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    Square Enix Market Value Plummets By $2 Billion After Final Fantasy 16 Release

    I think this is somehow a plot from Sony so they can buy them up cheap. I love the Dragon Quest games. FF games haven't had me hooked since FF7. Most of the rest of their games just do not interest me.
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    4060 Ti 16GB due to launch next week (July 18th)

    The 4090 and 7900 XTX give good performance for the price, everything else has been pretty awful. The 6700 XT was a better purchase a year ago than anything near it now. The fact that with a specific (awful) sale on Newegg a 7900 XTX was only $800 today make the 4060Ti 16GB for $500 worse than...
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    FCC wants to hear about how internet data caps affect peoples lives.

    I have never had a cap on my home internet connection. I had uncapped DSL (Slow but reliable) where I know there were months where I exceeded what the cap would have been with the local cable ISP. Now we have fiber also with no cap. My family did go over the data cap on our phone once or twice...
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    Nvidia's AI Software Tricked Into Leaking Data

    But we all know that information will be fed to these "AI" systems because it's easier than actually doing it the right way. Yes they created a rigged test, probably because they know this is how other people/companies using these systems will do it also. It's just a matter of time before we...
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    Tesla is off the hook for allowing gaming while driving

    I don't really care for Tesla, but this has to be on the drivers. If you can't drive without playing a game you shouldn't be driving. Also the fact that they know how many people are sitting in the car would keep me away from them. Though I expect that that will be much more common in all cars...
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    Nvidia shares soar nearly 30% as sales forecast jumps on 4060 Ti beat

    My favorite comment I read about this said Nvidia's market cap jumped higher than all the revenue they have ever earned.
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    Mullvad VPN raided by law enforcement

    I can pull 400-500 mbps through the app at all times on my computer. Not as fast as my Google fiber can connect, but faster than most websites load without it. I like not being tracked and with Google as my ISP there is too much tracking.
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    NZXT’s First GPU

    Dyson doesn't make bladeless fans, they just hide the blades inside the base of the fans so it's prettier.
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    Newegg Starts Using ChatGPT

    Somehow I still think the search will be miles ahead of the garbage Amazon search.
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    Epic doing Epic things?

    Look into Legendary ( It allows you to run the Epic Games Store without the launcher installed at all. You can just go to the website and pick up the free games. Epic still knows you are playing the game, but they don't get to track your entire computer like...
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    LLaMA drama as Meta's mega language model leaks

    I still use Winamp daily, but having a NFT Library option in it is just wrong.
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    Twitter shut off its internal Slack, and now ‘everyone is barely working’

    Jack was not the CEO at the time Elon bought it. Twitter was also earning enough to pay it's debts and making money. Not a lot, but enough that if it had continued that way it would have been fine. What ever Elon did after taking over, Twitter does not work correctly the way it used to. I block...
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    Creative founder Sim Wong Hoo, the man behind Sound Blaster, has died.

    I remember hearing midi played through an AWE32 when I was a kid and having it actually sound like an instrument was playing the notes. I also remember the pcb of the card being so long, probably about the length of the 6800XT in my computer right now.
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    Afterburner Developer, says Development of the App is "Abandoned" on the Guru3D Forums.

    Based off of the details on Twitter the problem here is the payment to the developer failed because sanctions on Russia right now. MSI are trying to keep it going and not trying to kill it off.
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    One of the worse PC builds you seen.....

    Watching those videos reminded me of the upgrade on the 386 my brother and his friends did to the family computer. Since the case was an 80s desktop case the expansion slots were horizontal (like the case). So the new motherboard with a modern PCI layout (no daughterboard) had to be installed...
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    Clearview AI aims to put almost every human in facial recognition database

    Their comment about it being protected by the First Amendment is bizarre. Unless collecting photos/data is a religious or press thing it just doesn't make sense. To me at least. It would be nice to have a rich person fight for individuals rights instead of against them. Now that's a pipe dream.
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    Nvidia’s new G-Sync monitors let you switch between 1440p and 1080p

    This is the only advantage CRT had over LCD. Changing the resolution changed the resolution of the monitor and you would just resize it to fit if needed. I can't tell the difference between 60 Hz and 170 Hz. So I don't think this would be a feature I would ever shop for. I also can't see the...
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    This is why I am looking into Linux to, replace Windows in the future. I can only see any Windows version getting worse as MS tries to catch up to Google, Facebook, and Apple with the data collection. I understand why MS is doing it though. A few years back they were earning more money from...
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Edge is just Chrome with a different skin (and less spying than Chrome for the moment). I blocked the stupid Edge new tab page with a Chrome plugin. Just find an extension theme in Chrome you like and add it in Edge.
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    Microsoft opens up its store to 3'rd party storefronts

