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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    They really do need to put a warning label on soy packets.
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    There was no "review bombing" for Captain Marvel. But there was plenty of shill media desperate for clicks who were only too happy to pretend there was.
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    Report Claims Canadian Police are Tracking and Acting On "Negative" Behavior

    That is both creepy as all fuck and a sad indictment of modern society. If we still valued the notions of family and duty to others there wouldn't be all these lonely "at risk" people.
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    Yes, Rian Johnson Is Still Working on His "Star Wars" Trilogy

    Oh come ON. How many holes could Star Wars possibly have left that haven't already been fucked? Just let it die in peace.
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    NVIDIA DLSS Boosts Performance by up to 50% in the Port Royal Benchmark

    I'd be surprised if DLSS couldn't improve a canned benchmark. It's the perfect scenario for such a technology, because it never changes.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2060 GAMING Z Video Card Review @ [H]

    Seems like a pointless card given the glut of used Pascal cards. Why settle for a useless new feature and not quite enough VRAM when you can pay less for a used 1070Ti with equivalent performance?
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    Oooh, which ones? Always good to hear about a bunch of cunts getting the fucking they deserve.
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    Gasp! But they're exploiting those poor innocent pixels!!!
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    My local petrol station added these recently. I only ever used to fill up there due to low pricing and proximity to home, but now I refuse to go there. What they forgot was that there are six other petrol stations within about the same driving distance... and none of them force me to...
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    Not even remotely surprising. One of the biggest attractions to me (and points of difference) between a streaming service and broadcast/cable is the lack of ads. It's incredibly relaxing to not have those constant blasts of noise and colour all vying for my attention when I'm just trying to...
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    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    Yes please. Just have to enable dark mode on all the things, which I already do on my desktop anyway.
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    Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

    1. Stop pushing the Microsoft Store. It's not going to happen. 2. Fund some devs who want to make actual games, instead of barely concealed gambling simulators that require eight hours of fucking playtime before anything even remotely enjoyable happens. 3. BAN ALL MICROTRANSACTIONS. You should...
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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    I fully expect a woke, diversity-infested lootbox nightmare. Can't. Fucking. Wait.
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    ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 Motherboard Review

    Sounds like Asus wants to turn the ROG brand into a Bose equivalent. Pretty to look at, well-marketed, and a shit design with cheap components. No thanks.
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    Overall... that's good news. It means the inevitable social justice bullshit they'll have him shilling won't taint the ACTUAL Jean-Luc.
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    "It brings us so much jooooy!" Jesus H. Tittyfucking Christ.
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    Anthem: 15 Minutes of Lost Arcanist Gameplay

    The more they try to make 3d games look realistic, the worse they look.
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    "Aquaman" Will Cross $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

    So what you're saying that we should all go see it five times each just to really drive home the message to Hollywood?
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    New Soundblaster Internal card coming

    Creative's cocktastic drivers are the reason I originally got an external DAC. I weep for the children that will buy this new monstrosity.
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    How long should a good quality PSU last

    Surely it's dependent on the cap quality and load% you run it at over time. A Seasonic with Nichicon or Rubycon caps rated at 105c and run at say 60% load should last darn near forever. A lesser brand with second or third tier caps rated 85c... not so much.
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    Memory Prices Are Coming Back Down to Earth

    Everything is overpriced at the moment. Motherboards, CPU's, memory, graphics cards. All of it. The only parts that are reasonably priced are SSD's.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    45% huh? Sounds like telling your customers not to buy your product was a pretty fucking stupid thing to do then. Maybe now, EA, you'll understand that if you want to succeed in business YOU GIVE THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY WANT.
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    Ford Unveils Its Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel

    Great. Now can they make one that muffles the sound of barking?
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    Factory Worker Is Impaled by 10 Steel Spikes from a Robot Arm

    That's what you get for having a low social credit score buddy.
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    Fortnite Streamer Reportedly Arrested after Beating Wife on Stream

    Digital crackhead ignores his family's needs and then gets abusive when pushed. Wife of digital crackhead puts up with this unacceptable behaviour and then antagonizes the digital crackhead instead of leaving him. Kids, this is what we in the trade call a dysfunctional relationship.
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    Curved Monitors Surpass 50% of Gaming Monitor Marketshare as Sales Climb

    I'm not surprised, considering how many new models have that stupid fucking curve in them. It's kind of hard to avoid it if you want a decent gaming monitor.
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    Tumblr Bans All Porn from Its Service

    Well where am I supposed to go for [insert kink of choice] pics now?!
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    About fucking time.
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    Playstation Classic Torn Down and Benchmarked

    Nintendoes what Sony don't.
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    Diablo IV Will Be Heavily Influenced by Diablo II

    Stick a fork in Blizz. They're done.
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    Google Patents Data Mining Cameras in Bedroom and Listening Devices in Homes

    Sigh. I remember a simpler time, a time when new technology was actually a cause for celebration. We doubled the bits in your console!! Cameras are digital now muthafucka! Yeah. Now it's all surveillance and spying bullshit, or how many extra $$$ can be squeezed out of people who play whatever...
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    HRE Wheels and GE Additive Collaborate to Create the First 3D-Printed Titanium Wheel

    I pity the poor migrant worker who has to clean the wheels on that McLaren.
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    I love you. (no homo) But seriously, thanks man. Just checked some of those out and they look amazing! Dead Cells and Sundered.... hnghghgh
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    Real-Time Ray Tracing Is Enabled in Battlefield V

    Meh. Call me in another two generation's time.
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    NVIDIA on the Cause of RTX 2080 Series Card Failures

    I do wonder how many cards are out there with marginal parts on them, just waiting to fail. If I had one of these initial release cards, I'd be returning it.
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    Intel Confirms Adaptive Sync

    Cool. Now... Where can I buy a monitor will sync at 10fps?
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    Can we please retcon the last 20 years and just go back to the 16 bit era? It truly was a magical time... before the scourge of always online, fully monetized bullshit "games as a service" fucking slot machines became the norm.