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    So my Westy 37" just died... I believe.

    Man I am sorry to hear that. I am glad I payed extra for sharp. The sharp aquos LC32GPUB is only 32 inches but man this thing rocks in image quality especially once it is calibrated. I dont think I will ever use another brand for my purchases. I do like samsung too but the last two I owned...
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    Warhammer Online Thread!

    I got my pre-order yesterday. Cant wait. Hopefully I will be out of the hospital by then. I am going for double hip-replacements this wednesday.
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    Does AMD have an answer to Nehalem? Some info on AMD processors coming
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    Bah, I just realized

    I dont think its them being cheap. It is that the adapter takes 3 plugs total to make up 1 8 pin. Most people use the 4 pin connector on the motherboard itself. I havent seen any video card include this adapter yet. My 4870 came with a 6 pin adapter because it atually does just use two molex to...
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    Bah, I just realized

    According to the adapter specs. It's requires two molex AND a 4 pin connector to convert to 8 pin.
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    Need suggestions for new system - $3000 budget!

    The reason I reccomended the premium price on the 9650 is he wants his system to last a long time. Buying it now would prevent a future upgrade. Usually I agree to get with the price performance but obviously with what he is spending he is looking for high end. The P182 sucks for cable...
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    ok, so what now for Nvidia ?

    I disagree, as Much as id love for ATI to continue this trend I think it would be nieve to thing Nvidia didnt have something up their sleeve.
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    First 4870X2 review (including crossfire results)

    The first link the op put down from tweaktown they were using 8.7s thus why their numbers were so far off.
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    First 4870X2 review (including crossfire results)

    Here is the hothardware review One thing you might want to pay attention to is HH is using the proper 8.8 driver for the card.
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    Please Save Me From Analysis Paralysis...Looking for Laptop

    In the end your going to have to make your own decision. But This is the best 2 Laptops I could find for around 1000 . It is slightly out of your budget. But it offers Product Features Enhanced Intel® Centrino® processor technology with Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T5550, Intel® PM965...
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    Got my new system - only 11k 3Dmarks?? That is a pretty good read on the over all relevance of a synthetic benchmark in comparison to a game test suite. In fact you could make the argument it is more accurate to delve the results from the 3dmark database than it...
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    Got my new system - only 11k 3Dmarks??

    Your ram maybe holding you back. Not only are you runing just 2gb you are runing ddr2 667.
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    Need suggestions for new system - $3000 budget!

    I have been building systems a long time and for this guys needs I agree with your suggestions albeit one thing. The cpu. He wants a system to last a really long time then you should put in a top of the line cpu and q6600 is now bottom of the barrel quad. Intel 9650 3.0 GH quad $559...
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    Hybrids Too Quiet, Get Fake Engine Noise

    What I dont get is we have been runing gas guzling V8 engines for like 60 years in this country or longer and all of a sudden some low speed engine noises are a problem. The sounds only turn on when the car is runing on the electric motor. Just because there hasnt been a ton of fatalities doesnt...
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    Hybrids Too Quiet, Get Fake Engine Noise

    As A Handicaped Man myself I am suprised at the cold hearted attitude of a lot of you. I am not blind (obviously). Wheel chair bound. You guys wouldnt have 1/10 of the balls it takes to forge ahead despite being handicap and all the hurdles one faces in a given day that you guys dont even blink...
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    Computer Information Systems degree - What Language?

    C# for windows stuff and c++ for pretty much everything else. Eventially it's good to learn them all.
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    Vista Security Crippled by Researchers

    AS I pointed out in another thread this security hole isnt worth jack if your runing IE in sandbox mode.. (aka UAC enabled) You would have to allow the code to be ran yourself.
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    Please Help, I'm freaking sick of this!

    I was crashing in Assasin's creed a lot at first on my Radeon. I then went to the folder and made sure I was runing dx10 mode. After that I enabled Catalyst AI and I managed to beat the game without any further crashing. I think my crashes were related to my Creative Xfi. Infact it hasnt crashed...
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    Apple Passes Microsoft… in Vulnerability Reports

    Dont be man. What that site didnt tell you is if your using IE in sandbox mode,(aka UAC enabled) this flaw cant be exploited without the user giving it permision.
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    9950BE vs. 9850BE

    It is a 140 watt tdp I think. If i am not mistaken has bigger cache. *EDIT* I was wrong.. they are the same cache size.
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    9950BE vs. 9850BE

    Well if you have a 9850 id keep it. But if you havent purchased either then get the 9950. My understanding is it overclocks ok on the 790GX boards. But as with all AMD chips it is either hit or miss.
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    Oblivion Performance Issue (dual core problem?)