    If a game has an update it will tell you when you try to launch it. Then I just go into the command line and run the update. I have the Epic Launcher installed on my computer but haven't opened it once since I started using Legendary. Having said that time to uninstall the launcher... I can't...
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    Microsoft opens up its store to 3'rd party storefronts

    I have 3 games from the Microsoft Store, they all work fine, but I would not want to use the Microsoft Store for anything else. I can get the free Epic games on their website I don't need a different store/location to access them. You don't have to use the Epic launcher at all if you use a...
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    What's a computer?

    I use a program call Legendary for installing and running games from the Epic store without the Epic launcher. I joined the discord channel a week or two ago after getting a strange error. Legendary is a command line interface program. After seeing the help requests in discord I am not surprised...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    I'll upgrade to this only when I have to. For the first time on my personal PC a Windows and/or Office 365 update broke things that worked just fine before the update. I don't trust Microsoft's internal testing for their OSes anymore. Also if you like minesweeper check out Globesweeper on Steam.
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    Motherboard vendor GIGABYTE hit by RansomExx ransomware gang

    I specifically bought an MSI motherboard instead of Gigabyte for my last upgrade, because they were quoted as saying they are a hardware vendor not a software vendor in respond to a security hole in their MB drivers.
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    AMD X Apple unveil the Radeon W6800X Duo

    How? You can buy a 6800 on Newegg right now. The prices are not good but there is availability if you want one. No reason for AMD not to make another version that will sell.
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    Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome After Shock Update

    The point of Google ending 3rd party cookies is so it can all be Google tracking. The backlash is for Chrome blocking the other companies tracking of you while Google keeps doing it.
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    EA Frostbite engine and FIFA 2021 source code allegedly stolen in hack

    Except it already has happened. It was in Germany where a hospital ransom attack led to the death of a patient,
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    Sapphire Toxic Radeon RX 6900 XT Extreme Edition (TDP 430W) Launched for nearly €3,000

    That makes the 1000+ I spent on a Sapphire 6800XT seem like a bargain.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Just snagged a 6800XT off of Roguecast minutes ago!!!!
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Got my first selection on the shuffle... slept through the notifications woke up an hour after it expired. Working nights sucks sometimes.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Well for a nice scalping price the 6700XT can be had from Asus for $729.99 link.
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    Nvidia Purposely Reducing Hash Rate for RTX 3060 GPUs, Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP)

    There could be another side to this for the CMP products. They might have so many (enough) defective dies that can still mine, but not be usable for graphic cards that they are doing this to sell off the defective dies.
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    Creative SXFI Gamer Review - Battle Mode almost Feels Like Cheating

    Just increase the volume... it's an electric lawn mower, so it's not very loud.
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    Creative SXFI Gamer Review - Battle Mode almost Feels Like Cheating

    I picked up the SXFI Air over the holidays. They can do audio via the USB C cable, line in, Bluetooth, or a microSD card. I have been impressed so far with them. They are going to be great when I have to mow the lawn and can just use the microSD card to listen to music.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    So nothing that HardOCP received for free was ever honestly reviewed? This is such a stupid take. Every article on HardOCP was for views and attention too, Youtube is just a different platform and format for reviews. Just because you don't like watching videos reviews doesn't mean everyone else...
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    Do you include reviewers with Youtubers? I watch Hardware Unboxed as my go to review when new hardware comes out, they are my replacement for HardOCP. if it's a big release I include Gamers Nexus as well. They are not perfect but they are the closest on Youtube that I have found to Kyle and the...
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    Huge Google outage takes down Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and more

    From the article: "blocking any service that required users to log in." I guess that's why it worked for me, I don't login to watch videos on Youtube from home. :)
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    Huge Google outage takes down Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and more

    I watched a youtube video during outage. I just noticed that the sound was like 10-20 seconds ahead of the display. I thought it was just my browser being out of sync.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    I read the tweet from HUB and was immediately reminded of GPP. The last nvidia product I had was a MB. They will not get another dollar from me until there is some evidence that they are no longer pulling this kind of crap. I don't think that will happen until they have a new CEO.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    I was able to add a 6800XT card to my cart on Newegg, but I didn't have the money to buy it so I didn't try to check out.