case (no pun) get some Aluminum Black and see how it looks on some obscure place. When I've used it on my Lian Li case it's good for little touch up work. Think how you would repair a scratch on a fine walnut top. The trick of it is to have the eye never to see it in the first place.