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    The Growing Geek iPhone Backlash

    I made my wife keep here new Pre cause the EVO required a 10 dollar EXTRA data plan for 4G, even though there is no 4G in my area. That was a deal killer for me and I made here keep here Pre (she agreed). BTW, I don't have an iPhone, but do have an iPod Touch.
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    The Growing Geek iPhone Backlash

    This inbred little community is not a representation of the larger group of people happily using the device of their choice. Why do you morons stroke each other because you made a similar switch to the new gadget and also roast anyone else who does not agree with your decision? You should...
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    Sony Europe Confirms Premium PlayStation Network

    I'm almost out of gaming due to these shenanigans. Although I love on-line play, I have not bought a new xbox live sub for 6 months now. Since I don't have a sub, I quit playing some games and am not buying other games because the draw is not there. XBL is good if you play constantly, but...
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    Who Needs Friends Like Facebook?

    Hello, Aaron!!
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    Jobs Says Google Won’t “Leapfrog” Apple

    Personally, I don't want a lot of updates every year. Each update comes with the possibility of problems. Each update requires wasting time. That is what my PC does. It wastes all my time with patches and updates. I actually now value time more than incremental features. That is why I...
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    Pakistan Blocks YouTube, Facebook religion says be good and you will go to heaven. The other says you go to heaven if you become a martyr. Plus 19 virgins. Not sure what happens to non-martyrs, tho. Who can back me up on this? Just stuff I've heard, no references, so don't pounce my internet army :)
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    Pakistan Blocks YouTube, Facebook

    Religion/faith is not the problem. People are.
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    Amazon Fights Demand for Customer Records

    Hmmm...sales taxes. Don't the businesses pay sales taxes? Sure, they add them to the receipt but they are the ones having to pay it. Why would it be called a sales tax if it in fact were a purchase tax? I think the corporations that profit from the sales are the ones responsible for paying.
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    AMD Expands DirectX 11 Gaming up to 12 Times HD Resolution

    Jeez...should I upgrade my 5 year old AGP based Shuttle PC? Any cost on this part?
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    Ubisoft DRM Authentication Servers Go Down

    Yep, transitioned to a new hobby away from PC gaming. Mostly game on the xbox now, and a little still on the PC. My PC is now 5 years old!! I can't rightly call myself a technologist with a 5 year old PC! It's still AGP! And to think I even had an SLI'd Monster 2 setup (12Mb version) back...
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    How Sony Lost Its Way

    Lots of good comments on this one. I used to pay extra for Sony products because they had cache and generally better features than the competition. You get what you pay for. Having said that, almost ever single Sony product that I purchased since the late 80's has failed on me through no...
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    U.S. Geek Shortage Is National Security Risk

    What is beautiful about this thread is all the snobs coming out and degrading "IT" people. If it makes you feel better, then by all means.
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    AMD's ATI Radeon Eyefinity Performance Review @ [H]

    I am kind of an "x pc gamer". I still have my gaming PC, but it is 3 years old now. I no longer look forward to getting PC upgrades. Heck, it is an AGP based box! Let's instead of a single LCD monitor, I need 3!!! Looking at newegg, a 5970 video card is going for 650!!! Used...
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    Zero-Day Flaw Found in Web Encryption

    Read this:
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    Zero-Day Flaw Found in Web Encryption

    Zero day flaw means that it is exploitable immediately. Day zero. Right now. No need to craft e-mails and have people click things, etc.
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    Amazon to Let Shoppers Pay with a Phrase

    I'll continue to use one-time ccard numbers and just type it all in. Lets me sleep at night. Lookup shopsafe from BoA (originally with MBNA).
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    I'm sure this will inflame many but....

    Your choices are like mine. I chose to seriously limit my PC gaming hobby due to the $$ and time sink that it had been. It was fun but I have new hobbies now and have decided to dilute my gaming down to consoles and portables. Not as good, obviously, but time wise and expense wise a big win.
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    I'm sure this will inflame many but....

    I guess people who setup media center PCs using the X800AIW are stuck. Another comment I didn't care for is the one that said the x1800 came out 4 years ago. Yes, but when was it no longer being sold? That is probably the better time to gauge whether support was for a long enough time...
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    Michael Dell Talks Up Windows7 - Trashes Netbooks

    Netbooks do have their place. I find it funny to hear people trashing others that like Netbooks because they themselves think everyone's scenario is the same. The netbook is a smaller version of the laptop. It runs the same software. You give up screen and kbd real estate and CPU power...
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    250GB Xbox 360 Rumor Was True

    One of the best features of loading the game DVD to the hard disk is that you lessen the wear and tear on the DVD drive.
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    Apple 09-09-09 Event Recap

