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    WTB: ASUS CT-479 Adapter

    thinking that I shouldn’t have thrown out my Slotket modded so Tualatins could run on 440BX’s in the garbage.
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    WTB: ASUS CT-479 Adapter

    I would have loved to mess around with one of those and a Dothan Pentium M back in the day. I thought they were only officially supported on a few ASUS motherboard though. I think I still have the OCZ DDR2-PC4200 I was using to keep 1:1 RAM speeds on my overclocked P4C's at the time.
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    Greybeard moving to Windows 10

    My home life has become similar to my work life in that I can only take my firewall/network down in the middle of the night or else I’ll get an earful.
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    Prime95 - How long is long enough?

    I would usually go for 24 hours, but because I ended up so busy it would somethings accidentally run for 48+ hours before I was able to get back to it.
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    Upgrade from i7-4790 to...? (AM4 or LGA 1200/1700 i3)

    Let me know if you ever want to get rid of that 4790. That would be a drop in replacement for the 4570 in my firewall!
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    Time to replace router.......

    I’ve been wanting to kick around Opnsense for a while. Just haven’t had the time. I do not like the update frequency (or lack thereof. ) from pfSense
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    Time to replace router.......

    I'm running an old Dell Optiplex SFF running pfSense. Easily handles 800-900Mbps without breaking a sweat. For an access point I have an aging Ubiquity AC-LR, and a used 24-port DLink managed switch to top it off.
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    Do they make 3.5" solid state drives?

    I've never seen a consumer grade 3.5" SSD. Just use a cheap adapter bracket.
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    Your preferred color for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Black or silver. Because I'm an adult. And because every iPhone I've had since my first iPhone 4 has just gone into a case where you can't see what color or material it's made out of anyway.
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    Greybeard moving to Windows 10

    Mother of Cröm, you're still using Windows 7!?!
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    Best 2TB SSD for my needs? I just bought one of these a few weeks ago.
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    Finally decided to replace my Supermicro X8DTI with a pair of X5670's with 64GB of RAM and an R9 290 with something a lot more reasonable. Making a fun little project out of modifying (heavily) an old Dell Optiplex 5070. i7 8700 with 64G of RAM and a AMD 5600XT. This little Dell uses less...
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    Haha. Fair enough!
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    I had an eMachines M5310 I bought and used through college.
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    WTB: Arris SB8200 modem
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    I’m all for the retro builds and such but this case does t exactly spark nostalgia does it?
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    Al Gore invented the internet, get it straight.
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    In retrospect, the amount of complaining people made about Prescott Pentium 4's and Pentium D's using too much power is kinda laughable today considering a modern i7 has almost twice the TDP as those old chips.
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    They hype around the launch of the original Willamette Pentium 4's. I remember thanking my lucky stars I didn't ditch my 440BX based system for an early P4/RamBus system. I ended up riding that 440BX train WAAYYYY too long. Ended up with a modified Slotket to run a Tualatin Celeron 1300@1600...
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    Geez, put the gun down…it’s just caching.
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    Biggest computer lie ever told

    I bet you that Celeron 566 in there overclocks like a motherfucker!
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    best 1tb nvme deal

    Amazon has that 1TB TeamGroup MP33 on sale today: I just picked up a Silicon Power 2TB for under $90. Amazing how cheap NVMe storage has gotten.
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    What is the purpose of locking the BIOS with a password?

    This. Also to prevent people that don't know what their doing from tinkering around in the firmware and change some setting that would prevent the system from booting or impact performance.
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    Ethernet over Power???

    Pretty sure those only work on one phase of power at a time. Most US homes run 2-phase power, so if you have devices on both phases of the power they won't be able to talk to eachother. Pretty sure they sell devices to bridge the two phases to allow it to work, or else they'll only be able to...
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    Password manager

    Not LastPass! I was maintaining my own server hosting a KeePass database and migrated away from it. Now I'm looking to get a KeePass server going again.
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    Sorry for the confusion. You are correct sir.
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    Yea; you have 36GB total in use, but 27GB of that is just cached data.
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    Can you post a screenshot? Are you sure it's not just caching a large amount of data while actual computational memory usage is much much less?
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    Why doesn't Apple bring Dynamic Island to MacBook Pro?

    I think the Dynamic Island is dumb already, I'd prefer not to see it on Mac's and iPad's. I'd rather have a slightly larger bezel.
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    WTB: 3D Accelerators for DOS and Win95/98

    I have a pair of Voodoo 2's, one 6MB, and one 12MB IIRC.
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB NVMe - $80

    Not the newest version, but still a pretty good price.
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    Silicon Power XS70 1TB - $40 @ Amazon

    Picked up a 2TB one with a heat sink. Crazy that 2TB of NVMe is now under $100.
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    Barebone Dell Optiplex 7060 FREE for gen 8. XFX RX580 8GB $60. RX550 4GB $20

    That’s basically what I’m in the process of doing with one of these same systems. I7 8700, 64GB of RAM, 5600XT, and a 2TB NVMe drive.
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    I have LED's throughout my entire house, and I've replaced more LED bulbs in the 6 years in my current house than the past 20 years of incandescent bulbs in my previous houses. Make of bulbs doesn't seem to matter either.
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    New build for my son

    lol...And here I am building a replacement gaming system with in i7 8700!
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    Best OS to install on a 2600K / Sandy Bridge system?

    Can Windows 11 boot on legacy BIOS systems?
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    Rare Vintage Commodore 64 DX Commodore 65 Prototype Computer - Estate SOLD AS IS

    I wonder if The8BitGuy has one of these! All 3 links are dead now.
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    server board for gaming

    When I built the system in my signature, I briefly had it maxed out with 192GB of RAM just because I could. I ended up dialing it back because the RAM would run faster with less installed. I had to settle with a measly 48GB…
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    Club 3D XGI Volari Duo V8 Ultra 256MB ddr2

    I didn’t realize those cards were as big as 5800 Ultra’s.