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    The Best Mice Thread (ongoing)

    I think it really depends on your own preferences, for FPS i use microsoft intelli mouses and for RTS razer mouses because in my opinion they are more accurate.
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    iPhone 5 upgrade

    jep agree with tyler :)
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    So whats the next big phone release ?

    i think samsung galaxy s4 will be big!
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    The Best Mice Thread (ongoing)

    Razer orichi, because its small portable and good for gaming on a laptop! ( as an hardcore laptop gamer )
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    Impressed by Razer's warranty

    Still remember a few month back my razer mouse broke down, and with the receipt I could request and RMA. After waiting for a month they send me a brandnew mouse! razer warrant is pretty awesome!
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    Online game code stores

    thanks guys for all the links / tips ;) if i find any good ones ill post them here !
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    Minecraft fans, here is a neat iphone app

    thanksss !
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    Keep iPhone 4S or upgrade to iPhone 5?

    have heard a lot from others owners of an iphone 5 that the difference isn't really that big. But hey iphone 5 still has improvements. Im still considering buying one eventhough Im on a iphone 4 atm
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    wauw... sick table :D
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    thanks! it lookksss greaatt!!
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    Online game code stores

    Just wondering if you people have any good online stores that sell cd codes? I another tread is already up,, please close this one and redirect me to the other one! because I can't find one. want to buy HITMAN - blackops 2 - farcry 3 thanks! :D
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    considering buying an note 2 or iphone 5 :( what should i DO ( using iphone 4 atm)
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    Alienware laptops? Any good?

    I also think alienware is a bit overpriced, considering an ASUS or DELL are cheaper for the same products
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    How should I upgrade?

    SSD! that would be a good start
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    MBP Retina: 13 or 15?

    i would go for the 15" instead of the 13" this because only looking at the video card inside tells me enough! onboard for a retina 13"? thats soo lame..
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    The Best Mice Thread (ongoing)

    i've tried serveral razer mouses and i think they are the best for RTS due their precision and speed/high dpi, shooters i prefere microsoft intelli 3.0!
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    Your opinion on the so-called "gaming" keyboards?

    personally i preferr using a gaming keyboard playing RTS games, for shooters :D mouse is priority number 1
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    Cheapest way to get into Apple

    agree with that!
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    The dumbest case ever is now on sale. Someone needs to get fired.

    hahahah i think it looks goood!!
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    Can the ipad mini be jailbroken ?

    just wait for the untethered jailbreak ! :D tethered is such a waste of time
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    A different approach to gaming.

    same, I think the game is good :D
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    Anyone else prefer acceleration?

    i think acceleration can be good in RTS games, but not in FPS
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    MBP Retina: 13 or 15?

    I consider the MCP 13" to expensive, saveup for the 15"
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    Best "palm" mouse for large hands?

    microsoft intelli 3.0 :)
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    If I want to get an RTS, should I just get SC2?

    get starcraft 2 :D !
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    Galaxy S4 rumored for Feb 2013

    wauw this makes making decisions harder :( waiting for the S4 , IPHONE5 OR NOTE 2? :(
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    Upgrading on a budget

    thanks for the tips :) I could use a lot of them, and gonna upgrade my pc soon :)!
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    Aluminum mouse pads

    I used it ones but, always had troublous with scratches etc, eventually i just played on soft mats.
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    LMAO Google VS > Siri...

    Did not expect that GVS would be that fast ! Nice comparison, really shows speed and accuracy.
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    Large mouse pad

    try looking for the EYEPAD XXL, I use it and it works like a charm!
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    Anyone else prefer acceleration?

    acceleration is needed when you play RTS or "FAST" FPS. I have played serveral FPS shooters where acceleration is not needed like counterstrike. However it depends on the game!
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    Walmart Fires Employees Who Smashed iPads

    why on earth film it xD