    I have an iPod Touch 8Gb and since I started using that I have not picked up my DS. Personally, I don't usually take my DS out of the house. My iPod Touch is no me all the time. It does WiFi and the games are all stored on it all the time. No having to take cartridges with me that I have...
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    Sony Losing Money on PS3 Slim Hardware

    I would say that the norm is to make money on each console sold. Only Sony and MS have bucked the norm. How many other companies besides MS and Sony have actually sold hardware at a loss from day 1?
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    About That PS3 Price Cut in Two Weeks

    Ahh, Sony. I love the article for pointing out that we are forgetting that the PS3 came out 1 year after the 360 and is behind in sales for that reason. If I recall correctly, it was MS's goal to gain market share by coming out first. They did. They also took a reputation hit due to...
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    Network Solutions Suffers Large Data Breach

    Are people still using their actual credit cards on internet sites? Use virtual credit cards, people, and from time to time (to deal with having to swipe your card at gas stations and other bricks/mortar) ask for a new account number. Both Citi and BoA have virtual credit card systems...
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    Top 7 Reasons For a PC Gamer To Get Windows 7

    Why are some posters so thick as to think that there are no reasons to stick with XP? Sure, I can certainly lose the odd game here or there that will just not work. However, when you have expensive hardware (I have a 400 dollar guitar pedal board) that is no longer being updated, then that...
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    Activision Threatens to Ditch Sony’s PS3

    Karma, in action! Hmmm, Sony convinced stores not to carry HD-DVDs and now publishers are threatening not to develop for Sony devices. Priceless!
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    EC Ruling: Statement by Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini

    What I don't understand is, if the tactics are illegal, why don't they get reported by the stores that get asked to participate? Should they not also get fined? So if person A ask person B to do something illegal, should they not both go to jail? Which companies are complicit in this illegal...
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    EC Ruling: Statement by Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini

    And in the end, the consumer will end up paying more when the CPU prices for Intel chips go up. AMD will follow the price hikes. Where does the punishment money go? To the harmed consumers? To the harmed AMD? To the EU court system?
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    Zune Ad Kicks The iPod in The Money Bags

    The biggest problem with the Zune (nay, MS) is that it is uncool. The device could be the best, and the service could be the best, but Apple have the brand recognition now. Good luck changing it. Lots of things now sell due to iPod compatibility. This fact alone means MS has missed the...
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    Worst Cities For Jobs

    I love people who say just get rid of Michigan. Nice fighting spirit you all have there. Having been in Michigan since age 5, I prefer to stay here. I say for all those that can't take a downturn that you should get out of Michigan and that will help fix the unemployment problem right...
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    Craigslist Ad Of The Day

    Well, with the glass removed, it is no longer a vacuum tube. It is broken and will not work. Kind of like a light bulb with no glass...
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    More Office Depot Shenanigans

    I think people (like store managers) get bonuses based on the margins they sold. So, if an item brings in no profit, then he gets nothing for selling it. For that person personally, and not the corporation, he is all about making sure items sell at a profit so that the margin is high and he...
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    Think Linux Rules on Netbooks? Think Again

    I'm one of the people who bought a Linux netbook (eeepc 701). Spent a day trying to make the wireless work in our environement, and after the usual googling for info and getting who knows what kind of outdated info decided to cut my losses and install XP. Been using Linux since Red Hat 5.x...
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    Oh, and I use an iPod touch and think it's one of the best gadgets out there.
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    I'd be pissed too. Those gadgets are great. One day, Bill will figure out what everyone does not need and make us all want it, just like Apple does.
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    DVD Rentals Beating DVD Sales

    I don't think that this past year was necessarily the best one to try and come up with a trend based on the global economic situation. Any place where people can save some money seems to me a no brainer right now and renting vs buying something that is kind of obvious. Maybe the movies this...
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    Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

    Sorry, but when my Palm V had the "made in usa" label on it, that was one solid device. Still works to this day. Got one of the Tungsten C models a few years back and it was made in China. I was not happy. For other posters, Japan does the same thing. Take the Wii. Designed in Japan...
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    Xbox 360 Sales Surge, PS3 Sales Slump

    Why is it so hard to understand this. The expense of the console due to development and RRoD is already booked. The hit has been taken. Every 360 console is bringing in cash. You don't have to worry about selling them going forward as they are turning a profit. Long range...well, you have...
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    Sony Losses Could Hit $2B For '08

    Well, the relative value of their currency vs the dollar is a big factor in a large swing. Since the US is a huge market for them, the double whammie of the recession as well as unfavorable exchange rate are contributing factors, I believe. But yeah, what a huge swing in a short time.
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    Early Results Show Strong Holiday Console Sales

    I think this article uses figures for November. For December, I think the PS3 did a lot better (130% increase in the UK, for example, with no US figures released yet).