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    Looking for a replacement, 1920x1200

    Necroing this. Currently I have a BenQ BL2411PT, it's not exactly newest tech and when I bought it 24" was the top of 1920x1200. But now I see these: Acer BW257 bmiprx, BenQ BL2581T (hey that's suspiciously similar to my current one), Lenovo ThinkVision T25d-10, T25m-10 (I already have a Lenovo...
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    Phantex evolv x vs LianLi O11Dynamic XL ROG Certified for new Threadripper 3970x build (air cooled)?

    Either the Evolv X or the P600S is fine. Front 3 x 140mm intake, top 2 x 140mm exhaust, rear 1 x 140mm exhaust, Dark Rock Pro TR4. You will be fine. You don't need water for this but you do need a TR4 specific cooler -- covering the full heat spreader is absolutely vital. kitguru tested this one...
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    Safe 4+4 converter?

    "converts a 6PIN PCIE connector into either a P4-12V or 8PIN EPS connector. " -- so that's not what I was after, see the opening post...
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    [???] use USB C monitor without USB C?

    Where do you get the cable alone?
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    [???] use USB C monitor without USB C?

    Hello from the USB C Hardware subreddit. Ps. As I noted on reddit too but since it's inlined so most of you won't click, adding HDMI: if you don't want to pay the StarTech hype tax, this is cheaper and 4.5 stars...
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    Something totally else: a 150CFM fan at 0.3 sones

    Yes this is not a PC fan and yes it's huge (well... it's 6") and very expensive for a fan but I thought it would be interesting to show what's possible -- this amount of air at this loudness is pretty much unheard of ;) Just in case someone is insane enough to integrate it as a case fan...
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    OWC Thunderbolt 3 10Gig Ethernet Adapter - $125.76

    OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure also gets 20 bucks off and if you buy one, 50 bucks off some SSDs
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    Safe 4+4 converter?

    With high wattage CPUs on the market, desktop motherboards with 4+8 pin or even 8+8 pins are becoming more common but most PSUs only have one. On the other hand , SLI and especially triple and quad SLI are definitely dying out but the PSUs have a bazillion PCIe connectors. Is there a connector...
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Am I right you need LC Duplex fiber cables for that?
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    Ebay (BIN): Dual port 10Gb Brocade card $14

    link Since the four port thread for $50 was popular, maybe some are interested in a two port for $13.95 (not mine, I just found it). 5m cable
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Kindly link to some of those please? Thanks! I found 3M long Twinax cables for $30 which is kind of ouch -- you'd need four, after all. I am new to this. Are you saying for example this cable could work with that card?
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    Boxed ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    The Tesla M10 had four Maxwell GPUs on it.
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    6K Threadripper Workstation Build the motherboard has a 10GbE card (and two more GbE ports) and I added a 10GbE NAS and six Toshiba X300 6TB disks, there are 8 bays. You can play with the storage options depending on budget and whether slow disks in a NAS are acceptable. Yes, the PSU is...
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    Hot? Threadripper 1920x 12 core, 24 thread $399.99 @ amazon

    yes, threadripper is for multithread heavy tasks, say, video transcoding, not gaming which is still mostly about single thread. AFAIK the ThreadRipper 2950X is an exception: it is the fastest among AMD in single thread, about 20% below the fastest Intel single threads -- and destroys any Intel...
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    Hot? Threadripper 1920x 12 core, 24 thread $399.99 @ amazon

    The 1900x is only 336.
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    EPYC hampered by Memory cost. 314 you mean. Paired with the Supermicro 8048B-TR4FT server you can shockingly cheaply put together a 3TB server. Even the slowest and cheapest Broadwell Xeon E7 CPUs support this -- and if the same amount of money moves the database from...
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    *RARE* ABIT ST6E Limited Edition White PCB Socket 370 P3 Intel 815EP Motherboard

    Remember the good ole' AMD Thoroughbred and Barton Mobile chips fitting in desktop sockets and overclocking like mad?
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    3L ITX Case with Meanwell Support

    Neat. Where did you get the cables necessary for the Meanwell? Nevermind:
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    SilverStone SX650-G Dual EPS

    Did anyone manage to solve this problem without resorting to a converter like this? I'd strongly prefer not to :/ It's ridiculous how hard this is -- the Corsair 600W has a uniform pinout for the PCIe and EPS so this would...
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    FE / blower cards power plug placement

    I am thinking about a case and if you have a blower card could you please measure how far the power plugs start from the PCI cover? Should be around 210-215mm, I think. Thanks!
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    Anyone order Threadripper 2 yet? User feedback is highly valuable.

