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    The Altcoin Thread

    Thanks Dark Shade, it appears to be answering again.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    So f5theinternet, is currently not loading today. Any news?
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    New to litecoin - Does [H] have a pool?

    I have to say, for being a new miner, coinhuntr has been a good experience. Friendly blokes in their IRC chan, very helpful, quite responsive. I've had no issues with the website, or with the servers serving up blocks to work, and no weird shit getting coins out.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I'll give f5 a whirl....see how feathers is doing.
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    So how to invite for feathercoin pool?

    So how to invite for feathercoin pool?
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    CO: Free Server Rack

    Yeah where at? 2 or 4 post? More info?
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    FS: Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard.

    So, long story short, I've got an essentially brand new Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard. (Not the LE version) I had origionally purchased am open box sabertooth for a build for my stepson, and had issues with a new build. Thought it was the motherboard, and purchased this Asus, but the problems...
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    Holy .....

    This is why I love having free electricity. Well its not free, but I have all inclusive utilities as part of my rent. Muaahaahaa.
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    Network pics thread

    The almost empty patch panel in the middle, goes with the almost empty switch just above it, that only has 1 thing plugged into it.
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    Network pics thread

    So, I figured I'd share my network at work. Please keep in mind, What you see in the picture I inherited. I've only been here since April in my current capacity. Yes I'm very aware that we have alot of work left to do.........alot.......
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    Network pics thread

    Or a quad socket AMD 20 core......
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    Next contest......

    Many prizes, and must be an existing folder to win.
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    Pentium or Core processors?

    Pentium is 2 core i3 is 2 core HT i5 is 4 core i7 is 4 core HT Each step....pentium to i3, to i5 to i7 in general is a performance increase. Why the i3 has 2 core and HT is that performance wise...its better to have 2 core with HT...than not (pentium) but its not as good as having 4...
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    World wide folding contest.

    Aah, all up in the denver area...thats cool. I'll be the ghetto southerner in the Colo bunch then. 8D
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    World wide folding contest.

    I'm from Pueblo...lived here all my life. I used to work up in springs till last year...and my wife still works there...up off woodman. Who else do we have from Colorado? I seem to recall someone saying in this thread that they were from Colorado...but I dont see it any more....was that...
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    World wide folding contest.

    Pueblo, I used to work in Springs till last year....and my wife still works up in Springs.
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    World wide folding contest.

    Colorado in tha hizzhause.
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    I'll throw a few days of my daily driver SMP over to T32 for this. Anything to watch EV Gapes loose horribly.
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    Top 20 team 33 ppd

    Crap, we have 6 people averaging over 1 meelion PPD...with a couple more who are almost there. Hell I remember back in the uniprocessor days...1 meelion points PERIOD was a big deal. God that makes me feel old.
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    P4 folding

    There is a HUGE backlog of uniprocessor work to do in f@h. I second the comment, if the electricity bill does not worry you, fire it up and fold uniprocessor.
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    *waves* at AtlasFolder

    Damn kids and their lawn mowers.... 8D
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    *waves* at AtlasFolder

    Heh, yah its like nothing, and then all of a suddent he was at 24 hours. Lol I'll take solace in the fact that i've been around these parts way longer than him..yah thats it! 8)
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    *waves* at AtlasFolder

    Crap bro, gonna get mowed over here. Less than 24 hours till you pass. I better get the hell out of the way. 8)
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    [H]ard Box Entry Thread

    Y not 8)
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    Computer finalized! "For the [H]orde" Boxen Giveaway!

    Woot hit my 1 meelion mark with 5 days to spare.
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    "For the [H]orde Boxen Giveaway!" Signup

    Cant remember if I entered. Here goes.
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    Made it to the top 100

    I've been silently chillin at around 80 ish for some time now, not really movin up or back. I pass some dead folders and get mowed by others. I rarely post around here, but top 100 is pretty good stuff considering the company up here.
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    1 beeeelion points

    FTW I know in general i'm just a lurker around here. Pretty quiet most of the time, been around for several years. I never thought we would see a Beelion.
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    SMP Client & Service Mode

    Well if its not wise as a service...does everyone just manually launch the damn thing each time you reboot a machine? *EDIT* Never mind, the thread you pointed me to is explaining. Thanks
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    SMP Client & Service Mode

    Ok, i'm a long time folder here, and generally just lurk. I recently got around to installing the SMP client on a few machines. Work Unit times and everythign seem fine etc. However I cant seem to get the stupid thing to start up as a service. Maby i'm just being an R-Tarde here, but I've...
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    [H]ard DCer of the Month for May

    I 2nd or 3rd the nomination for Tormond.
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    [H]ard DCer of the Month for May

    I sekond tormond.