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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    I'm hearing reports that the new firmware from a couple months ago fixed flickering but introduced stutter while using VRR. Anyone experience this?
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    Gsync and 3080 144hertz tearing?

    You'll get lower input lag if you use an in-game framerate cap. Of course most games don't have one, but if they do use that before using NCP. You might still get some tearing at 143 because it's not perfect capping, so try 142.
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    Soooooo, anyone now considering an 8K TV after the 3090 DLSS demo?

    This is exactly my interest in 8k. Not 8k content - I'll consider that a bonus like if I can run a very old 3d game at 8k or the odd 8k video. It's integer scaling of 1080p, 1440p, and 4k. Use 1440p (9:1) for the demanding games and 4k for those a bit less demanding.
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    2080 Ti probably has the longest reign ever as a flagship anyway at a full 24 months. Not counting Titan RTX of course, as that's a prosumer card. 1080 Ti had 18 months and that's also up there. Only thing longer is the 8800 Ultra which had 20 months before the GTX 280, and definitely was not...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    If you take notice, Nvidia has not permitted higher VRAM options on their cards for years. Kepler was the last time higher end cards were allowed to have double VRAM options (such as 680, 780). Even then, they didn't allow 780 Ti 6GB to entice people to the Titan Black. Since then only lower...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    You already know the answer to this. It's a halo card, one step away from Titan branding. My "argument" of die size as the primary cost is self-evident throughout all of GPUs. The 5500XT was the example because it is the only example of a card with a simple double VRAM option for G6. Do...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    Nonsense. Chip size has always been the defining factor in GPU price. Get some perspective. There is only a $200 gap between the 3070 and 3080. Not only does the 3080 have 25% more VRAM, and faster (more expensive) VRAM, it uses a significantly larger and more expensive die. And yet it still...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    Only someone true to your name would expect magical free double VRAM. Hopefully there are double VRAM options for a reasonable premium. We are at $500 8GB, $700 10GB, and $1500 24GB. Do you not see room for others? You don't need to squint to see those gaps. Also (correct me if I'm wrong)...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    I think this is different perspectives. There is a reason Noko spoke about those who upgrade every 1-2 years being ok, but that others should be wary. 8-10GB until RTX 4000 in 2022 will probably be fine. You have 1-2 games now with possible issues (Doom, MSFS), expect maybe a couple more in...
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    That's not a thing? Not without designing a whole new chip (eg. a theoretical TU103). TU104 is 256-bit. That's it. You either cut it to smaller, or stick with the 256-bit.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    TU104 is a 256-bit GPU. Can you explain what "adding a few lanes" would entail? I don't think it would be possible without R&D on a new chip or using a ridiculously more expensive TU102. They simply used the fastest G6 memory availble in mid 2019 on their second largest chip; I don't see how...
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    What are your thoughts on 10GB 320-bit 19 Gbs G6X vs 12GB 384-bit 16 or 15.5 Gbs G6? It's the same GA102 chip either way, and approximately the same bandwidth. I'd certain that per GB G6X is more expensive, so it at least can't be significantly more expensive. Unless there's extra work on the...
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    2023? I said " I can expect VRAM to be appropriate for a 4 year span on a $699 card." and listed what the 4th year is. And yes, the Radeon VII will be sucking it in 2023 but VRAM will have nothing to do with it. Which means the VRAM was not inadequate for the card.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    I can expect VRAM to be appropriate for a 4 year span on a $699 card. It was for the $699 GTX 1080 8GB (I'm using it now 4.33 years after launch and 8GB doesn't fail at this performance level), and GTX 1080 Ti 11GB (certainly will be fine in 2021). 16GB will be fine for the $699 Radeon VII in...
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    They could have even done 12GB of 384-bit with 16 Gbps GDDR6. Would have been 768 GB/s which is comparable to the 760 GB/s it has. Or even save a few more bucks use 15.5 Gbps again (like the 2080 Super had) which 12GB on a 384-bit bus would use 736 GB/s. What is cheaper 12GB of GDDR6 or 10GB...
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    is 8700k @ 5Ghz good enough to drive 3080 or 3070 at 1440p gsync?

    Yeah I don't get why there would even be any doubt. 6c/12t Coffeelake at 5Ghz. There's virtually no notable games that benefit from more than 6c/12t, and even the 10th gen Intels are only maybe a couple hundred MHz faster with a bit more cache at most which as a negligible IPC impact. I have a...
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    Ah, so is the formula the average of the 4 resolutions? Makes sense then, as you can scale to ultrawides. Glad to see it, just didn't get why you used MP before.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    Ah yes, 8.29 megapixels. The widely more recognized standard for 3840x2160. Glad you chose the most effective way to communicate resolution, well done. But really, nice work. Still, yeah, pixel resolution is objectively the better choice. More games above 8192MB than I thought. 3070 in...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    Now this is interesting. 2080 Super is the fastest 8GB card currently available, and a game already has VRAM issues with it at 1440p? This doesn't bold well for the 3070. At least the 3080 has 10GB which is a little more breathing room. As someone who used a Fermi chip well into the next...
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    TFT Central 27-inch review:
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    Hmm, I found the SR75 but it doesn't look terrific. I hope they bring this new Odyssey VA to to flat panel. Though the Odyssey VA has really bad contrast for a VA panel, it's still better contrast than IPS while having just better response times than any VA so it seems like the one to get once...
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    I am disgusted that this is available only in curved, and a hideous 1000 R at that. I don't care how many billions Samsung has at their disposal - whatever research is telling them the market craves 1000 R curved is wrong. Samsung is voluntarily supressing demand for this monitor by choosing...
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    Any new GLOSSY monitors on the horizon?
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    The logical explanation is that they want to increase margins every year, which they have been. With a bigger die size the only way to do so is to raise prices. This benefits the stock holders and the CEO. In a more competitive environment they would settle for decreased margins in order to...
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    2080 ti 11GB vram?

