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    Kodak Announces KODAKCoin and Stock Doubles

    Actually I don't figure selfishness to replace fitness, selfishness has always been around, I figure "having money" to make money being "fit" these days. Everything runs on money in our zeitgeist, when way back (caveman like) it ran on strength and stamina, that was survival of the fittest.
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    Kodak Announces KODAKCoin and Stock Doubles

    Said everyone that made off with money from Madoff and every other scheme, but as long as you're ok with the world going into the crapper, so be it, right... We never left the survival of the fittest, fit just doesn't mean physical strength anymore.
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    NSA’s Top Talent Is Leaving: Low Pay, Slumping Morale, Unpopular Reorganization

    Sorry, maybe you didn't see the word "supposed". Maybe seeing that word and understanding what I'm saying with the rest of the line it was in, you wouldn't have replied with the rest of your comment.
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    Your Car May Soon Serve You Ads

    And when the bend over and take it in the ass crowd saying shit like "well, it will save me money, I won't mind seeing ads, I'll just ignore them" shows advertiser and other corporate companies that they appreciate the amount of lube offered, it will become ads with small fees for services, then...
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    Apple Will Replace Batteries Regardless of Condition for $29

    Then put your money where your bullshit mouth is flapping and buy an Apple, they have you covered by your own arguments. I don't buy flagship anything, I don't buy overpriced phones that could fail and break my heart or wallet, that's a lesson I also learned with my age as I previously...
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    NSA’s Top Talent Is Leaving: Low Pay, Slumping Morale, Unpopular Reorganization

    All part of the dissolving plan of world governments to turn everything into a corporate world with private enterprise controls over the people. Therefore, the people will not be able to vote for leaders, they're too stupid and fall for the bullshit propaganda anyway. Remember people...
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    Apple Will Replace Batteries Regardless of Condition for $29

    The last thing I want to see is a battery glued in. This has been and continues to be my theme in these type threads, non-user friendly devices that trap you into this bullshit, but you just read the parts you want. You fell for it, normally costs $79, so what a bargain at $29; WTF how about I...
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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    You'll never find me cheerleading for Obama, but he didn't appoint people to heads of departments that wanted nothing more than to tear that department down or didn't even know what the department did. Obama did try to state some laws, but he was the executive branch, the legislative branch...
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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    You both got that right, unfortunately the SEC has become toothless and can easily be bought off, it will only get worse by this admin.
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    SEC Warnings about Bitcoin and Israel Mulls Pulling Cryptocurrency Stocks

    This is the crap the SEC can still go after let's see how much they will be able to continue to go after once they really get the gutting that is planned for them, helped by the votes...
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    FCC May Vote Next Month on Change to Broadband Definition

    If this is your comment, then you clearly don't understand what is happening here. ^ This guy gets it Vaulter98c.
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    Apple Will Replace Batteries Regardless of Condition for $29

    No more self repair is all by design, there isn't any future revenue in people being able to do their own repairs. Sure, a case can be made that is the inevitable future of tech as things continue to get smaller and more complex, but don't be fooled to thinking that is solely the case. I have...
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    Apple Will Replace Batteries Regardless of Condition for $29

    You couldn't be more wrong, you must be under 25 years old. I am 48, I grew up in the day where we (the user) learned how to be self sufficient at our own repairs, we learned how to be hands on and build things, Radio Shack had kits for us to learn, I am DiY personified. We sure as hell didn't...
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    Apple Will Replace Batteries Regardless of Condition for $29

    If you paid $79 to have a phone battery replaced, ask for some free lube.
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    Outcry as YouTube Star Posts Video of Dead Body in Japan

    They are the same sycophants that yell "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry" and the sycophants like Jerry that get rich off the filth. Exploitation is older than prostitution, both of them have legal and illegal options. America's Most Talented is another of Jerry's ventures that exploits the many for the...
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    Apple Apologizes and Offers $29 Battery Changes

    lol, what I find funny about your comment is you should be butt-hurt, but Apple has supplied your anal region with so much astro glide, you don't feel it as much as you should. I guess the lack of a headphone jack and TouchID finally got you to feel something and say "hey Apple, what are you...
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    Venezuela to Release Petro Cryptocurrency Within Days

    Indeed, if the 'petro' is as rich as the irony, they'll be just fine :)
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    Microsoft Says It’s Time to Kill Off the Password

    Exactly! This rush of user biometric bullshit has nothing to do with our security, it is merely a vessel to see how willing the sheep are at giving up personal information under the guise of user convenience and of course "the cool factor". Where all this data winds up is not for the sheep to...
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    Apple Rumored to Slash iPhone Prices Due to Lower Demand than Expected

    if the $200 to $500 (Xfinity) discounts for carrier signup didn't do it, why would a $50 cut from Apple?
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    Apple Loses Copyright Battle against Italian Company "Steve Jobs"

