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    Swapping audio channels from PC to receiver

    Ahh I think I got it. That's quite a lot of hardware and swapping from computer - tv and vice versa means clicking 7 switches....any ideas for a more streamlined alternative? With 2 AVRs, just 2 switches for the PC rear surrounds as you said...but AVRs aren't cheap. It's kinda starting to look...
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    Swapping audio channels from PC to receiver

    Right now I don't have anything except an analog 5.1 set hooked up to my PC. But the plan is for a receiver and speakers/sub, so I'm trying to keep costs down and minimize the amount of speakers and cable runs. How would I go about configuring the whole system? PC and TV both connected to AVR...
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    Swapping audio channels from PC to receiver

    So I'm moving into a new studio and will have my PC and my TV in the same room, but with a 90 degree direction change. Per the diagram below, is there any way I can swap audio channels around from my PC to the receiver so I can mostly use the same speaker set up instead of having 2 completely...
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    Setting up existing Win7 install with Intel SRT caching

    So I recently purchased a 120gb SSD that I intend on using with Intel's SRT. Computer bits are as in my signature. I stick my HDD onto the Marvell SATA port, boot into Windows and install the RAID drivers, and that goes fine. Plop both HDD and SSD back onto the Intel ports and change from...
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    Win7 Power Button to Wake from Sleep Shuts Down Computer

    So, strange issue that recently cropped up. I have my Win7 machines set to enter sleep pretty often and to wake them from time to time I would use the power button, which in the past was not an issue. Press power, computer resumes from sleep. However a few months ago, probably after a Windows...
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    Enermax iVektor Luck Draw - 3 Cases up for grabs!

    The ability to stuff a 360 radiator in it.
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    Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

    Enermax PSUs are pretty good.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Blue PCBs are nice.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    They work. The opposite of not working is bad. So working = good.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    They work. The opposite of not working is bad. So working = good.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    Videocards are awesome. Galaxy makes videocards. Therefore Galaxy is awesome.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

    HardOCP is red. Therefore red is cool. AMD is red. Therefore AMD is cool.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

    Videocards are awesome. Galaxy makes videocards. Therefore Galaxy is awesome. The End.
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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    Good warranty and CS? Oh and of course MOAR SPEED!
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    It's so simple, it can be summed up in two words... MORE POWER! Sure if you're nitpicky and all you can go on about how its efficient, how cool and quiet it is with that nice custom cooling solution, etc, etc. But then again... MORE POWER!! The End.
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    Dead Logitech Z560s, replace with Z906 or AVR + Speakers?

    I'm by no means an audio expert so I'd like some input regarding my situation. I've been using a set of Logitech Z-560 4.1s hooked up to my computer via an X-Fi Elite Pro for awhile now and it recently bit the bullet. I do gaming as well as watch Blurays on my computer. Looking through...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Perfect timing for a new system build, haven't had an Antec PSU fail on me yet.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I've long sworn by Corsair for their memory and more recently their PSUs as well. Some of the best CS in the industry.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    It would be nice to replace my aging 7800 GT in my HTPC...:)
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    Jumbo Frames and Gigabit and QoS

    Yeah QoS on the router doesn't work very well or not at all. I haven't tried loading DD-WRT on it yet because it isn't rock stable yet. Right now, I'm stuck choosing between Netgear's GS108E or GS108T. The E has simple egress and ingress rate limiting, but you're stuck using an app to manage...
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    Jumbo Frames and Gigabit and QoS

    It doesn't really matter at that point for me at that point, my internet connection is too slow to make use of Gigabit or Jumbo Frames. I'm looking for the extra speed mainly for computer -> computer streaming of files. Obviously that's a given. When I say nothing, I mean no PCs, NASes, etc...
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    Jumbo Frames and Gigabit and QoS

    Well here's the product page for the GS-105E : As far as I can tell its a "semi-smart" switch. I'm not too well versed in networking, but I intend on supplementing rather than replacing the router with that switch...
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    Jumbo Frames and Gigabit and QoS

    Need some help with configuring my home network. Currently I have my desktop and a Gigabit NAS wired to a WRT610Nv1 and a HTPC + PS3 hooked up to an old WGT624 I'm using as a switch in the living room. Got a couple of other PCs connected via wireless. I'm trying to update the whole shebang to...
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    nVidia or AMD chipset?

    Oh this slipped my mind earlier but was one of the reasons why I was so interested in an nVidia chipset. Is Hybrid SLI/Power still around? Or it's ATI/AMD derivative? The last reviews I've seen of it showed some significant reduction in power when paired with a power hungry GPU. I'd really...
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    nVidia or AMD chipset?

    Bulldozer being on "AM4" is what worries me. Around a Q2/3 release probably? It might be a better choice for me to wait a bit before committing to a new mobo.
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    nVidia or AMD chipset?

    I'm in need of some input on my upcoming computer upgrade. It's been some 3 years since I've last upgraded my computer so I've been relatively out of the loop. And I do primarily video editing/encoding with mostly 1080p60 files, photo editing, and the occasional gaming. nVidia 980a chipset or...
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    Need some help with WC setup

    C'mon guys I'd really like some input.
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    Need some help with WC setup

    What radiator would you recommend? A Magicool Extreme 92mm for 40 bucks or a Black Ice GTX M92 for 55? I might have some size issues with how big the Black Ice one is, but if it is a big improvement over the Magicool one I'll consider it. And yes I'm using just a CPU and GPU Block only, and...
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    Need some help with WC setup

    So what would you recommend the lay out be? With the following: 80mm Rad x2 MCW60 Apogee GT Res Pump Currently I'm running an AMD X2 3800+ (65W) and a nVidia 7800GT. I was hoping to move up to a 9800 GT. Am I already at the limits of what a 80mm Rad,or even 2 setup can do?
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    Need some help with WC setup

    I've been running my old set layout for a while, but I'll soon be upgrading my videocard to something beefier so I need to reevaluate my WC setup. Currently it's: Res -> Pump (MCP350 with Inlet Mod) -> MCW60 -> 80mm Rad -> Apogee GT -> Res I'm thinking about adding an extra 80mm Rad, and...