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    Canon t6s or wait

    Does anyone know when the t7 will be released? I'm looking to upgrade from my t5i and the t6s looks like a nice upgrade. But I don't know when canon is planning on releasing the new models. What are your guys thoughts. Wait for the t7, or get the t6s today.
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    Managed PDU Suggestions

    I got a weird request from my boss today. I'm not sure where to start so I thought maybe you guys could help me. I need a PDU that is remote manageable, but I also need it to be able to ran on a schedule. IE power off ports 1,2,5 etc at 8pm, and reapply power at 6:30am monday-friday. Does...
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    How much have you downloaded?

    Are you running vnstat on a ubnt edgerouter?
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    Powershell question

    I wasnt sure where to put this but I know a lot of you here use power shell. Im having issues trying to wrap my head around the correct syntax and thought maybe some of you could help. In a nutshell im trying to copy a file from one path to another, but its a bit weird. What i need to happen is...
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    Recommened ssd

    Im looking for a decent / cheap SSD for the wifes laptop. My only requirements are that its sataIII and costs around $75. Storage isn't an issue, shes currently using <25gig and I cant foresee her going over 50gig. Anyone have some suggestions?
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    unifi controller question

    Im pretty sure the answer is no, but... Is it possible for the controller to tell me how much data an IP or hostname has used on a given day/date?
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    New Lenovo Laptop Knocking out Router

    try putting the laptop in airplane mode, then disable airplane mode. That might be enough to bring it back online. This happens all the time on my wifes asus laptop with win8.1
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    vSphere console question

    Nothing happens. it only works after i open the popup console, then im able to access it again.
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    vSphere console question

    Hi gang, I have an odd issue. When im trying to access the console window of a vm in vSphere i cant access it under the console tab. It just shows up as a black box. However if i use a popup/popout console window i can access it just fine. Now, if i go back to the console tab i can interact...
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    Resetting Cisco Catalyst

    Port LEDs and Modes Each 10/100 port and module slot has a port LED. These port LEDs, as a group or individually, display information about the switch and about the individual ports. The port modes (Table 1-6) determine the type of information displayed through the port LEDs. To select or...
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    Need suggestions/insights on network gear needed for home network

    What about pfsense, untangle, smoothwall etc. Are you open to those options?
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    Alternatives to Ubiquiti AP's?

    Might want to check that out. Its under Organization / License info heres mine for example. License status Ok License expiration Oct 19, 2015 (794 days from now)
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    LED lights on my router keep blinking orange

    •• Green network activity indicator—On Ethernet ports, turns on when a cable connects the port to another Gigabit Ethernet port. On the Internet port, turns on while connected to a modem. •• Yellow activity indicator—Flashes to indicate network activity over that port. Its normal.
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    Cisco ASA5505 If you need more vlans and trunking you should go with the sec+ license.
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    smoke detector with wifi?

    Anyone happen to know if they make smoke detectors with wifi? I know they make smoke detectors that can interface with an alarm company, so i imagine that a detector with wifi is possible but i havent been able to find any. Ideally you would be able to send an alert if the detector was tripped...
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    unifi ap question

    Do i need to keep the controller running all the time to get device statistics? I really like that I can log into the controller and see that device "X" is currently connected and has used y/z for upload / download, but i hate to have to keep my pc on all the time just to get those stats. Is...
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    Networking nightmares

    Here's a pic of that cloud cut hole. Have to love people that cant read revised plans. :eek:
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    LACP Questions

    ^This. Any chance you can run dual cat6's back to the main LACP switch?
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    Cisco FlexStack Modules Table 1. Cable Lengths Product ID Length Description CAB-STK-E-0.5M 0.5 meters This is the default cable that ships with the FlexStack module.
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    HELP! Hooking up router to a switch

    Your doing it the wrong way. You need to go Modem --> Asus Router --> Switch.
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    Pinging Multiple IPs

    going to piggy back off of this thread. Currently at work im using CMD to ping 5 static internal IP's. (ping -t) This work pretty well, but im stuck having 5 cmd windows open all the time (these are always running, as i am consistently testing switches for deployments) I have...
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    Windows 8 storage space

    But this is only going to be on windows server 8.
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    New super fast Asus router, RT 66U "Black Knight" coming out

    Now its all sold out. New Arrival OUT OF STOCK. ETA: 01/13/2012.
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    Router OS to log bandwidth usage by IP?

    Also worth checking out is Smoothwall. It logs per IP by default.
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    Need a little assistance configuring a Linksys Router

    Do you have the latest firmware?
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    What's your SSID?

    currently: Pebcak Previous: TheWhatNow
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    Folding on windows sever 2k8r2 issue?

    sweet, deleting everything but those 2 files seems to have fixed it. Processing a a5 unit right now with 100% cpu utilization
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    Folding on windows sever 2k8r2 issue?

    I had 6.23. Downloaded this version and installed to c:\FAH6 ran the exe and added the shortcut to the desktop added -smp 8 -bigadv it pulled down a FahCore_78.exe and complained that it was not eligible for variable processors. then downloaded it again and started working on it...
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    Folding on windows sever 2k8r2 issue?

    Im bench testing some server machines and I thought I would load them up with fah to stress them. I followed the sticky guide "Windows SMP client installation guide" I downloaded Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008 Console client only zip file from stanford. Current sever specs is intel xeon...
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    Cisco asa experts?

    I purchased a few asa5520's from ebay for uber cheap, now i think i know why... Both of them do the exact same thing, I am unable to get ANY console activity from them. I have the following lights lit on the back of the unit. Power = Green Status = Amber Active = Amber VPN = Green Flash =...
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    Network pics thread

    Lol I love the 1600 on top!
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    Network pics thread

    How about this.. Does this take anyone down memory lane?
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    With ATT getting ready to add data caps..

    It will also break it down per IP address to. This way you can see what device is taking more bandwidth compared to others.
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    WAP stress test

    Yeah, i just want to make sure that its not dropping packets / works as described.
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    WAP stress test

    Hey guys I just bought a Cisco 1130 off of ebay and want to stress test it before i put it into production. Does anyone know of a WAP stress test? Thanks.
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    Can I force gigabit connections with router?

    Or you can get a gig switch and place the 2 pc's on the same switch, then uplink to the router.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Link to the wallpaper?
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    Hardware Firewall

    You dont want to read that thread, this is the one YeOld is talking about
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    Question About Racks and Rack Accessories

    Yep standard is 19inch. They also make a 23inch, but those are expensive and rackmounts for the switchs are more expensive / harder to find since they are not so common.
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    Can a switch do this?

    Ideal would be 24 but he can get away with 16ports.