    So, did they learn something and copyright "Steve's Jobs" yet as well. If not, a guy named Steve can certainly start a job recruiting site sort of like Angie's List. lol, don't get me started on what the porn industry can do with that name, good god, why am I wasting all these money makers on...
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    Amazon Updates Fire TV’s YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead

    Controlling their interests is how the make money, making money in their eyes is 'maximizing profit', not sharing profit. lol, you have a strange communist view of capitalism. It's a cool view from a logical and a humanitarian perspective, but it's not big business. You are on a countdown to...
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    Analysts Cut iPhone X Shipment Forecasts, Citing Lukewarm Demand

    Duh, that's why I answered your question with what I said ;)
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    Analysts Cut iPhone X Shipment Forecasts, Citing Lukewarm Demand

    All carriers, Apple rapes all equally :)
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    Analysts Cut iPhone X Shipment Forecasts, Citing Lukewarm Demand

    How many were sold at the $300 discount?
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    Is Technology About to Decimate White-Collar Work?

    What I always found funny about that dream is all it did was unite humanity, but it was business as usual with aliens now. Humans fought each other nearly wiping us out, but a single warp signature in the sky brings us our first alien (Vulcans) and all of a sudden we see the light and turn...
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    First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging Technology Approved by FCC

    EMF ON: Apply directly to the head.
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    Walmart Is Reportedly Developing a Store of the Future with No Cashiers

    No Gavv, I just found a different store, as I said to them "I won't be back". Reading a clearly written sign telling you the machine is CC only and then having to do a package placement dance when you try to check out IS a store issue, not a society, not a machine, and not my issue, it is a...
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    Comcast Is Accused of Signing Up Users for Deceptive Program without Consent

    "This call may be recorded for quality assurance or training", guess they'll have to start adding "or the retrieval for an Attorney General's office". Funny how these companies always hang up when I say the call is being recorded before we start. Also laughable was their complaining about all...
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    Snowden's New App Turns Your Android Phone into a Pocket-Sized Security System

    Well described, I read the page and couldn't figure out why the person you replied to couldn't figure it out, it was black&white. To think I've been deciding how to secure my travel trailer with IP cams, car alarm or what, now I have another option to look in to.
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    Kids in “Netflix Only” Homes Are Being Saved from 230 Hours of Commercials a Year

    While the value or problems of the programming are still in question, the constant bombardment of commercials trying to shape the wants and needs of youth being cut most certainly is a good thing. Most of these commercials only create useless consumerism and social headaches for their parents...
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    New Facebook Tool Tells Users If They’ve Liked or Followed Russia’s “Troll Army”

    I'm sure these people will appreciate the mark of gullibility appearing here and there, should go over well /s
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    Walmart Is Reportedly Developing a Store of the Future with No Cashiers

    Checkouts are finicky and getting worse, you have more hope than I in this regard. It tells me to just start scanning my item, so I did and put it on the checkout pad, then it tells me that the machine does not give back change and can only be used with a CC (already noted by a hand written...
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    Personal Records for 123 Million Americans Exposed in the Cloud

    Who made you think that? Sean Hannity?
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    Apple Addresses Alleged Throttling of iPhones with Degraded Batteries

    As a consumer, I don't buy devices that do not have a user replaceable battery, I consider it foolish and leaving yourself at the mercy of bullshit.
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    Iced Tea Company’s Stock Price Triples after Rebranding to “Long Blockchain Corp.”

    Like I said just a few days ago, crypto is just a buzzword now, blockchain is to. Ridiculous shit going on.
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    Walmart Is Reportedly Developing a Store of the Future with No Cashiers

    Fucking Amen to that, tired of the machine telling me something is on the checkout spot and needs to be removed before proceeding, tired of buying something that needs an attendant to come over with their code to approve the sale, tired of fucking security always wanting to check your receipt...
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    Litecoin, Bitcoin’s Fourth-Biggest Rival, Is up Nearly 5,800 Percent This Year

    lol, if that is the extent of your imaginative reach for a time machine, you would fail having one of those as well.
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    Disney Acquires 21st Century Fox for $52.4 Billion

    Just in time for me not to give a shit.
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    Daredevil Falls to Death after Filming Self atop 62-Story Skyscraper in China

    Not terrible at all, call me heartless as I have no empathy for stupid daredevils, their choice, but terrible would be him landing on and killing an innocent. I'm sure society appreciates the easy cleanup you suggest.