    Right, every Titan from 2015+ has had 12GB or more of VRAM. The 2080 Ti is no Titan, despite the price point. It's possible we'll get a 4608:96:384-bit 12GB TU102 card as a Titan RTX, or any other name, but for more money.
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    Wait so 2080Ti is actually renamed Titan?

    Prices went up by a tier (or more), but it's still the same product lines. 2080 Ti doesn't have 12GB+ VRAM like every Titan since 2015 has had. 2080 has less VRAM than 1080 Ti. 2070 is still a 75% cut xx104 card. And so on. Also 2080 will almost certainly be a sidegrade/downgrade compared...
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    Gaming at 1440p on a 4k TV? How bad is not running native res?

    Interesting. I too have been scared by previous non-native scaling problems. But I make exceptions for games with built in scalers. I played Far Cry 5 at 4k 80% Resolution Scale, which is 3072x1728. Do you have any games that do this (such as Frostbyte games)? If you don't mind testing...
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    20 minutes of Battlefield V Alpha gameplay with RTX 2080 Ti and Ray Tracing turned on

    It's partially my fault for not using the embarrassing "/s" qualifier, but I'll also blame you for not seeing the post above I was replying to. I was not being serious and making fun of the 20hz tickrate poster. I also have a 240hz panel and even in 60hz tickrate games I can find benefit at...
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    DELL Glossy gaming monitors on the way

    Looking at the specs, I'm not interested in them but I hope they sell boat loads so that companies make more glossy gaming displays.
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    CONFIRMED. nVidia RTX 2080 Ti 50% faster in games over the 1080 Ti!

    From that same video linked 2 posts above, direct quotes: NVIDIA Director of Technical Marketing, Tom Petersen: "roughly somewhere between 35 to 45 percent better at roughly the same generation. So, 1080 Ti to 2080 Ti and of course that’s going to vary based on the game and based on the setting.”
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    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    I've increasingly been turned off IPS displays for gaming but I will pay attention to the $1299 XB273K reviews to see if it's IPS weaknesses are limited enough, and if they are I will consider it. Too bad no 4k 120hz+ VA panels on the way yet...
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    20 minutes of Battlefield V Alpha gameplay with RTX 2080 Ti and Ray Tracing turned on

    You heard it here first folks, there's no benefit at all to playing an online game above the tick rate. The human eye can't see above 24hz anyway.
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    Waiting for 7nm next year.
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    CONFIRMED. nVidia RTX 2080 Ti 50% faster in games over the 1080 Ti! Someone took Guru3D benchmarks and slapped them next to Nvidia's frames. Obviously not apples to apples as one is from NV. System and testing differences. But it is perhaps barely faster than a 1080 Ti. But when both max OC, it might be equal or slower on average...
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    nVidia RTX 2080 Ti "Game Performance Preview" 100FPS@4K on Ultra

    What's your source on 5% higher clocks max OC?
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    Semi-gloss 4k VA

    The oligarchic monitor cabal has declared manufacturing glossy displays for gaming monitors as an illegal act. By corrupting the right officials you occasionally were able to get a glossy professional monitor through the cracks, but now because of either devoted fervor to the cause or fear of...
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    2080 Ti for $1000 confirmed, HDMI 2.1/VRR confirmed dead for another year

    So worst case scenario for the pessimists: 2080 Ti is 10-20% faster than 1080 Ti in regular games, and struggles to hit 60 fps at 1920x1080 with Ultra on ray shading enabled games 2080 is outright slower than 1080 Ti yet costs more, ray tracing enabled games can only be used with lowered...
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    Turing based GPUs will carry a higher price than Pascal during the cryptocurrency craze

    Is there definition of breakthrough being slower than 2017's Titan V? Hype is meaningless.
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    240hz gaming monitors

    I went from 144hz to 240hz (Acer 27-inch). I prefer 240hz no-strobe to 144hz strobing. No strobe ghosting artifacts, and you see more in motion so fast movement objects appear to teleport less. 144hz strobing is a little clearer (as in you can read something moving quickly) but I find I...
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    That's how it works in some competitive shooters. Both CS:GO and Overwatch have absolute input lag where it's tied to the framerate. It's very noticeable to me if I drop from 240 to 142 fps limit, for example. That other poster is correct that frame rate fluctuations mess with the input lag...