    Asus Xonar D2X best sound card ever.. my favorite feature is it doesnt say Creative on it anywhere.
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    Carmack on the future of PC/Console developement*8/8/08*

    You're absolutely right.. Want to know another shocker ? Doom 4 will not be DX 10 compatible because consoles cant run dx10 yet. YES you heard right because consoles cant do it , the game wont be devloped for it.
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    Buying a new rig - need some suggestions

    The thing I like about VM is they dont out source their tech support. As for motherboard selection they probably trying to keep it simple. AMD platform Or Intel. It's better in my opinion to get two very good and stable platforms than to have 80 options and none of them highly tested. HH...
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    HD3870X2 - Intel Q9450 vs Phenom 9850

    Kass, You dont have to over complicate things to make it sound more cool. If AMD do infact offer better high resolution performance. That is awesome, but you dont have to go into a big rant about it and I am trying to say this without being critical and not sounding mean. Really nothing you...
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    DIR-655--Very impressed with it in first hours

    I have been using the dir 655 since it released and it's easily the best router I have ever used. My house is three stories and the wiring closest is in the basement. Yet with that router I can sit by the pool outside or patio and still have good signal to surf the internet.
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    Officially disappointed with Corsair PSU's

    I am thinking the replacement they sent you wasnt new.
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    HD3870X2 - Intel Q9450 vs Phenom 9850

    Well, you guys know me. I am not one to defend Kass I want facts and nothing else. The first link was mostly BS but the other links shows some interesting results at high resolution giving AMD the lead in some of the games. I am having trouble finding more sources though.
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    Buying a new rig - need some suggestions

    HotHardware has a review of the Velocity Micro Edge Z55 and they gave it rave reviews. It wasnt the fastest but it can be configured to be faster but it got high marks for reliability and customer service. Click Here to Read
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    3870 HDMI Audio Problem

    My 4870 shows HDMI audio under the sound properties control panel. I am using Vistax64 and it found and installed the driver right away when I first booted with the card. You can try going to device manager un install all of your sound devices and reboot and windows should automatically find the...
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    HD3870X2 - Intel Q9450 vs Phenom 9850

    To test the cpu speed they would need to lower the res some more. All that proved was there was a slight difference in crossfire performance between amd and intel. Both looked gpu bound. The overclockers club test were interesting though. Very interesting. I would like to see the phenom 9950
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    Diablo III’ Designer Turns Tables, Judges Fans’ Screenshots (MTV Multiplayer)

    Hmm so the fans peacefully signed a petition to let blizzard know they dont like the art and people are going ape shit over it like they denied their diety or something. I really hope you guys out there stand up for yourselves in rl and have opinions and have the guts to speak out even if its...
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    Diablo III’ Designer Turns Tables, Judges Fans’ Screenshots (MTV Multiplayer)

    Why is everyone hating on people who have an opinion. I dont get that. Calling people names because they dont like the art direction is silly. I personally dont like it and the main reason is because it has already been done. If It looked better and much different than warcraft then I wouldnt be...
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    Diablo III’ Designer Turns Tables, Judges Fans’ Screenshots (MTV Multiplayer)

    Blizzard will be the downfall of pc gaming with their shitty mediocre graphics. Yes I know Gameplay is number 1 when it comes to a game. I get that and I believe that but give me a break. They have freaking Money runing out of their ears and they cant develop a new game engine instead of milking...
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    Is the "Console" actually dying?

    Actually If Microsoft's future xbox's migrate more pc features into it then I would prolly abandon pc gaming as much as I love it. Devs like having dedicated hardware as it works for everyone. Having a future xbox that has real mouse support,(not like ps3 gay mouse support) and keyboard...
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    Sleeper hits

    I had a wonderful time with Interstate 76. Loging online and battleing other peoples cars was freaking awesome.
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    BS PSU calculator?

    Asus's calculator is a little high but it is because they use the peak power draw for each component you select. Probably trying to be on the safe side. My system below was reccomended for a 950 Watt PS. I would say a Good 800 Watt would be fine and right now I am runing it on a 580 watt but I...
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    Valve to talk buyout options with EA

    Yes, I understand some of the fears. Infact John Carmack said at Quakecon it was because of Valves reccomendation to them that they decided to sign with EA. So the old EA is gone and dead and I wish people would let that go. The way I see it is this, For gaming to continue on as many...
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    Valve to talk buyout options with EA

    They also dont have an infinite amount of money either to be able to do that all the time. With EA they would get more powerful design tools, money to develop the game the way they want it instead of until they run out of money and have to release it. EA has been more layed back on deadlines...