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    Need suggestions on OSX email client

    Spark looks cool. I'll test drive it myself, thank you! I got onto Canary when it was Free Download as well, they only started charging later. Let's see if Spark can remain free.
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    Need suggestions on OSX email client

    I am sorry to ruffle feathers. Please accept my apologies for wasting your time. I won't go any further into disputing your suggestions. Mail was a hassle for me - Canary works. I am not affiliated with the developer and I was searching for Mail alternative for months.
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    Need suggestions on OSX email client

    I understand it. Mail suffers from iTunes syndrome - Apple trying to re-invent a workflow/UX for the sake of differentiating themselves. At the same time it manages to clog the system drive with it's uncompressed, badly indexed mbox store. Poor programming + clumsy UI = bad software.
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    Need suggestions on OSX email client

    I use Canary - only drawback is that it does not check nested folders automatically.
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    What games had the best music?

    I believe the soundtrack was insturmental (ehm...) in Fallout becoming as successful as it was.
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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    Would be hilarious if they did it during the Champions League final :)
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    Thunderbolt Motherboard Otions

    Just built an ASUS Z370-A + ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 based system and all is rosy.
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    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    It would be a brilliant marketing move if this came from AMD.... :phantom:
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    Internet Radio Server?

    I like REAPER, but anything would work.
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    Internet Radio Server?

    DAW -> Virtual Sound Card(of your preferred flavour) -> butt -> IceCAST server This setup gives me the most flexibility when streaming live events.
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    No, the Linux Desktop Hasn’t Jumped in Popularity

    The model for Linux is different than the paradigms used for Windows/macOS. The onus is on the distro maintainers to offer correctly configured packages of your software for their distro. If the distro does not bundle LibreOffice then it is not for the user that seeks it and they should look...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    I still play spfix63.exe in DOSBox every now and then. Finishing this game is on my bucket list! :)
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    24/7 linux server underclock

    You should enable the 'powersave' or 'conservative' cpu frequency governor, either by compiling it into the kernel or loading the module, depending on your distro. Also the choice between Intel P-States driver and ACPI CPUfreq driver can affect power consumption...
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    Firefox 57 Will Hide Search Bar and Use a Uni-Bar, like Chrome

    It was original Opera who had it first, Chrome was way later.
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    temporary network cable like a extension cord?

    We use this for touring PA systems
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    7 US Tech Companies Pile on Google

    I don't like Google as much as anyone and the thought of Alphabet having influence in almost everything makes me slightly uneasy, but that is a list of scumbag companies right there.
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    WannaCrypt Makes an Easy Case for Linux

    Feels good....
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    WannaCrypt Makes an Easy Case for Linux

    You are wrong. Ever heard of ACL?
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    Windows just works and Other OS improvements

    Is this thread part of the new "Microsoft <3 Linux" campaign? :)
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    Former Compiz Developer: Free Software Desktop Might Enter A Dark Age [editorial]

    I'll miss it as it runs my phone... Shame that the whole convergence idea sunk in the incredible delusions of grandeur and stubbornness demonstrated by Canonical, which is one of the points of the article. Not worried about the dark ages just yet though.
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    Over 15,000 Fraudulent PayPal Certificates Issued to Phishing Sites

    Seems like someone is not happy that simple Domain Validation is free of charge. Judging by the comments here they are being successful... Shame. Charging for Domain Validation is a racket. Show me a CA that carries out manual checks for DV certificates. Domain Validation certificates already...
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    Firefox 52 Brings Modern PC Games to Your Browser, Bans Plug-Ins

    I was waiting for this. Really happy it's done. Here's hoping it will not descend to obscurity...
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    Tesla Employee Writes of Low Wages, Poor Morale

    Ducman69 Are you saying that US economic sanctions, support of anti government groups and general politics of hostility have nothing to do with the state of their economy? Chile #2?
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    Munich May Be Dumping Linux for Windows 10

    I know, quoting out of context is not cool, but when there's smoke...
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    How do i convert my website to SSL..Help!

    The easiest way these days is using They have great documentation and "It Just Works"
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    AMD Zen Shrinks x86 Area and Power

    The whole die area of Skylake is 122 mm^2, so I believe they are doing it correctly and not including the GPU in the comparison.
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    AMDGPU-PRO install on Zorin OS

    Just an idea... Get rid of the space so it looks like ID=ZorinOS . No guarantees.
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    My new M.2 SSD is too short to mount in laptop

    Like so?
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    Accessing a NAS from multiple OS'es

    Samba is your friend. I successfully run CentOS with Samba in similar scenarios you describe - old computer parts + mix of Win Mac and Lx desktops/laptops.
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    Moving to a small form factor, need audio advice.

    Isn't the diagram you posted relevant to Core 2? The distribution since Core iX looks more like this (and that's a lowly H55 platform...): By your reasoning, if the CPU sends data to USB, the Ethernet and SATA are blocked...I don't believe this, please show some test data.
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    Moving to a small form factor, need audio advice.

    Huh? Are you implying that the 10 core CPU is connected directly to USB? Any data to support this?
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    List all the OS you currently actively use (computers & phones/tablets)

    In order of time spent in the OS: Mac OS X 10.10 - general desktop + content creation + general laptop Gentoo - file/web servers + wife's laptop Windows 10 - work CentOS 6 - storage server Windows 7 - games + legacy apps Windows XP and 7 embedded - specialised systems
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    Microsoft Will Make Steam "Progressively Worse" With Windows 10 Patches

    I can still run python 2.7 apps on OSX 10.11, just fine. I daily run ancient utilities on my Linux kernel 4.4.2 based server. Unless there is some definitive proof for your statement we can carry on presenting examples from our own experience. How do you define 'enormous'?
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    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    I had troubles with it before. Super long DNS lookups and even timeouts that were solved by disabling the local cache. You are saving mere bytes of network traffic by having it on.
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    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    Did you try disbling the DNS Client service?
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    USAF Lost 12 Years Of Investigations Thanks To A Corrupted File

    I don't know... You can probably find similarities between preferred government contractors like LM and the government itself...
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    British Lawmakers Pass New Digital Surveillance Law

    I don't want to question Reuters too much but... Investigatory Powers Bill 2015-16 to 2016-17 — UK Parliament
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    How Intel Turned Thunderbolt From A Failure Into A Success

    Something like this?™%20Networking%20Bridging%20and%20Routing%20Instructional%20White%20Paper.pdf Apple's stuff supports IP over Thunderbolt for a few years now, not sure about Win... Or would you rather use this? Products -...