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    Do you hate widescreen? Are you male?

    male + hate widescreen
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    Dell Replacement for U3011 - Suggestions?

    btw, what happened to your U3011? What went wrong?
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    wings for a u3011

    thanks for the useful reply rtangwai. 2001FP/2007FP are just too small for me. I have seen many pictures of u3011's with 2007FP. Yes it it is a perfect fit, but I cannot work with a 1600 resolution.... That thread you linked to, what make are model are those monitors he has in portrait mode...
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    wings for a u3011

    if I got 2 x U2414H, which is what I am thinking of doing. Is PLP doable?
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    wings for a u3011

    my neck will snap! Bezels are wayyy to wide as well. I have to admit, I am unsure if I should send the U2713H back or not..
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    wings for a u3011

    thanks for the reply. Personally I really don't like those wide 21:9 screens. Even looking at them looks wrong. But thanks for the suggestion
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    wings for a u3011

    last time I posted here was 9 years ago! Jeez, I feel old :( I was hoping, you lot could help me here. Since there is a fantastic amount of information about monitors here.. I now WFH, so I want a 3 monitor setup. I already have a U3011, but I would like to get some wing monitors for it...
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    Hackers Unleashed

    ok, This isnt bad or anything. It's these hackers in 1980s-1994 ish, with a load off old unix systems etc. And this guy going to jail... It's a old tv program(I think, not sure but it seems it) in USA(As its says new york)... It's worth a wacth if your intrested in old school computers...
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    LAN Party - Remote Shutdown

    what you have to do is this.... Have two networks, one for the admins, one for the users. The admin network has access to everything and the user network doesnt. Then you can control the bandwidth on the two levels... Also if you don't want to do that, just use a proxy... - S
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    Reclining computer desk goodness (56K be ye warned)

    lmao dude thats so coool and funny.. Love your birds - S
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    YY Cube Mod

    Thanks:) I got a few more pics. I will have the led mod soon. I just going to put the case all together. - S
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    YY Cube Mod

    A big update today: Getting it all ready for w/cing Erk, yes i am mad... Tell me please! Right its installed! Ok the pipe work is ready. w00t water:) :) Here are some uv pics...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I'm using one off :) - S
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    Dual 3.0GHZ 64-bit Xeons, 2.4TB SATA HD RAID, Dual PCIe, LARGE PICS 56k B Warned

    holy dude, that is bloody lovely! Nice one - S
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    Project "Oh So Clean"

    hehe:) It's no hassel. I have a free upload page with no username and login. - S
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    The Naked Comp Gallery

    my pc pron
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    RagE's Cases

    holy!! Damn dude, you got some very sweet things there. Nice work.!! Really, I want to marry you:P - S
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    My new desk.

    haha dude that rocks:> Bit late now;) - S
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    Project "Oh So Clean"

    dude you have ran out of bandwidth. If you want somewhere to host I will be happy to host for you. Pm me or email me. Ben (dot) davies (at) sonicpig (dot) com. :) - B
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    YY Cube Mod

    erk:|. Your dad's cool :D! Well, the led circuit is in the middle of being done. Should get some pics on monday. The VB program is half wrote. Yay - S
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    some nice rigs:) this is my old rig....
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    YY Cube Mod

    I got the pump installed. And tbh I don't think I could get it any better than I did. Was pretty bang on. ERK!!!! :) Sexy fit! Thats all for now. Enough Spam! - S
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    YY Cube Mod

    YAY 2nd hole cut. Right time to cut the res holes:) :) Done that, the small holes are for the led's... 3mm. Time to put fan stuff around hole.. spent well, a good week getting the screws in this rad. And finally done it, it doesnt look much...
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    YY Cube Mod

    This is the Gear 2 X Tank-o-Matic's 1 X kit Kat 2 X Green dye's 1 X power fluid 1 X 1250 pump 1 X nv68 1 X Sliver TDX << 1 X Pci relay card 1 X Artic Silver 1 X T shirt 1 X Tygon...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Here ;)
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    lol, believe it or not. I'm not rich at all. Just 99.9% of money goes on computers.
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    CLICK for bigger pic - Sc0rian
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    AMD or Intel?

    amd all the way mate!
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    Post your watercooled systems HERE! Pics, etc..

    Get some more soon.