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    Network pics thread

    I think someone needs to go to the Seattle museum and clean up their cdc 6500 wiring mess
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    Network pics thread

    Nice n Tidy Mate.... thumbs up
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    Network pics thread

    I was surprised there was so many RED leds showing.... ??
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    The Hazards Of Distracted Driving

    Tests have proven talking on the phone whilst driving are actually WORSE than drink driving..... As your mind is elsewhere..... and not actually in the car. my favourite video
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    Human Driver vs. Autonomous Racecar

    2 x Audi's 1 being a police car loaded to the hilt with all the Police Gear in the trunk... passenger cage, 2 x police, radios etc etc. 1 being the standard car of identical model Program them both the same and lets watch what happens
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    Network pics thread

    Hmmm, Guess I am really unlucky 47C Here in my garage last year..... only get like 10mins to play before things start shutting down. BTW 15000 RPM HDD's burn the fingers when you run them in those temps ;) .
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    Samsung Serif TV Preview

    I have just one question. WHY?
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    VR Cage That Suspends You In Mid-Air

    Only Limited by the size of your room, and the contents of your stomach :D .
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    $340 Audiophile Ethernet Cable Tear Down

    The customer feedbacks had me in fits
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    Mcity Is A Fake Town For Testing Self-Driving Cars

    Not only that, but who is to blame when two driver less cars collide.... Good one for the insurance companies to fight over:D
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    Mcity Is A Fake Town For Testing Self-Driving Cars

    Adelaide Australia is allowing driver less cars on real roads for testing god help us all:eek:
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    How far apart is the G7 and the MSA70? All you need is to hook the onboard P410i to the MSA70 and use the onboard P410i to raid up the drives in the MSA70 Search ebay for either a SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 cable and poke it straight out the back of the G7 into the MSA70 or buy a more neater setup...
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    The Military is Building A Hoverbike

    At 25 second mark, it show what to me looks like a BMW R1200 Flat Twin Motor and a fuel tank (unknown capacity). So I am guessing maybe more like 1-2hrs flight time might be more the fully loaded adult model times.
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    Raid-1 Raid-10 Questions

    No Raid 1 supports as many HDD's as you like Raid 1 is a Mirror ---- eg 2nd drive is a mirror copy of the 1st drive no reason why you cant have a 10 way or more mirror set if you like. for shits and giggles for example lets make a 3 way mirror.... then once all drives are synced...
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    What would cause unused hard drives to die?

    Well I just cranked up an IBM server ( X3400 M3) after 2 months of being turned off one of the 1TB SAS drives is dead (tick tick tick) cant spin up. It happens yes when they just sit there.....also happens when they are being used. HDDs fail....hence why backups etc are important.;) .
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    Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Paris Air Show Video, Now with Angles!

    Whats the deal with the throttles? In the steep banks left and right Are they controlled from the wheel now? or is the planes smarts moving the controls back and forward automatically? ??
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Search eBay for HP 654540-001 They work well with most hot swap bays, just watch the airflow.... .
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    Guys Check your SATA power plugs!!!

    if you can manage to put all that black stuff back in, you should be fine.....
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    New HDD making a squeak/chirp like sound ?

    yes, some hdd's make that weird chirping sound.......threw me for a while when i first heard it. .
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    how to get better performance out of mdraid

    Troubleshooting High I/O Wait in Linux
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    how to get better performance out of mdraid

    I beg to differ A good reason to partition the disk is this You create a raid array of say 4 x 2tb seagate drives. Later down the track you have a drive fail.... So you pull out the dead seagate drive and replace it with say a WD 2tb drive..... But the WD is slightly smaller. So now...
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    how to get better performance out of mdraid

    So your using the full disk and not partition for MD Raid? I would rebuild it again, this time making an aligned partition 1st, Then Create the array from the partitions. eg partition disks with 4k sectors sudo parted /dev/sdc GNU Parted 2.3 Using /dev/sdc Welcome to GNU Parted! Type...
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    8087 cabling issue.

    you need cable ends like this .
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    Network pics thread

    Are they 4270's or 4170's? Whats the noise factor of them? .
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    Windows Server with iSCSI Mounts and 100% Uptime - NetApp

    I would be asking the client if they drive their cars 24/7 and not allow downtime to service them and to put fuel in? .
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    Received a free lightly used MSA60... need some advice!

    That would be a controller limitation, not a backplane / expander limitation. Time for a new controller .
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    Astronauts Find Living Organisms on ISS Exterior

    That things nose looks wayyyyy to perfectly formed. Looks like a little plastic gear I have sitting on my desk:eek:
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Is it a SAS 5/E or a PERC 5/e?
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    understand mpt2sas kernel messages?

    was the drive actually bad.... or was it crippled on NCQ ? eg Os thinks the drive has an NCQ value of 32 (most drives these days).... but drive actually has an NCQ of 1. hence as I have found out with a bunch of similar drives (seagate STblahblahM001) 2 out of the 12 that I have are...
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    HP ProLiant MicroServer owners' thread

    I would say, no. Gen 7 (N54L) memory is usually 1.5v .... 10600 .
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    supermicro backplane issues

    M1015 can't see whole backplane.... Or can't recognised some drives ? I have had it where it can't recognize some drive in the bays once pulled... Grabbed a torch and had a look at the sas connections, and there were dust bunnies in them. Paintbrush and some air to blow them out and all...
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    Synology NAS with WD Green; good/bad idea?

    Synologies are / should already be setup to handle WD green drives eg On one of my systems I have 4 old 2TB Greens 2 x EARS and 2 x EADS have a look in the folder /usr/syno/etc/rc.d MicroDS> ls -asl 4 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Mar 16 00:33 . 4...
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    LSI 3080X-R

    It was a while ago but. .
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    Hard drive activity in BIOS / before OS boot. Whats going on?

    Drives setup in a raid array ??
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    Cheapest and Most Practical Technique for Archiving Large-ish Amounts of Data

    if your going to use tape for archiving...... DO NOT use compression, and or do not backup compressed files to tape. Reason why? Just plain stream the files to tape using (amy unix variant) TAR Even if a tape will be able to stream the data off of the tape.... up until the...
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    Finally did it...what OS to run

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    resize of large ext4 filesystem with resize2fs does not work

    As a caveat for using ext4 with volumes > 16TB, you'll need to use a newer version of e2fsprogs if you want to create a filesystem that will support 16TB+. Ubuntu 12.04 comes with e2fsprogs version 1.42, and this version supports creating a 64bit filesystem (will support > 16TB) like this...
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    XPEnology? reliable?

    I have setup several of them.....3 full time Uptime is not a problem.... if it wasn't for me fiddling with the damn things......I would say they have been up and working for nearly a year so far
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    Buffalo Link Station, argh!

    This help ? .
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    Favorite Fibre Storage Platform

    I struggled with it a while ago... Tho in the end it was quite easy with solaris. info here .