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    Any good PC gaming websites?

    Rock Paper Shotgun!
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    What is the current state of PC gaming...?

    funny that epic abandons the platform where third class recycled shooters don't sell :)
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    Wardriving Card

    I have a senao 2511 with the prisim 2.5 chipset (avoid the 3 as it has worse sensitivity) you could probably pick them up off ebay for a few hundred granted it is only b and 200mW but it is very good for wardriving
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    At least one developer still loves PC gaming

    More than half of the entire base of xbox 360 sales would have to be playing wow to equal the current pc size and considering that their are still probably about 200million PCs out there to expand to
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    Coolermaster Cosmos S Case Review

    ack only 10 5.25" drive bays total :( really need to bump that to 2 more so you can finally replace a stacker
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    Left 4 Dead Pushed back again

    which now obeys the contstants set out by the Valve Time Therom
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    What did you guys/gals name your switches/routers after?

    Just started renaming the stuff on my network :) Crassus Cicero Cato Lepidus Cinna Pompey Sulla and Marius are the ones i have chosen atm
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    help setup my network!

    Well i have no fear in demonstrating my nonleet paint skills you will need at least 2 nics in the router(1 Gbit and 1 10\100). 3 if you go for a dmz(do not connect this to your switch) Alternativly you can put the wireless component on its own network. this setup means that all local...
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    Anyone used stripped down version of XP?

    Kind of. I have a Nlited disc setup with some components of xp removed but on the other hand it has a whole crap ton of apps that auto install and i do occasionally patch it (atm its about 3 months old) it also has some nice scripting in it to pull stuff off my fileserver (thunderbird\ff...
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    1 TA / Supreme Commander (it ain't a strategy if you can only have 8 units in a group) 2 Deus Ex 3 Half Life 2
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    Using 2 NICs

    are the nics on the same ip range?
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    Wireless Network: 1/2 mile wide?

    Depending on the buildings in question and a site plan you may be best off doing multiple directional links between each building using something like a (the rb153 running nix with 2+ wifi cards) or (532 +564 == 6 wifi cards)...
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    Recommend good 24 port Gb switch

    I have got the linksys srw2024 for the lan here and aside from the noisy fan its great.
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    Can anyone ID these antenna connectors?

    Going to have to second moetop The first one is a μ.FL connector the second one is a bit harder it is an sma connector but to my eyes it looks like a male connector not female (at least the centre pin looks male) which would make it an sma not rp-sma (IIRC)
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    Unoffical Master List of Linux Firewalls

    sorry for the tone in my previous post found one more you may wish to add in there DD-WRT x86 is around but you need to purchase it
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    Unoffical Master List of Linux Firewalls

    also it's a bit incorrect to call pfsense and monowall linux based
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    difference between www and non www sites...? is a subdomain of in this case stuff pointing to the domain is set to redirect to the www. subdomain is not the equiv to but could redirect to it may i recommend if you are running your own...
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    LAN games revisited...need suggestions

    Wait ignore the initial post i made Possibly graw2 coop is kinda alright. Supreme Commander would be a good one :)
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    18,000 requests per second from iPhones

    /me points back up the thread It was a Cisco Issue that others have experianced with cisco gear
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    WoW trial downloader = bittorrent? So lame.

    Fixed that for you Bittorrent excels in this situation you have the initial seeds who have good high speed connections and then you have even more bandwidth coming down from other downloaders in addition to this you have all the check summing for the data so that the downloaders will know...
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    graw 2 pc sp demo is great

    1680*1050 everything on high 8 x af no aa hasnt dipped under 60 running a t2500 975x mobo x1950 pro and 2GB of ram
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    graw 2 pc sp demo is great

    i have the full game sitting at home right now :( damn evil work i find any of the rifles will snipe at decent ranges without a problem i was running around with a suppressed rx4 in the demo and 1 shotted everything. the second decent weapon slot is a nice addon and crap i have to do...
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    Realisticness of FPS weapons

    the metric measurements sound much better you have 2 dimensions there making finding the difference a lot easier
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    Why aren't you playing Insurgency?

    I'm at work atm :( 10 more hours till i escape
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    Good Multiplayer Games?

    UT Insurgency (hl2 mod) hl2dm (where else can you kill people with a toilet seat) Supreme Commander Rainbow 6 Raven Shield
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    graw 2 pc sp demo is great

    iirc the restriction on medium for textures is for vid cards with < 512MB of ram
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    World in Conflict open beta

    cause the rest of the world decided that people in the usa can goan *blank* due to all the "north american" exclusives you get :P its really nasty when they start doing the geoip crap to prevent you getting the betas\demos
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    No my argument was that the primary employment doesnt matter someone working on a mod is in the industry and assists the development of it It matters not if they work at McDonalds, Square or Google
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    depends more on the mod if it is something like red orchestra then yes charging for a mod works look at gary's mod as well i think its well worth the 13 dollars i paid for it (love low usd)
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    the modding community is still part of the gaming industry charging for what they are making is not a needed component the modders will make stuff they may go on to making games for a living or programming or something else but they will be around. if you define the "marketplace" as...
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    Because people are playing new stuff all the time Mods == New Content, New Game Styles, New Games Whoever heard of mixing an rts and an fps before natural selection? the PC gaming area has a huge number of mods out there and a huge number of games that you will never hear of but will...
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    Mods are one of the biggest fucking factors around they extend the life of all games that get modded look at the extra content for a game like morrowind or HL or TA or SUP COM Mods are the reason that PC gaming will always be here. actually Mods, Sims, RTS games and FPS games that dont...
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    PC Games going Bye Bye

    ... you do know that not everyone spends 600 on a video card. hell games i am looking forward to are crysis graw2 (even if it is only a bastardisation of the original gr) more updates to insurgency hl2 ep2 what i plan to playing for the next while insurgency civ4 gal civ2 sup com hl2...
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    PS3 Outselling Wii and 360 in Australia?

    Thats New Zealand not Australia :P remember New Zealand home of the geneticly engineered Mutant Sheep
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    Remote Access Software (No end-user confirmation)

    dameware? its worked for me
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    If you're not getting an iPhone, why not?

    Because i think the open moko will be more functional :)
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    Dumb Question: How fast is 10mbit?

    wrong way round 10Mbits per second is a 10 MB in about 8 seconds b == bits B == Bytes m == milli M == Mega
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    BF 2142 CTD on map load no errors

    Anyone experienced this before? I have updated Punkbuster to the latest version available via the pbsetup app patched bf2142 to 1.25 System specs Core Duo t2500 ES AOpen i975Xa-YDG with latest drivers Winxp Pro latest winupdates 2GB of ram x1950 Pro latest drivers ample hdd space...
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    Any Epic PC Shooters?

    ARMA if the style is for you it rocks
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    WRT54g as general linux device??

    what version of the wrt do you have? if you dont have one i would go for the wrt54gl just to make sure everything works plus put openwrt on it :) more info on that page scroll...