    What are you doing that PCIe 3.0 is a bottleneck or even a potential bottleneck? it's not like PCIe 3.0 x16 is used.... the performance gain from 3.0 x4 to x16 is miniscule and x8 vs x16 is the same.
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    Is it possible the RTX series is the scrapped mining cards re-purposed?

    I can imagine a lot of things but Application Specific Integrated Circuits can not be repurposed. Bitcoin ASICs are wired to calculate SHA hashes and they can not do anything else.
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    Optane as system drive?

    That's the thing -- I know SATA vs NMVe in feeling is little (in fact I have been advocating against people wasting money on NVMe for this reason) but yes, I did my research and I thought Optane might be worth it. So you are saying I should wait a year. I can do that. No rush. The ThinkPad 25...
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    Ebay Listings Asus Monitor Life

    Just wait until you see this keyboard description Jedi survival chicken sharps
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    Optane as system drive?

    I have an 512GB SATA and a 512GB NVMe drive in my laptop. Truth be told, I am not usng a terrible lot on the NVMe -- 145GB currently and I can move steamapps and wsl from c:\ to d:\ to make that 100GB and that's just two. So I could live with a 118GB system drive, yeah. Is it much faster than...
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    This shows a single i7-8700k is basically on par with a dual X5670. Nice. Thanks! And it's not late. I am working for a friend here.
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    Single 32GB DDR4 SODIMM -- where are they?

    My wallet hates you and hates Samsung. My TP25 however, I think, would quite like the additional RAM.
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    M.2 NVMe as SATA possible?

    I must note now you can get an USB to NVMe works even with USB 3.0 meaning you can connect your disk to an older machine, copy data, drop the M.2 key M stick in a...
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    Wikipedia is contradictory on AMD history

    They are two articles and I am well aware of its factuality -- I intend to fix one of the articles just not sure which one to fix. The question could be worded: was Bulldozer (and Zen, I guess) built from total scratch or are there significant blocks from Nx586 remaining?
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    Wikipedia is contradictory on AMD history says,_high-performance_Bulldozer_cores Well, both can't be true. Which one is, though?
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    mATX to ITX, "S" FF build advice

    I was reacting to "Decent VRM looks to be much more common on full ATX and ITX, and not available on mATX offerings." but perhaps it was meant in the context of X299 platform. Peace. :)
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    mATX to ITX, "S" FF build advice

    Here I thought the TR4 didn't fit ITX and the only option is mATX or full ATX -- the ASRock X399M Taichi is by no means a budget board.
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    mATX to ITX, "S" FF build advice

    Isn't that case you linked an nCase M1 knockoff?
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    mATX to ITX, "S" FF build advice (also under the name Jonsbo U3) This is an mATX chassis at 20.8L supporting 175mm high cooler so I think the video card height won't be a problem and supports up to 10.2" video cards which sounds like you are below. Same as your current chassis...
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    Thanks for the amazing work! This is a very exciting time then -- it took this long but finally the top end of the desktop CPUs can match the video transcoding performance of that old Mac Pro while delivering a much better experience in almost everything else (almost everything is still mostly...
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    Replacing dual X5670? HO-HUMM! 320 USD? That's more reasonable than a Threadripper, not to mention the motherboard. And the RX 580 is slowly returning to saner price levels... Thanks, there's some beancountering to be done :)
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    Is the 2700/2700x as fast as a dual X5670 in video transcode aka multicore?
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    No. I am looking for a price efficient solution and then I will figure out whether I could afford it. The big question is: does this need a HEDT or are we there yet where a single desktop CPU can replace two very old hexacore CPUs?
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    This platform might be aging but the video transcoding performance of it is really nice. However, the single thread performance is becoming harder and harder to tolerate by each passing day. What to replace with without losing video transcoding performance and gaining on single thread...
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    Hades Canyon NUC - Kaby Lake with Vega GPU

    Faster than the 1050 Ti? Hot damn. The price? o_O And you need memory and storage too. The Lenovo Legion Y520 for 1300 dollars gives you an i7 7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 256GB SSD and an 1060 3GB. Oh and a 15" screen and it's portable. I feel a disconnect. Hell, 1300 bucks gets you a Clevo...