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    Retro-Style Game Volgarr the Viking.

    Wow, I just felt like a ten year old again.This seems pretty awesome. Has anyone actually bought it and played it yet? I have to agree that I don't think it is worthy of $12, and will probably wait the couple of months it takes to get down to $5.
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    Blizz Email.. Opps we gave you $1440.00???

    Be careful. I would contact Paypal directly about this especially if you never received the money. Check your paypal statement just to be sure. A few months ago I got a fake Paypal email that was supposed to be a receipt. If I hadnt been paying attention I would have though my paypal was hacked...
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    Steam Family Sharing

    Really? Ten devices? That's really awesome! Does this mean they're going to start charging for steam or will it all still be free? I like the idea of being prioritized with the game too, that's pretty awesome, can't wait.
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    Plants vs Zombies 2 out on ipad

    I downloaded it, but havent really had the time to explore it yet. If the purchasing certain flowers is their draw then I'm pretty disappointed already. I'm getting pretty sick of finding games that just want your money....
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    AMD Never Settle Reloaded - currently short on Bioshock Infinite keys

    Glad I didn't buy the card. I think Bioshock Infinite would have been worth the wait though. Have you played it yet? It is pretty amazing. I grabbed the season pass after I finished it, looks like they're going to have some amazing DLC coming out.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Finally got the game, but I'm really not impressed with it. I guess I was expecting a little bit more from the third edition of the all of the cool trailers just made it out like it was going to be something else. Hate to say it but I'm already bored with it.
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    Dying Light

    Yeah this looks like one of the coolest zombie games I've seen on the market thus far. I'm excited to see what it is actually going to be like...need to look into pre-ordering sometime soon though.
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    EA customer contact?

    Ea charged me several different times for content that wouldn't go through. I went on the live chat thing and it was pretty ridiculous. I don't think the person helping spoke English well because they didn't seem to grasp my problem at all. Luckily the problem resolved itself and I didn't have...
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    Why aren't games getting cheaper in a digital world?

    I only ever buy things when they're on sale anyway...which everything I have bought I've bought much cheaper than I would a hard copy. So, I guess it just depends on how you shop. But yeah, you have to expect the company allowing you to download to take a cut. Plus, the games are locked to only...
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    Skyrim Stuttering

    A lot of people have had a hard time with Skyrim. I had to give up on my old computer, thankfully this one works without a problem. Hope you get everything worked out though so you can actually enjoy the game.
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    Are all games going to become p2w?

    I agree. I'm not enjoying all the extra things they try to scam out of you. Sims is another example. They are constantly coming out with expansions and the like, but are still making content they sell on their site. You have to keep buying points to enjoy new stuff and with sims if you don't...
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    Dragon Age question

    Did you try to see if you could buy it used at Game Stop? If not, I'd try Amazon because they're fairly good at keeping things at a low price. Would have to agree with Dragon Age 2...what on earth were they thinking? One huge disappointment.
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    Weird Japanese video game: Japan World Cup 3

    I want it. Anyone know where I can buy and if you can get it to play in English. I wouldn't mind the Japanese if you can't but would like to hear some of the descriptions. Thanks for sharing, certainly made my day.
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    Card Hunter..anyone?

    Seems interesting. Does it take up a whole lot of time? I like games that I can check up on but don't have to spend a lot of time on. I'm not into games that require you spend real money either, especially since I usually get bored after a few months.
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    The Future of Darksiders & Red Faction IP

    I love Darksiders and I'm glad they were picked up despite the company going down in flames. Red Faction was amazing as well and I'm also hoping to see a new one before I'm too old to enjoy it!
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    Elder scrolls online $14.99 a month

    Is the online version of the game a lot less glitchy than the XBOX version? I would consider the paying the fee, but only if the game didn't mess up as much as it did before. So frustrating.
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    Flick Golf (IOS)

    Nice. Just saw this but I hope it is still free as I need a nice golf game to get me through all of those boring areas of work. Thanks for the heads up though, I'm pumped.
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    Haha, wow that looks creepy as all get out. I hadn't actually heard anything about it either, but it might be a cool chill factor game to buy the time before something really cool comes it doesn't cost a whole lot.
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    Infinity Blade II

    Is it available for IOS and is it free? I might try to check it out when I find some time. I need a new game, but not sure if I am looking for this sort of the game. Thanks for sharing the idea though.
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    PC Gamers are propping up declining PC market :D

    I wouldn't game on anything but my PC. I tried XBOX once but couldn't stand the controllers nor do I like hogging the TV from others. The computer allows me to jump between leisure time and work, which makes me happy that I don't need more gadgets...especially with all the console rivalries...
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    Duck Tales - Remastered Did you get it?

    Man, I really used to love Duck Tales as a kid. I might have to pick up the game just for a little taste of nostalgia. However, I don't want to drop a whole lot of money on it, especially since the original wasn't exactly intricate.
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    Game Suggestions for my GF

    Well, luckily Sims 4 will be out next year, so you have ample time to save up for a new computer! We have a few people in the household that wouldn't play anything but Sims. I finally broke down and bought Bioshock Infinite and everyone in the house seems to want to play....which is...
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    Any turn-based rpg-type games for mobiles?

    Have you tried Shakes and Fidget? There's not a whole lot to it, but it is turn based. I find it is a bit of fun when you get into it, but can be addiction. Luckily you can only spend so much time on it in one day. Plus, they're always upgrading so as you level there will be more things to do.
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    Shield is doing GREAT!!!

    I'd love to have one, but as stated it is way too expensive for my taste. That being said, I totally love joy stick games and I wish they would put out some more games that actually allow you to play with one!
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    what to play when I'm stuck at grandmas?

    You could jump on the bandwagon and play Candy Crush like everyone else on the planet but me. I'd play Saints Row at my grandmas, only because I like to drive her crazy. I'd play Bioshock too. If you're looking for low key games I'd find an N64 or Sega Genesis and find some Mortal Kombat, Primal...